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Wednesday, December 29, 2010Traveliztera

Tuguegarao City, December 19, 2010 - Fire broke out and razed Bed and Breakfast Pension House, killing 16 people, which included 10 nursing graduates who were supposed to take the nursing licensure exam. 

Last December 20, 2010, I was at a Christmas Party when my friend turned on the TV and the news about the fire was shown. It was the topic at that moment and of course, I felt bad about what happened.

Fast forward to December 23, 2010. I was at my Aunt's house, hanging out with my cousins while "Bandila", a local evening news show,  was on the television. I quickly looked at the news and they were featuring one of the nursing graduates who died in the Cagayan fire. I suddenly saw a familiar face on the picture that was resting on a coffin. Then I saw some people crying and they were all familiar too. I saw scenes from the cemetery, a gravestone of the victim's father, with a name that I've encountered before. A woman was shown, giving a speech, saying that the victim's father and grandmother also died on the same month back then. I knew the story even before hearing the speech because my friend told me this last year and now, he's gone.

I stood in front of the television. Shocked. Plenty of thoughts inside my head.

"Is this really Ronnie?"

"Is he really gone?"

"He just messaged me a few days ago... Wait, is this really him?"

Denial. A common reaction. But I was wishing that I was wrong with what I have seen. I decided to call his number. It was unavailable. I couldn't wait to go home to check his Facebook page. 

I remember that he even tried to chat me up on Facebook 2 or 3 days before the tragedy, but I wasn't able to reply right away because I wasn't in front of the laptop when he messaged me. Upon returning, I saw his message: "Hi! How are you?" But he already went offline.

I arrived yesterday and I saw his Facebook page. I saw a lot of farewell messages. My cousins also posted a link of the news from QTV on his wall which I reposted right away. He was gone. He really was.

The first and last time I saw him was at my 3rd cousin's wedding. I didn't know he was there. I just saw him marching down the aisle and I didn't know it was him at first glance. I just said "Familiar."  Then he saw me from the seats and then waved at me excitedly, saying "Steph!" After the wedding, he approached me and we talked for some time. That was the first and last face-to-face talk we had. I actually knew him first through my cousins. My 3rd cousins from Canada visited us last year for the first time and I think Ronnie saw me through their Facebook page and thought I was also his cousin so he added me up. We learned that we weren't really blood-related but that his cousins were my 3rd cousins. 

We would have small talks through SMS and Facebook and I was so happy for him when I saw one of his Facebook photo albums entitled "GRADUATION DAY. finally, i made it!" 

Then this happened.

He is a huge loss. His jolly aura shall be missed. Though we weren't really able to talk that much and that we only knew each other for a year, I will always remember him as the boy who is always smiling and making other people laugh. We are all in grief, but I am sure he is in good hands and is happy with our Father up there, along with his grandmother and father.

Ron-Ron, we will miss you.
Rest in peace.

I would also like to express my deep condolences to the families of the 16 people who were lost in the tragedy. My prayers are with you.

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  1. Oh no! I heard about it in the news too. Sorry to hear about your loss too. *hugs*

  2. Awww, I am also personally extending my condolences. Napaka-sudden lang talaga ng time,, sabi nga nila, "Kung oras mo na, oras mo na." :D

  3. What a tragedy! Haist, sad to hear news like these. Condolence. Will pray for the eternal repose of their souls.

  4. its tragic na kakagrad nia palang at preparing sa nursing exam.

    but, nasa heaven na sya and kapiling ang creator natin. He is now with fellow angels.

  5. Gosh. I don't know him, but reading your post made me sad right now. I can imagine how painful it must have been for those he left behind. I heard that news on my way to work. I remember Ted Failon and Pinky Webb reporting that after the fire, survivors of the fire tragedy still took the exams in slippers & sleep clothes. → R.

  6. condolences sis..but he's with our creator now..i know that he is happy there..

  7. hey steph.. thanks for posting this.. honestly it came a shock to me and my family. it was our first time meeting him in philippines, and honestly he was so jolly and so hospitable, he was truly a unique individual, one you totaly click with right away... this is such a tragedy.. life works in mysterious ways, and its unfortunate his life was taken so early because just knowing him at that time, you could tell this guy has potential to go far and do outstanding things in life.. but i guess the Lord had other plans for JR.

  8. condolence. i would like to comment something from my heart. something that is true.

    hindi madaling tumanggap ng loss. i feel for the family members who are left behind. magbabagong taon pa naman. this tragedy might have happened and easily forgotten specially for those who doesn't have any connections with the victims. but for the family, relatives and friends, this tragedy will forever leave a mark.

    my prayers are with ron-ron's mom. my his soul rest in eternal peace.


  9. Pam - Yes, just hearing the news was already a shock... Then I saw that one of them was a friend of mine--that became more depressing. But thank you...

    Michael - Maraming salamat...

  10. Gasdude - Thank you for your thoughts and prayer, Alex...

    Khantotantra - oo nga e... pero tama ka, at least he's in God's good hands... thank you for the kind words

  11. Russ - Yes, it's so painful, especially to his family who already lost two people before Ron left them... I was already affected with the news itself, and then I saw that he's one of them, which made it more saddening. Nonetheless, I know he's doing good up there now...

    Jaid - Thank you for the thoughts...

  12. Ate Mary - If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't have known him... That is so true... He's so happy. Really nice... I wish I was able to talk to him the time he chatted me up last week but I wasn't able to see his message right away. =( He's a good guy. Though we don't get to talk that much, based on his facebook posts and comments being left by his friends, I can tell that he is such a good person who loves to make his friends happy all the time. I was really touched when I saw his graduation pics... It was very striking to me that time. True, he has it. But everything has a reason and I know he's well taken care of up there... Still, we will all miss him...

  13. ATE ROSE - true... it is very hard but I'm praying for everyone who's left behind to be able to handle such sadness... thank you for the kind thoughts... very much appreciated... hugs!

  14. I was in the shower when I heard this news (oo, nanonood ako ng TV habang naliilgo) and it's sad, but for you it's harder because the tragedy has touched you, no matter how distant or close, it's a painful loss pa rin. There's comfort in knowing he has now met God...

  15. Aww.. Sorry to hear that. Condolences ate steph. Kapaskuhan pa naman.

  16. Aw! Sorry to hear that! Kilala mo pala siya... I heard that too sa news weeks ago... Condolence to the bereaved family... It was such a tragedy...

  17. condolences. he's now with our creator.

  18. such a sad story, my heart goes to all of those who became victims of that tragedy especially the nursinf students ( bec. i was once a nursing student and now a fully pledge Registered Nurse) i know how hard to study and review and the pressure when Board Exam is coming up. :( Rest In Peace Bro. God Bless your loved ones!

  19. sorry for the loss, condolence..

  20. Sorry to hear about his death:-( He really seems like a friendly and jolly person, parang the type na you'd enjoy being with. Such a tragic news...may his soul rest in peace


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