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Friday, December 10, 2010Traveliztera

I know, I know...
I wasn't able to post the featured blog last November, but I'm not gonna skip on that, especially with the fact that I'm featuring GLENTOT of WICKEDMOUTH.COM !


Yes, I know... New layout calls for a new award design too. I was actually thinking of changing the whole layout last June, but I've been... lazy. LOL. I remember asking GLEN if my blog's pink color actually bothers him since I was thinking of a more formal theme. Good thing his opinion was the same as mine, making me pursue the plan of changing my blog's theme. I also realized that my last layout was kinda JEJEMON-ish. LOL. So, I'm sorry to my past awardees for the JEJEMON-ish awards. I'll be glad to change them for you. Haha!

So who's Glentot?
To be honest? I was really scared of him when I first stumbled upon his blog. Despite the sense of humor, I noticed how he'd comment on my posts--very ... suplado. HAHA! Just kidding Glen. Of course, I know you're having a hard time giving me weird comments, since my blog's more on the informative side. I'm actually a reader of his blog and MIND YOU GLEN, I DON'T SKIP READ. Muhahahaha! Thank you for accepting the challenge of reading and replying to my last MAJOR post in a MAJOR MAJOR way =p. is one of the pages that I never fail to visit. Sometimes, I couldn't reply due to busy moments, but I still make sure to get a dose of wickedmouth. You should try to visit him. Kids, he's very wholesome. His posts are very amusing, especially when he's bashing movies and other bloggers. * insert evil laugh *

I've seen this dude two times. The last time I saw him, he was like a mushroom. He suddenly popped out at the least expected place. Hahaha! While lining up at a cafe, I suddenly saw a guy smirking across me. Hahahaha! GLENTOT, kabute (mushroom)!

He's a really funny blogger. He posts serious stuff once in awhile, but you couldn't help but think if you should be replying seriously or sarcastically because of his blog's nature. Haha!

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS GLEN! =) Ouija board for you!!! =p

And traveliztera has a facebook page too. Search: "traveliztera". LOL.

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  1. congrats kay ANDOY... hahaha

  2. yun oh.. congrats kay andoy.... good job :D

  3. NAks naman ang dami ng award ni Glentot...Congrats sa kanya...ako din sinusubaybayan ko rin kakulitan ng mga post nya...

  4. congrats kay glentot. :D

    Pa-pizza sana sya. heheheh

  5. Congrats kay GLENTOT na tinawag ni lola na andoy noong bata pa siya. :D

  6. Congee kay Glentot! Sa totoo lang, isa sa mga binibisita ko ang wickedmouth dahil tumatawa talaga ako dun everytime I visited hehehe...I like your template better Steph :)

  7. Kon-gratz-su-ley-shun kay Glentot, pacanton ka naman! Ni-like ko na rin pala page mo traveliztera, LOLOLOLOLOL.

  8. Naks.. Congrats Andoy. Haha. Ikaw na talaga Idol. I'm a fan na telega! Arte? Haha. Umiistructure naman kasi si Idol, nakakabilib. Funny pa. Payn! Congratulations Glentot. Ang taas taas mo na, pero kaya ka pa din naman maabot. Nyahahahaha.

  9. natawa ako. parang mushroom haha.
    hindi ko alam kung figure of speech or real life lang, ahhaha. peace! =p

  10. wowowowow! congrats kay andoy! ikaw na ang special! :P

  11. talaga naman oh sumisikat na talaga yung itim na dwende na yun!LOLS

    Congrats kay glentot!

    Ingat (first time ko dito)!!

  12. Ahahahahhaha congrats kay gloentot aka andoy! hehehehehhehe... Galing talaga! well deserved ika nga...

  13. ha! I've been "away" for too long, and there's a lot of bloggerwood happenings already.

    Anyway, congrats, Glentot! :D

  14. and, I like your new template, Steph. :D mas gusto ko yung pink, kasi girly girly haha pero like ko din naman ito. :D

  15. hello hello.. thnks for visitinf my site! ? :-)

  16. Whoever he is, you have made him sound all interesting already! Hahah..

    Have a gratifying day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  17. Yippieee!!! First off, maraming salamat, akala ko joke lang ito haha! I didn't know na natuwa ka sa blog ko dahil most of my posts are alienating to female readers (let's face it, my blog is almost a porn site hahaha) but you stick around waiting for a "matino" na post na paminsan-minsan eh nasa mood akong isulat so a huge THANK YOU...

    Dahil hall of famer na ako sa Traveliztera Blog dapat ayusin ko na ang blog posts ko hindi na ako magmumura and magpopost ng bastos. Joke haha.

    Salamat din po sa mga nagcomment at nagcongratulate na mostly eh mga ka-bloghop rin, thanks mwahchupa!!!

    Thank you uli hehe!

  18. yihee!Kilig si ANDOY...chos.Well deserved si Andoy...Ang kabuteng mabait pero malupet.hahahaha!!!

  19. ayos, congrats glentot! dami fans hehe

  20. Reader din ako ni Glentot and nakakatuwa ang kanyang sense of humor.


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