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Cute & Funny Photos From My Taiwan Trip

Tuesday, December 07, 2010Traveliztera

I recently went to Taiwan for a short vacation/culinary trip and I must say that it is an impressive country. It's a safe place and the people there are very friendly. Also, I can't stop praising how systematic they are over there.

I'll be posting more pics soon but for now, I want to give you guys some adorable and funny photos I took during the trip because I feel so happy right now and I feel like sharing this mood to everyone. =)

epic CAT pose

soooo round

too cute. LOL. come on macho dudes, say "awww" =p

begging for food

He caught me taking a pic of his dog. LOL

invading privacy

begging for food

looks like my dog haha! nice collar

December's pretty busy so I'm sorry for not getting back to everyone. Once again, thanks to Google Reader for keeping me updated regarding you guys! =) 

AND THANK YOU to everyone who sent me their pic/vid greetings! Love you guys! To those who still want to send some, I'm extending the deadline. =)

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  1. wow dugees, haha.
    kamukha nung unang aso ko ung aso sa last na picture.
    buti pala hindi nagalit ung nakahuli sau na kinukuhaan mo ng picture ung dog nya.

  2. hi traveliztera, nice in here cute pics..

  3. nicely captured cute doggies :D nice!

  4. nicely captured cute doggies :D nice!

  5. Super cute doggie pics! Taiwan is a really fun alternative place to over rated HK hehe:-)

  6. Traveliztera,
    Awesome pix. Seen any cats? purrr....meow!

  7. ahahha. mukha ngang galit ung may ari ng isang doggy ahhaha

  8. Waaahhh!! Hangkyut!!! I especially like the second picture.. busog na busog yata si puppy, at mukhang di na makagalaw. Haha... Oh and the 5th picture. Golden retriever yan diba? Nakow!! Ang sarap yakapin naman ni doggie...

    Natawa ako sa 7th picture. Hahaha! Huli ka!!

    When the kid aucght you taking pictures of the dog, anong ginawa nya? Hehehe... KUng ako yun, magpapabayad ako. Nyahaha! Mukhang pera si Leah.. =P

    These are all cute photos, Stephie.. Thanks for sharing. =)

    Salamat nga pala sa comments.. hehe.. Halos lahat yata ng recent posts ko, nagkomento ka. Wow... Madamu nga salamat.

    Oh, and of course, LOTR movies.. Di ako magdi-disagree, maganda talaga ang LOTR movie trilogy.. at di kta aawayin. Takot ko lang ano.. Hihi. Kung aawayin kita, baka pagalitan at awayin din ako ni Orlando Bloom eh.. Char! Hehehe...

    Gandang gabi, Steph.. and you take care, okay. *hugs....

  9. LOL. Ikaw na ang nasa ibang bansa! Ikaw na rin ang nakakita ng mga sooper cuuute na doggy-dog-dog!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  10. travel ng travel iba talaga mag rich kid...

    wala manlang akong pasalabong kahit kiamoy lang lolz

  11. Hehe cuuuuuute. And you have changed your blog layout! I like.

  12. Ang dami nila!!! Sorry, takot ako sa aso. Hehe. =)

  13. yun oh nagbabalik hehehe... i miss you... anyway.. ang cute ng mga puppy.. nice shoot ha... :D

  14. I went to Taiwan once in 2008 and couldn't be more agree with you. It's such a fine country! From food to the people and places! AWhh.. and those puppies are just precious!

    Have a sparkling day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  15. aw.. at ang cute.. at ngayun ko lang napansin ang header mo na bago. lol

  16. Naks.. Tumatravel si Traveliztera. :) Akala ko si justin bieber yung nakahuli sayo. Haha

  17. mahilig k rin cguro sa mga aso? hehehe...nice naman ng trip mo :)

  18. waah, why 1 lang yung cat :P hehe!

  19. hey there. ur blog is very cute ^^ i like all the puppy pixx too.., such cuteness... following ^^

    @ Read the story here. Please Help, Thank you.

    @ xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  20. So cute :) Seems like you had a fun trip!


  21. Psssst, pasalubong ko from Taiwan? :) Hehehehe!


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