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Vanishing Away - Original Song Project with Glentot

Sunday, July 10, 2011Traveliztera

Here it is!

The project that we started working on since January 2011, which got delayed due to my laptop busting out that time and the intense school days that followed, has finally been finalized. I wish I was able to finish this right away, but it's all worth it--I hope?

Glen asked me if I can possibly sing this song and I agreed as it is an honour to work with that guy behind WICKEDMOUTH.COM ! He and his friends composed this song, and Glen did all the instrumental stuff in this version we made.

Sadly, last summer, Caloi--a friend of his--died. This pushed me more to make this song really heartfelt.

Caloi, you have amazing friends. Wherever you are, I am also dedicating this song to you.

Glen, thanks again for trusting me on this.


Yes guys... GLENTOT is surprisingly musically-inclined underneath that wickedmouth. ASTIG!

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  1. I've actually seen this post the "VANISHING AWAY" song, on Glentot's blog, I really love your version! You're extremely talented, keep it up! =)

  2. goosebumps! it feels like you're singing with Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra.

    you got an awesome voice! :)

  3. Una si Glentot talaga ang gumawa nito? di ibig sabihin wala akong bilib sa kanya. sa galing ng arrangement na ito ibig sabihin matagal niya ng ginagawa ito.

    kakabilib at ang pagkakanta ang sobrang ganda. unang dinig ko palang gusto masarap na siyang pakingan. may future ito.

  4. Mas maganda ang quality ngayon dito. Magkaibang upload ba kayo? Ang galing talaga!

    Idol = MsHyperSinger and WickedMouth.

    More Collab!

    WV: hyper (hahahaha)

  5. Ahihihi,, ang galing! Ganda ng boses mu, steph! Nanliit naman mey! LOL. :D

  6. Hahaha. I've thanked you in Youtube, in Facebook, in Twitter, in my blog, in chat, in e-mail, and now here. Still, it does not seem enough! I have yet to thank you in person! Hahahaha great work on this Steph! You totally exceeded all my expectations and I guess everyone liked it (except dun sa ilang taong nag-dislike sa Youtube, well they can shove their Dislike up their a**) hahaha thanks ulit!!!!

  7. Nice one!!! love it.. Mau's Trap here.. nag-ibang anyo lang,, heheheh

  8. you really have a nice voice! *o* i wish i could sing like that ;_;

    great blog, i'm keeping my eye on it :3
    xoxo, Monstros no Armário


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