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Amazon's New Android Kindle : 7-inch Tablet

Saturday, September 03, 2011Traveliztera

So I just bought Kindle 3 last Thursday via Amazon and I'm expecting it to arrive this week. The news came out today that a newer version is coming out by the end of November, but really, I think I'm still happy with my about-to-arrive Kindle.


So what's new!?
A man named MG Siegler posted on, saying that he has seen and played with the newest addition to the Kindle family. He was not allowed to post photos, but he gave details as to how the new Kindle looks like.

- 7-inch tablet (Kindle 3 is just 6-inch)
- Touch screen (two-finger multi-touch)
- No physical buttons
- WiFi-only (Kindle 3 has both the WiFi and 3G/WiFi version)
- Colored
- Runs Android
- with Kindle app book reader, Amazon's Cloud Player for a music player, and Amazon's Android Appstore for applications store
- No GOOGLE app
- Has a carosel that displays your stuff (like on iTunes--the album art which you flick through)
- No camera
- Battery life: 10 hours or more
- 6 GB internal storage
- Single-core chip
- Possible SD card expansion
- Speakers
- Downloadable books via Amazon

The difference between Kindle 3 and this newer version is of course THE TOUCH SCREEN and the availability of COLOR DISPLAY. Kindle 3 relies on e-ink so it's black and white. Now, why would I still want the older version? No, I am not bitter. Haha. The thing is, it's no iPad, so if you want something that has the iPad features, go buy an iPad. If you just want something for reading purposes, I think I'm already satisfied with Kindle 3. Of course, we all have different tastes. As for me, since I am planning to get an iPad, I might as well just settle with Kindle 3.

Also, I like the fact that Kindle 3 has physical buttons for turning pages. Based on the report, the newer version is still not smooth in terms of turning pages via touch. I hope they get to fix it though! Of course, if there's a Kindle that has both the physical buttons and the touch feature, I would love that. 

 In addition, the battery life is important to me. I'm just after the reading feature. Kindle 3's battery can last up to 2 months if the WiFi is off. Of course, this newer version will have a lesser time of battery life because of all the new features. Once again, I'm just after the reading feature. If you're not, then this tablet is already good with all the new features.

It only costs $250.00-- not bad! With all those new features that are iPad-like, I'll definitely buy it. However, I also like Kindle 3, and I think I'm already okay with it.

Next year, Amazon plans to release a 10-inch version, and I bet it will be the King of all eBook readers. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us!


Yeah... I used to not like Kindle, because I prefer reading books in paperback form. However, since I like to sometimes read while I'm travelling and I tend to read plenty of books, I think having this gadget is worth it.

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  1. I still have a lot of books (not e-books) in my shelf to read. Once done, I might consider getting a Kindle.

    But good luck to me, I still have around 30++ unread ones. So Kindle in 2020? LOL!

  2. May Androipd pala ang Kindle. I'm contemplating of buying din. But only the wifi with special ads. Lot cheaper :D

  3. Hampaslupa lang mey, hindi ko afford ang 250 doh-lars, san grumaduate na ako ... LOL! :D

  4. Gusto ko din ng Kindle! Pero katulad ni Gas Dude, madami pa akong babasahing libro. Bakit kasi tuwing dadaan ako sa mall eh bumibili ako ng libro! Argh!


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