2011 Happiness / Leaving and Happy Birthday Video ! :D

Saturday, February 12, 2011Traveliztera

Some blog to inform... Some blog to entertain... Some blog to criticise... 
and some gain friends despite the differences. =)

It has almost been 7 years since I started blogging and this is the first time I will be doing it here in my blog world. I know that this is a tradition among some of us wherein we send each other some picture greetings/videos, but this isn't a tradition just because it is what's "in"... It is a tradition because we have established friendship among all of us and we do it wholeheartedly, and I believe that's what makes this tradition so special. *tears hehe!* Not everyone does it because we all have our own ways, but some do (like me haha!)... I am sure that everyone who does this just wants to show his/her deep gratitude and appreciation for the love and friendship that he/she has gained through the interaction that this world has given him/her. It is due to the same reason that I would like to express my awesome love back to the people I truly care about. :D

Thank you for the great friendship!
Thank you for the love and care!

Everything goes beyond blogging. THANK YOU!

HERE IS THE 2011 HAPPINESS VIDEO wherein I received awesome wishes from fellow bloggers. =)


I would also like to share this video which my friend, JAWSHorTEASE (thank you Josh!), made for me before I arrived here in Australia. =) He actually made two wherein the other one had most of my highschool and college friends in it, but I haven't gotten their permission yet, so I'll just post the one that involves the Youtubers instead. =)


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  1. Very cool Vlog! So you are going to Australia! How exciting. Will your blog continue? I hope so.

  2. Huwaw! Na -post din ang picture greetings! :)

  3. HAPPy NA!!!!! Birtday PA!!!!! Nice video steph!

  4. Happy bday steph! Nahiya ako sa pinagsasasabi ko lol

  5. Hi Mrs. Bloom! Hahaha! How are you in there? Happy Birthday! :)

  6. eto na eto na ahihi~~~
    daming nagmamahal kay ms pretty steph...
    enjoy enjoy~~
    love the
    ikaw na c mrs bloom...

    ang tamad maglog in at nakaclose ang blog lol~~

  7. nice naman ng video.. wahehhe

  8. Darn, darn! Hindi ko alam! Pareho pala tayong Aquarian-turned-Capricorn-dahil-sa-epal-na-Ophiuchus, sana nakapagpadala din ako ng greet! Oh well, belated na lang. :D

    WV: subbin. LOL. Umiiyak?? :D

  9. happy bday steph. naks dami nagmamahal sayo oh. ikaw na ^_^


  10. happy bday steph. naks dami nagmamahal sayo oh. ikaw na ^_^




  12. Happy Birthday Ate. :) Andun ako. Haha. God bless.

  13. I specifically like that goodlooking guy at 1:31-1-32 on the video LOL ampogi e hahaha

    Steph, you take care ha! Happy Happy Birthday!

  14. Huwaw! I never expect you were Feb baby...hehehehehe... belated happy birthday steph! cheers!

  15. hapi bday steph!
    waw!coverpage c ako ! :))
    nice vid!

  16. Late na ba masyado ang comment ko? hehehe

    Nice to see you finally getting around to posting this, ang tagal naming hinintay hahaha! Happy Birthday Steph!!! May you have all you ever wanted in life (in other words, Orlando Bloom). Hahaha

  17. AY belated greeting..happy birthday!!! at ...ingat sa australia.pangalwang beses ko pa lang ata rito alis na agad..di bale...aabangan ko posts mo pag nasa australia ka na...sino ung kasunod ni jepoy sa video? ahw hahaha..ingat steoh! God more

  18. NOooooOOOoooOOoooOO!

    im so hiya....


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