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Good Food and Wine Show 2013 - Sydney

I had to start this post with Curtis Stone, because so many of my friends love him so much! His show was fantastic! I love his humour, and I wish I could have taken a video, but I was just into the lively show. Of course, I would like to thank Dae for inviting me to go to this year's Good Food and Wine Show in Sydney, and for choosing Curtis Stone's show.

The Priceless Five Dollars

I own a valuable five-dollar bill. It is special and I plan not to spend it. I believe that this bill is beyond the value it displays on its paper... It is very priceless. Life is good!

STEPH ADVICES: Curly Hair Problems

A blogger from NIQUEINIT.BLOGSPOT.COM asked me how I manage my hair and if I can give some tips. Read this post to see all the products I use, what haircuts are suitable for curly-haired, and how to keep your curls intact and healthy.


This could probably be the MOST ULTIMATE TRIBUTE post I've ever done, which is dedicated to my favorite 90s Pinoy Loveteam: JOLINA MAGDANGAL AND MARVIN AGUSTIN.


If you checked out my 1st entry regarding my 30-day shred results ( 30-Day Shred Weightloss Results: Round 1 ), I lost 7lbs. This time around, I lost 8lbs. Basically, my current weight is 103 lbs. Now I know that we were given the promise of losing UP TO 20 LBS., but once again, I'll defend Jillian Michaels with regards to the issue of the others who did not lose that much--like me.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Was Great But 2011 Is Greater!

Thursday, December 30, 2010  at 3:00 AM

2010 had been awesome for me.

I met a lot of new amazing friends both offline and online.
I developed a deeper relationship with old friends.
I reached my weight goal.
I was able to share my weightloss tips via my blog and through Women's Health.
I was able to decide on my career's direction.
I unexpectedly met a lot of people who became a great help to my goals.
I had a smooth flow in the processing of my future plans.
I was able to go to a lot of different places inside and outside the Philippines.
I was able to enjoy my hangout moments with my family, relatives, and friends.
I became more active in blogging compared to last year.
I was able to create serious video projects.
I was able to record a lot of songs.
I gained a lot of new skills.
I became more optimistic.
I became more confident.
I became more understanding.
I loved myself more.
I shared love and happiness to everyone.
I became closer to my parents.
I became closer to God.

2011 will be better. I just know it.

Too confident? More of just being positive. You cannot go through a year without the downs, but I know that they will help in pulling you up for further ups. I believe that everything is a blessing, as long as we have the patience to see the good things that all events bring, especially those which we consider "negative". A certain event may be negative now, but after some time, something better comes which would have never happened if it wasn't for "the bad" past. 

So basically, I just know that 2011 is better among all of us no matter what happens because good things will always happen, and better things always come after "not-so-good" events as a result of new learnings and proper timing.

background from

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! =) Thank you for being part of my 2010. It wouldn't have been this great if it wasn't for each of you!

P.S. I know that Orlando Bloom and I will meet this 2011 . Muhahaha. I can feel it.

Orlando Bloom and Traveliztera. Coming soon this 2011.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You Will Be Missed

Wednesday, December 29, 2010  at 12:58 AM

Tuguegarao City, December 19, 2010 - Fire broke out and razed Bed and Breakfast Pension House, killing 16 people, which included 10 nursing graduates who were supposed to take the nursing licensure exam. 

Last December 20, 2010, I was at a Christmas Party when my friend turned on the TV and the news about the fire was shown. It was the topic at that moment and of course, I felt bad about what happened.

Fast forward to December 23, 2010. I was at my Aunt's house, hanging out with my cousins while "Bandila", a local evening news show,  was on the television. I quickly looked at the news and they were featuring one of the nursing graduates who died in the Cagayan fire. I suddenly saw a familiar face on the picture that was resting on a coffin. Then I saw some people crying and they were all familiar too. I saw scenes from the cemetery, a gravestone of the victim's father, with a name that I've encountered before. A woman was shown, giving a speech, saying that the victim's father and grandmother also died on the same month back then. I knew the story even before hearing the speech because my friend told me this last year and now, he's gone.

I stood in front of the television. Shocked. Plenty of thoughts inside my head.

"Is this really Ronnie?"

"Is he really gone?"

"He just messaged me a few days ago... Wait, is this really him?"

Denial. A common reaction. But I was wishing that I was wrong with what I have seen. I decided to call his number. It was unavailable. I couldn't wait to go home to check his Facebook page. 

I remember that he even tried to chat me up on Facebook 2 or 3 days before the tragedy, but I wasn't able to reply right away because I wasn't in front of the laptop when he messaged me. Upon returning, I saw his message: "Hi! How are you?" But he already went offline.

I arrived yesterday and I saw his Facebook page. I saw a lot of farewell messages. My cousins also posted a link of the news from QTV on his wall which I reposted right away. He was gone. He really was.

The first and last time I saw him was at my 3rd cousin's wedding. I didn't know he was there. I just saw him marching down the aisle and I didn't know it was him at first glance. I just said "Familiar."  Then he saw me from the seats and then waved at me excitedly, saying "Steph!" After the wedding, he approached me and we talked for some time. That was the first and last face-to-face talk we had. I actually knew him first through my cousins. My 3rd cousins from Canada visited us last year for the first time and I think Ronnie saw me through their Facebook page and thought I was also his cousin so he added me up. We learned that we weren't really blood-related but that his cousins were my 3rd cousins. 

We would have small talks through SMS and Facebook and I was so happy for him when I saw one of his Facebook photo albums entitled "GRADUATION DAY. finally, i made it!" 

Then this happened.

He is a huge loss. His jolly aura shall be missed. Though we weren't really able to talk that much and that we only knew each other for a year, I will always remember him as the boy who is always smiling and making other people laugh. We are all in grief, but I am sure he is in good hands and is happy with our Father up there, along with his grandmother and father.

Ron-Ron, we will miss you.
Rest in peace.

I would also like to express my deep condolences to the families of the 16 people who were lost in the tragedy. My prayers are with you.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010  at 8:48 PM

I opened my eyes this morning and realized once I was awake
That I met a lot of awesome friends here within this year
Despite the weirdness and humorous entries they make
I know that personally, they are sincere

For such wonderful moments and great friendship
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!


I'll be away the whole week, so I would like to greet all of my friends here a JOYFUL CHRISTMAS!!! =D 
The blog interaction here went beyond just writing and reading. I'm thankful that I met a lot of great people here who became my friends. Thank you. 

Enjoy the season! Spread peace and love! <3
I love you guys! =)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Who Are My Traffic Sources ?

Sunday, December 19, 2010  at 3:24 AM

I don't usually check my traffic sources but one day, I got curious as to where people have been coming from. Tadahhh!  My recent traffic sources...

KIKILABOTZ is my top source of traffic. LOL. I think I know why.... * insert marv's evil intention * haha! just kidding marv.

JEPOY is always giving me visitors too. Niiiiice. Was it because of my Jejemon award? haha!

GLENTOT, I don't know why I'm getting visitors from your site. Was it because I flooded one of your posts ? Hahaha!

GASDUDE. GASP! hehehe! It's so cute to see you here! :D Lol at the word "cute". Funny because I suddenly realized that we've been blogger friends for so long now! :D

Anyway, I just wanted to share this to you guys because I want to say THANK YOU to these awesome celebrities... It's an honor you guys. Thank you. :)
Visit them too because they're awesome.

After a few seconds of assessment, I realized that these blogs are ... nevermind. HAHAHAHA!
Just kidding. 
Again, it's an honor. =) 

I wish I can be part of your top traffic sources too! Haha!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Highschool Fights

Saturday, December 18, 2010  at 4:28 AM

Add caption. Hmmm...
First of all, thank you for loving my drawing (I know you do!) I did this in 5 seconds. Hahaha. For the sake of this blog post having a thumbnail pic, I created a wonderful piece of art. I sure hope it attracts readers though. LOL. To be honest, it was a random scribble. The first girl has 4 arms but the other arms are supposed to be bangs. The second girl looks emo. Then there's lightning in between. Okay. Cool. Haha.

Secondly, I'm off to a topic I wanted to cover since last September. Haha delayed post.

I miss highschool fights. You thought they were serious during those days. Then again, everything starts to get funnier once you've overcome each incredible scenario.

I remember a fight between two of my friends just because I got sick. The scenario was:

I got sick. I had a really high fever. My friend (let's name her Rian), suddenly got mad.
Rian: This is Mia's fault! She's the source of viruses!
Me: Why? Was she sick before I got sick?
Rian: Yes! She had a cough, remember? Then you got sick and now it's her fault! Look, she's absent now! Grrrr. THIS IS HER FAULT!!! (Wow, affected much? haha!)
Me: *lolzies*

The next day, Mia went back to class.
Rian: THIS IS YOUR FAULT! You're spreading a disease!
Mia: Are you blaming me?
Rian: Yes! Look! Steph got sick and it's your fault! Now I think I'm becoming sick too! Don't come to class if you're sick! Think of others!

And they didn't talk for a week.

Interesting. Of course, I translated the conversation to English, but if you heard everything in Filipino, you'll probably laugh out loud endlessly. It was funny. The funny part was I didn't know Rian was serious about blaming Mia for being the "source of a disease". LOL. Mia didn't even know she was sick. Hayayay. Cute.

I miss these cute fights. You become so serious over these small things, but the truth is, they're funny. Then again, I said earlier that everything becomes funnier after overcoming such events. It's an endless thing. Everytime you get older, you think your issues are becoming more serious. Looking back after some time, you actually get to realize that they've actually been pretty funny--AND USEFUL. Everything, including fights, is there as a lesson to mold you into someone better, taken that you knew it was a lesson of course.

So the moral of the highschool story I shared to you is to basically wear a huge ID, warning everyone that you are a walking flu, so that more students will go to class and not miss it because they love going to school so much.
Corny. Haha.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Friday, December 10, 2010  at 3:52 PM

I know, I know...
I wasn't able to post the featured blog last November, but I'm not gonna skip on that, especially with the fact that I'm featuring GLENTOT of WICKEDMOUTH.COM !


Yes, I know... New layout calls for a new award design too. I was actually thinking of changing the whole layout last June, but I've been... lazy. LOL. I remember asking GLEN if my blog's pink color actually bothers him since I was thinking of a more formal theme. Good thing his opinion was the same as mine, making me pursue the plan of changing my blog's theme. I also realized that my last layout was kinda JEJEMON-ish. LOL. So, I'm sorry to my past awardees for the JEJEMON-ish awards. I'll be glad to change them for you. Haha!

So who's Glentot?
To be honest? I was really scared of him when I first stumbled upon his blog. Despite the sense of humor, I noticed how he'd comment on my posts--very ... suplado. HAHA! Just kidding Glen. Of course, I know you're having a hard time giving me weird comments, since my blog's more on the informative side. I'm actually a reader of his blog and MIND YOU GLEN, I DON'T SKIP READ. Muhahahaha! Thank you for accepting the challenge of reading and replying to my last MAJOR post in a MAJOR MAJOR way =p. is one of the pages that I never fail to visit. Sometimes, I couldn't reply due to busy moments, but I still make sure to get a dose of wickedmouth. You should try to visit him. Kids, he's very wholesome. His posts are very amusing, especially when he's bashing movies and other bloggers. * insert evil laugh *

I've seen this dude two times. The last time I saw him, he was like a mushroom. He suddenly popped out at the least expected place. Hahaha! While lining up at a cafe, I suddenly saw a guy smirking across me. Hahahaha! GLENTOT, kabute (mushroom)!

He's a really funny blogger. He posts serious stuff once in awhile, but you couldn't help but think if you should be replying seriously or sarcastically because of his blog's nature. Haha!

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS GLEN! =) Ouija board for you!!! =p

And traveliztera has a facebook page too. Search: "traveliztera". LOL.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cute & Funny Photos From My Taiwan Trip

Tuesday, December 7, 2010  at 4:15 PM

I recently went to Taiwan for a short vacation/culinary trip and I must say that it is an impressive country. It's a safe place and the people there are very friendly. Also, I can't stop praising how systematic they are over there.

I'll be posting more pics soon but for now, I want to give you guys some adorable and funny photos I took during the trip because I feel so happy right now and I feel like sharing this mood to everyone. =)

epic CAT pose

soooo round

too cute. LOL. come on macho dudes, say "awww" =p

begging for food

He caught me taking a pic of his dog. LOL

invading privacy

begging for food

looks like my dog haha! nice collar

December's pretty busy so I'm sorry for not getting back to everyone. Once again, thanks to Google Reader for keeping me updated regarding you guys! =) 

AND THANK YOU to everyone who sent me their pic/vid greetings! Love you guys! To those who still want to send some, I'm extending the deadline. =)

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