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Filipino Westlife Fan Cries for GRAVITY TOUR 2011 MANILA PHILIPPINES

Monday, August 01, 2011Traveliztera

Westlife's visiting Philippines this September.

I'm sad. Why? I just left Philippines! I'm currently in Australia. :(

Due to the intense sadness, I ended up making a song parody of their song "Fool Again", with my bad acting and storyline. LOL. The story is about a fan who is not in the Philippines, but wants to go home to watch them with her friends. LOL. Yeah. True story. Will I make it? Hmmmm... Feel free to watch my very fangirl music video for WESTLIFE.

I've been a supporter since I was 9 years old. I've seen two of your concerts in the Philippines and have collected dozens of your merchandise. I love you a lot and it saddens me that I cannot watch you this year after waiting for a few years. I know you'll visit Sydney soon though--right? This video is for you.



Here's his tweet:

My THANK YOU message is in here... Click. :)

Just met Brian Westlife! Click this to know my embarrassing moment with him!  Lol!

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  1. Aw.Sayang naman. Baka naman pumunta din sila sa Australia. :)

  2. I had fun watching your video. You are such a huge Westlife fan. :)

    Off to watch your other vids now...

  3. Aw. Kung kelan sila pupunta ng Philippines, andyan ka naman sa Australia. :(

    Pero okay lang. Malay mo makita nila ang vid nato. Hehe.. Everything's possible. :)

    Smile na lang lagi. You're so pretty talaga, Steph. :)

  4. pano na lang kung may meet and greet LOL

  5. astig talaga!!! lalo ka'ng gumaganda sa mga videos ah. at yeah sayang naman. may ticket na kami ng westlife :D

  6. para di ka na sad...uwi ka na lang para makapanood. hehehe!

  7. Tweet? So done! LOL. Ikaw na ang uber fan, steph! :D:D:D:D:D:D

  8. Sayang naman nga. Hahaha. Uwi ka muna, ang yomon lang ng datingan.

  9. No wonder why you are always super busy!!!! I hope this gets their attention ahahaha. i love the lyrics! Although this was one of the songs that annoyed me as a child (LOL sorry Steph, I prefer "My Love" better") you freshened it up!

  10. hahahaha natawa ako dito steph..well isn't it ironic?? don't you think?,, yan ang mga nakakainis na pangyayari sa buhay natin.. haaayyy..

  11. magaling ang westlife wow sayang wala ako sa pinas.

  12. WAAHHHHH! THIS IS JUST TOO AWESOME! AHHHHHHH~ To find someone like you here! I'm a Westlife addict too.

    Natatandaan ko nung elementary palang ako, around grade 4 ata ako nun, kinikilig ako pag nakikita yung mtv ng "fool again" sobrang crush na cruch ko si bryan macfadden. AS IN SUPER. Then around grade 6, nabuntis nya si Kelly ng Atomic kitten, sobrang heart broken ako, di ko matake na ginawa nya yun sa iba! ISA NA SYANG AMA!!! HUHUHU, wala na kong pag-asa. LOL, pathetic na ewan. Then sobrang nagaabang pa ko sa radyo para lang mapakinggan yung "my love" ng westlife. ARAW-ARAW!!! Dala-dala ko pa walkman ko nun sa school dahil lang sa kanila. HAHAHAHA!!! At nagipon pa ko ng pera nun para mabili ko yung casette tape nila ng coast to coast. Tapos nung higschool na ko binili ko na lahay ng cd album nila. Pti yung cd's ng concert and special features.

    PATI MGA PINSAN KO, LAHAT KAMI ADIK SA WESTLIFE! To the point na nagpepretend kami na members ng westlife, as usual, ako si Bryan, tapos yung sis ko si Mark, kasi idol na idol nya si Mark. Punong-puno ng poster ng westlife yung kwarto naming dalawa. LOL

    WAHHHH~ Nagrereminsce talaga ko... thanks for reminding me how much Weslife means to me, and how much I love them. I felt so happy na napadaan ako sa blog mo. Nung nagcollege kasi ako hindi na ko masyadong updated sa kanila, pero alam ko pa rin naman yung mga kanta nila, pero di na kasing adik ng dati... BUT I LOVE THIS FEELING! Yung feelings ko para sa bawat isa sa kanila... priceless.

    OMG ANG HABA BG COMMENT KOOO! Masyado lang akong natuwa. :))


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