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Lourdes, France: Foot Accident--I'm Sorry!

Monday, September 05, 2011Traveliztera

I always have some misadventures whenever I travel. Some are funny, some are interesting, and some are just... bringing me... guilty feelings.

To give justice to the original purpose of my blog (which was to post unique and interesting personal travel stories), I shall share one of those starting now.

In 2004, we went on a Pilgrimage Tour which included Amsterdam, France, Portugal, Spain, and Italy. This was for my mom, because she just survived breast cancer.

One of the places we visited was Lourdes, France. This was a special place for us. First of all, my birthday is on Lourdes Day-- February 11. Secondly, my second name (which I shall not disclose here haha :P ) has something to do with this place. Thirdly, dad has been to that place when I was 2 years old, and promised to go back there with the whole family. Lastly, mom once had a dream wherein she was in Lourdes, France. So basically, that place was the highlight. We also wanted to go there because we would like mom to experience the well-known Holy Bath.

I enjoyed it. It uplifted me, and I felt serenity. 

To be able to experience the Holy Bath, you have to wake up early in the morning and go to the Grotto to offer prayers and praises. Afterwards, you have to line up, and believe me, you really have to go early. The line can get really long. We were there at 5AM. The photo below shows me in my early morning face. I was 15. Yay! You get to see a teenager photo of me. :P

Me in Lourdes, France - 2004
Swollen early morning face, and yes, rebonded hair. I am naturally curly,
 just in case I get the question again.

Basically, people go there to be healed whether it is due to physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual purposes. Where does my story start? Sadly, it all starts right when I arrived at the Grotto at 5AM. It was really dark, except for the candles at the site (check photo above). Just upon arrival, I accidentally stepped backward with my sneakers and I heard a loud cry. It was a painful cry. It came from an old lady, who was being assisted by someone. She was wearing slippers. She was having a hard time walking, and now she was crying in pain because I accidentally stepped on her. My automatic response was hug her and say sorry. I tried saying "sorry" in all the languages I know, because she wasn't speaking in English. Just imagine me hugging her and saying sorry for how many times. I really felt guilty, and told her I had to go (because the group I was in was about to leave) and that I was really sorry. She did not look at me and continued saying something I could not understand. However, she did nod, and I do hope it was a way of saying "It's alright."

I know it was an accident, but it got me so bad that I can still remember everything now because of the fact that she went there to get healed for a sickness she may have, then suddenly, an overweight 15-year-old girl accidentally stepped on her fragile and almost bare foot. Hayayay... I included her in my prayers that day, and until now, I still remember her. 

On the other hand, please be careful. Always.

And if you ever get a chance, it is good to visit Lourdes. Setting the differences in religion aside, people of different religions still visit this place, and this amazes me. Peace and blessings to everyone!

Shoutout to Jepoy who is in France right now.

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  1. Hindi ka lang nananapik ng malakas nang-aapak ka pa hahaha! baka nga minura k na nung matanda hehehe...

    sana makapunta din ako jan...(jinggit mode)

  2. Oh gosh, if that happened to me, I'm very sure that like you it'll stick in my mind for a long long time. You really have a kind heart Steph!

    Lourdes and Vatican, two places I want to visit!

    This is a great story.


  3. Ikaw na ang nakapag-around the world ... LOL! Bitter lang?? :D:D:D:D:D

  4. parang mananapak lang ah? katakot. hehehe

  5. adik ahahahaha

    ikaw ba naman tapakan




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