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Highschool Fights

Saturday, December 18, 2010Traveliztera

Add caption. Hmmm...
First of all, thank you for loving my drawing (I know you do!) I did this in 5 seconds. Hahaha. For the sake of this blog post having a thumbnail pic, I created a wonderful piece of art. I sure hope it attracts readers though. LOL. To be honest, it was a random scribble. The first girl has 4 arms but the other arms are supposed to be bangs. The second girl looks emo. Then there's lightning in between. Okay. Cool. Haha.

Secondly, I'm off to a topic I wanted to cover since last September. Haha delayed post.

I miss highschool fights. You thought they were serious during those days. Then again, everything starts to get funnier once you've overcome each incredible scenario.

I remember a fight between two of my friends just because I got sick. The scenario was:

I got sick. I had a really high fever. My friend (let's name her Rian), suddenly got mad.
Rian: This is Mia's fault! She's the source of viruses!
Me: Why? Was she sick before I got sick?
Rian: Yes! She had a cough, remember? Then you got sick and now it's her fault! Look, she's absent now! Grrrr. THIS IS HER FAULT!!! (Wow, affected much? haha!)
Me: *lolzies*

The next day, Mia went back to class.
Rian: THIS IS YOUR FAULT! You're spreading a disease!
Mia: Are you blaming me?
Rian: Yes! Look! Steph got sick and it's your fault! Now I think I'm becoming sick too! Don't come to class if you're sick! Think of others!

And they didn't talk for a week.

Interesting. Of course, I translated the conversation to English, but if you heard everything in Filipino, you'll probably laugh out loud endlessly. It was funny. The funny part was I didn't know Rian was serious about blaming Mia for being the "source of a disease". LOL. Mia didn't even know she was sick. Hayayay. Cute.

I miss these cute fights. You become so serious over these small things, but the truth is, they're funny. Then again, I said earlier that everything becomes funnier after overcoming such events. It's an endless thing. Everytime you get older, you think your issues are becoming more serious. Looking back after some time, you actually get to realize that they've actually been pretty funny--AND USEFUL. Everything, including fights, is there as a lesson to mold you into someone better, taken that you knew it was a lesson of course.

So the moral of the highschool story I shared to you is to basically wear a huge ID, warning everyone that you are a walking flu, so that more students will go to class and not miss it because they love going to school so much.
Corny. Haha.

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  1. great doodle! XD haha, i remember elem and HS days and the petty fights that gone major due to petty reasons just like what you have in your story here. i remember one fight between two girls in high school - it only started with name-calling (kulot at maitim). they really weren't hurting each other in the beginning until one started pulling the other girl's hair, and they started slapping the hell out of each other. nobody stepped in to break up the fight until a teacher came in. they never spoke to each other after that. hanggang ngayon magkagalit parin sila, parang ewan lang. haha. XD

  2. kala ko may sabunutan na ngyari, :) merry xmas.

  3. ilang taon kayo nyan? hahah


  4. Hahaha! You are very talented at drawing...i have the same talent; i mean i can draw people out of lines, but thats all!!!About the fights in highschool: as serious they are then, as silly and funny memories they are later!and arent we all an"walking flu"? lol

  5. hahaha.. naalala ko din ang high school life ko! and that time it was really serious because na involve pati ang advisers namin! lol! grabe i miss high school life.. for me it was the best.

  6. cute and funny! hehe

    wala akong maalala na ganyang fights noon... yong mga girls namin sabunutan talaga e. hehe

  7. CUTE!! Ako, walang talent sa pagdo drawing. hehe..

    Ay! Me naalala ako dahil sa post mo, Stephie! Meron din akong nakaaway noong bata pa ako.. During 4th grade.. naalala ko pa,nakapila kami sa pag-igib ng tubig (to water the flower gardens).. then merong isang bata na very suplada (bading).. at hindi na siya pumila. As in, dun siya dumiretso sa unahan ng line. Aysus! Nainis ako.. pinuntahan ko at sinabihang .."Didto ka sa likod oh! Gapanal-ut timu sa linya." He then said.. "Gaga. Para ni sa vegetable garden ni Ma'am.Bunyagan ko kuno." Napikon na ako. "Gaga ka man eh! Bisan para pa na kay Ma'am, linya ka man. Sin-o ka guid ya haw???"

    Ayon! Nagalit na rin siya! Alam mo ba ang ginawa? Kinurot ako! Eh di kinurot ko rin! Ilang beses nya akong kinurot. Syempre, ganti rin ako. hehehe! Hangsakit ng braso ko sa kurot ng bading. Hehe..

    Magkaibigan kami ngayon ng bading na yun. And whenever we do remember about that day, natatawa na lang kami. Lalo na ako.. I'd be thinking.. "Okay. Ganun pala ako makipag-away noon? Kurot?? Hahaha! LAME!!"

    Haha. Kaya nga natatakot si Rob na makasama ako matulog, meron kasing kutsilyo nearby. ehehehe... andyan lang yan sa bedside table. Di naman ginagamit. Hehe! Mandurukot talaga. Start young nga, diba? hihihi! Shhh!! Don't tell Tatay. Hahah!

  8. Reminiscing high school days, *shiver,* first sign of aging. The thought makes me sick. Ahihihihi.. :D

  9. Oh, and Stephie! Merry Christmas!!

    Haba na ng comment ko.. Pero comment ako ulit. feel ko lang mag share (though hindi naman yun nangyari noong high school).. Nang mag high school ako, syempre meron din akong naging kaaway. Pero my friends fought the battles for me. "Talawit be ko sang-una, Steph.. asta man subong.." During confrontations, I tend to freeze. Ngek! "Kahuluya gani.."

    Thanks so much for taking time to visit my blog, every now and then, Steph. Last entry ko na yun, kasi uwi ulit ako sa amin on Monday. Sige, Steph. Salamat ulit. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! =)

    Ate Leah

  10. lol!!! ang cute! i seriously miss my high school days! yung mga panahong too old to play games and too young to fall in love! LOL

    i can't remember fights like that, puro asaran lang, tas pikunan whih lasts for a day. tas finish na.

    ai waaaaaaait! meron pala! hahaha

    may dalawa sa barkada ko na nag-away kase, nagaagawan sila ng bestfriend! major LOL pag naaalala namin yon! =P

  11. I believe may talent k sa pag doodle...I can see it in the strokes...ganun tlga pag teens nakakatawa lng hehehe...well may kilala akong blogger na nanabunot dahil sa simpleng fight hehehe pero secret na lng yun hehehe baka malagot ako dun hehehe...

    merry xmas Steph!

  12. hahaha parang drawing ko lang o..w ahehehe.. mas worst nga lang..wa hehe

  13. hahahahaa i love the drawing! I also miss those petty fights with my classmates before!

    because of that, I havent talked to an ex-friend until now! :O


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