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My Westlife Fan Video Gets Noticed by MARK of WESTLIFE - FINALLY! (For Manila Gravity Tour 2011)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011Traveliztera

Finally! The FILIPINO WESTLIFE FAN PLEAD VIDEO I posted last week got noticed today by Mark Feehily of Westlife! I didn't really expect he would notice my tweet after a bit of tweet attempts the past few days by me and many of the amazing Westlife fans. Today, I just randomly tweeted and went offline. When I got back, BOOM! MARK RETWEETED THE VIDEO! 

The story of the video is about me being a huge Westlife fan for 13 years. During those years, I've been collecting many Westlife stuff, gushing over small Westlife updates, imagining Mark as my boyfriend, and seen two of their concerts in the Philippines (when Brian was still in the group). So basically, I'm one of those obsessed teenagers back then. I even ran a website called "Fragile...Mark" and became a moderator of some Westlife forums. (Creepy? No... Just the teeny fangirl those days haha!)  Last year, I've been tweeting Westlife to visit Asia. Well... They are indeed coming this year!!! The sad side is-- I just left the Philippines and I'm now in Australia. 

In the video, I am singing my heart out to express my sadness over the fact that I can not be home at the time that Westlife will be performing in Manila (Gravity Tour 2011) on September 29, 2011. The reason why I can not go home is because I have classes here, so yes, "If only I could... fly back and watch" and I can only dream that "Manila, GOT ME!"

I did not expect the great support I received from the amazing Westlife fans!!! Thank you as well to everyone who shared the video and even tweeted it to Westlife! There are too many to mention, but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT! YOU GUYS are totally AMAZING! <3 I shall retweet all of your sweet messages! Also, thanks to those who have been posting on Ms Hyper Singer 's page, sharing the video on Facebook, as well as the sweet comments being left on Youtube. I will take screen captures and post them in one album. I am totally grateful!!! 

ALSO! Thanks to my fellow bloggers and friends!!! <3 You know who you are! Hirap magbanggit ng pangalan baka may mga magtampo hehehe! I love you guys!!! Thanks as well to those people who got included in this video!!! THANKS!

Maraming salamat po talaga! I hope that this video somehow showed Westlife na mahal na mahal natin sila sa Pilipinas! :) 

Thanks super. Hindi ko na alam sasabihin ko. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Super overwhelmed. More power to you guys!!! 

Mark Feehily, THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE! Please enjoy the Philippines! Filipinos really really really love you! :)

Here's the video:
Thanks to everyone whose posts were included in this video!

Click this for more information!


Just met Brian Westlife! Click this to know my embarrassing moment with him!  Lol!

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  1. Yun naman pala eh! hehe congrats steph!

  2. Naks naman! Na-feel ko ang excitement at pagiging fanatic mo girl! :)

  3. Wow! Buti napansin ni Mark. Ayos! Ikaw na. Hehe!


  4. wow congrats to you dear ^_^

    kaya pala nanghihingi ng pera kapatid ko, manonood pala ng concert ng Westlife yun haha!

  5. Woot woot!! It's you olreydi!! hehe.. Na-excite naman ako dito. hehe.. I'm sure nadagdagan ang pagka hyper mo nang mabasa mo ang RT ni mark.. Eeeek! I'm so happy for you, Stephie! hihi.. =)

  6. it's you already!!

    hintayin mo lang ang pagdating ng Westlife dyan sa Australia at bibisitahin ka na ni Mark Feehily... :)

  7. i can imagine you singing in one of westlife's huge concert. :) rock on girl! :)

  8. sikat na sikat ka an talga steph. hehehe. astig ^_^ congrats

  9. Woooooooow! I'm proud of you!!!! It's such a big honor to just be noticed by someone you really admire and look up to. Now you have all the bragging rights!!!!!

  10. Ahihihihi,, ikaw na! Bragging rights lang! Nakisali mey sa tweet barrage mo ... :D

  11. congrats!

    anyway, d ko kc alam san mgccomment dun sa utube videos mo..ganda mo and ganda ng boses mo :)

    pero natuwa ako tlga dun sa "nanghihinayang" hehe..prang one more chance! haha! ^___^

    +following :)

  12. why are you so awesome? hehe..^___^ gotta tell my friends about you :D

  13. 'ur a fan of mark nang westlife and now i think i'm a fan of urs traveliztera aka steph right.... ganda nang voice moh... lavet! nd not only that... 'ur really pretty too... malay moh maybe next time you'll be in a concert w/ 'em.. oh devah... lolz.. take care po... Godbless!

  14. Ikaw na Steph! Haha.

    Btw, K.LO here. Still remember me? :) Nice blog!

  15. wow.. congrats steph.. you na nga.. more power to you. :P


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