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Rebecca Black in Sydney, Australia

Monday, September 26, 2011Traveliztera

So Rebecca Black is OFFICIALLY in Australia!


Last September 22, 2011, Rebecca Black released a Youtube video, saying that she is coming to Australia via Telstra's sponsorship. 

 She wasn't joking. She has been spotted earlier this day in Bondi, and there are no details yet as to where and when her performance is going to be. Man... You release this vid and we have no idea where you are performing? =\ Anyway, I shall look for further info.

I was able to watch her performance earlier today... Here's my post about it. Click this. :)

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  1. mas maganda ka pa din kay rebecca black hihihi...

  2. Hi! Just stumbled here from Glentot's...

    Yeah, I think Rebecca Black was just a bad case of being the 'opposite of a one hit wonder'. I think she has the voice - friday was just atrocious because they tinkered with her voice too much. Nonetheless, I'm glad people are giving her a chance!


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