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Sunday, May 08, 2011Traveliztera

Wow. Today, we are to celebrate the awesomeness of our mums, but really, we should celebrate EVERYDAY!!!  Anyhooooo... <3

It's the first time that I am not celebrating it with my mom because I'm in another dimension--with Legolas-- joke. I'm far from  home. =( Because of this, I just decided to sing the song that mom always asks me to sing when I was still in the Philippines. Now that I'm really far, at least she can replay and replay this vid for her to enjoy. Haha! Don't cry though, mom! :P

Mom, thanks for all of the things you taught me. I learned a lot, that's why I am surviving here. :P Hehe! But really, thank you. You've done so much and I am proud to have someone like you. Whenever people say good things about me, I can't help but say "It's because of mom." You're really funny and awesome, but of course you're strict when needed. I am happy that I understood your points and I am really proud to say that "I am applying all of my learnings from the great Mrs. Traveliztera." hahaha! :P

I love you mom! I'm happy you were the chosen one for me. Haha!

I miss you!

See ya soon!


And to all the mothers out there,

Here's the vid of me singing my mom her fave song! <3

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  1. Happy Mother's Day sa mom mo... lungkot naman at hindi mo sya kasama ngayon, tawag ka lang o magpadala ng email masaya na yun. At welcome back tagal mong nawala ah.

  2. happy mothers to ur mom!

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

    Thanks sa vid...Happy mom's day to ur mom stephie...

    Hindi ka pa rin kumukupas :)

  4. happy mothers day sa mama mo budjoy

  5. Naks.. Bumibirit. Ikaw naa! Haha.
    Happy Mother's day sa mommy mo. :) Ang ganda ng boses mo Ate.

  6. love the video! ♥

    happy mother's day to your mommy! GBU!

  7. I'm sure your Mom is so proud of you! Mine just got a text message from me but I'm sure she appreciates that too haha baka kung kinantahan ko sya lalo syang magalit! Happy Mother's Day to your Mom! Sobrang late naman ng comment ko hahaha


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