Who Are My Traffic Sources ?

Sunday, December 19, 2010Traveliztera

I don't usually check my traffic sources but one day, I got curious as to where people have been coming from. Tadahhh!  My recent traffic sources...

KIKILABOTZ is my top source of traffic. LOL. I think I know why.... * insert marv's evil intention * haha! just kidding marv.

JEPOY is always giving me visitors too. Niiiiice. Was it because of my Jejemon award? haha!

GLENTOT, I don't know why I'm getting visitors from your site. Was it because I flooded one of your posts ? Hahaha!

GASDUDE. GASP! hehehe! It's so cute to see you here! :D Lol at the word "cute". Funny because I suddenly realized that we've been blogger friends for so long now! :D

Anyway, I just wanted to share this to you guys because I want to say THANK YOU to these awesome celebrities... It's an honor you guys. Thank you. :)
Visit them too because they're awesome.

After a few seconds of assessment, I realized that these blogs are ... nevermind. HAHAHAHA!
Just kidding. 
Again, it's an honor. =) 

I wish I can be part of your top traffic sources too! Haha!

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  1. HAHAHA oonga ano! Anong premyo ko? LOL! (Pwede na sa 'kin isang bote ng Green Tea Peanut Butter, padala mo kay Jepoy.)

  2. Bakit ganun? Xeo particular blogsites, sa akin galing ng nuffnang, tapos referring sites ko sa google. Ikaw na sikat, traveliztera! LOLOLOLOL.

  3. huwel, tho im not a frequent visitor/commenter, i like ur blog so much and it inspires me..a lot.

    keep it up. happy holidays to all!

  4. Never really pay any attention on the traffic thingy so I didn't know that it can go that details! Hahah..

    Have a FAB day! (;
    Sanny's Head to Heart

  5. ky marvz tlg me lge nagchechek ng new updates kc andun na ata lht ng bloggers sa blogrol nya e! ahahahha

  6. Itutuloy ko: all these blogs are nonsense! Hahaha joke! Yung akin lang ang nonsense...

  7. anong premyo? wahahahaha.. ano na lang. igreet mo ko sa one of ur video. bwahahahah. salamats..


  8. sa susunod.. kasama na ko dito.. tae na yan.. hehehe.. feelingero ako!

  9. di ko tinitingnan yung mga bumibisita sa akin kasi halos wala namang dumadalaw sa inaamag kong blog hahaha anyway..happy holidays!

  10. paki PM na lang sakin sa FB ang assessment mo, haha.
    mabenta ang monthly top ten ni marvin haha.

  11. wahhaha.. alam na,. heheh... mukhang sikat na ha hehehe :D

    have a great and wonderful Christmas :D

  12. Bloghopping makes you get traffic too. That's what I am doing now. Haha. Love bloghopping, reading new blogs and meeting other fellas. It's just fun!! :D


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