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2010 Was Great But 2011 Is Greater!

Thursday, December 30, 2010Traveliztera

2010 had been awesome for me.

I met a lot of new amazing friends both offline and online.
I developed a deeper relationship with old friends.
I reached my weight goal.
I was able to share my weightloss tips via my blog and through Women's Health.
I was able to decide on my career's direction.
I unexpectedly met a lot of people who became a great help to my goals.
I had a smooth flow in the processing of my future plans.
I was able to go to a lot of different places inside and outside the Philippines.
I was able to enjoy my hangout moments with my family, relatives, and friends.
I became more active in blogging compared to last year.
I was able to create serious video projects.
I was able to record a lot of songs.
I gained a lot of new skills.
I became more optimistic.
I became more confident.
I became more understanding.
I loved myself more.
I shared love and happiness to everyone.
I became closer to my parents.
I became closer to God.

2011 will be better. I just know it.

Too confident? More of just being positive. You cannot go through a year without the downs, but I know that they will help in pulling you up for further ups. I believe that everything is a blessing, as long as we have the patience to see the good things that all events bring, especially those which we consider "negative". A certain event may be negative now, but after some time, something better comes which would have never happened if it wasn't for "the bad" past. 

So basically, I just know that 2011 is better among all of us no matter what happens because good things will always happen, and better things always come after "not-so-good" events as a result of new learnings and proper timing.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! =) Thank you for being part of my 2010. It wouldn't have been this great if it wasn't for each of you!

P.S. I know that Orlando Bloom and I will meet this 2011 . Muhahaha. I can feel it.

Orlando Bloom and Traveliztera. Coming soon this 2011.

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  1. Mwahahahahha naku sana nga matupad na yung orlando bloom ang traveliztera this 2011! ahaahahahha... Happy new year to you steph and yeah! 2011 will be lot better! waaayyy lot better! hehehhehehe

  2. Naks! base pa pala ako! hehehehehhehe...

  3. takte ka. bwahahaha. ngayon ko lang napansin si orlando bloom pala yan. hahahaha. kala ko ex bf mo talga. hahaha. nadale ako dun a? ^_^ nga pala congrats hnd madali ang maachieve ang lahat n yan ah? at nagawa mo. Godbless us all steph.


  4. johnlloyd- oo BASE NA BASE KA! happy new year to u too!!! damihan mo pa ung fashion clothes mo a! hahahahha!!! thanks a! i know 2011's WAY BETTER... a LOT BETTER WITH ORLANDO! haha! and thank u for the friendship! dhil syo, andami ko nakilala! :) salamat!

    marv - hahaha seryosooooo!? hahaha! puwediiii! hehe! salamat a... nagpapakapositive lang hehe! God bless u marv! salamat sa pagiging friend ko :) hugs!

  5. hahaha.. ok dahil support mo si batman sa kanyang great achievement this year... support ka din ni matman kay orlando bloom.. hahaha... nyaks naman... happy new year

  6. Want to like your post pero naalala ko, hindi nga pala ito facebook =))

  7. Good luck with your 2011! :) Happy new year!! Here's to more and more bloggerventures!

  8. very positiveeeee! very sarap sa feeling pag very light ang aura ng nababasa!
    i love this post! ♥

    happy new year to you steph! love you!

  9. yun oh kasama isa sa mga sikat na taartis sa hollywood.. ibang level na heheheh....
    Steph.. i wanna say thank you for being part of my 2010 in the blogsphere, thanks your sharing your exposure and some thought thats really help me, i admit on that....
    have a great and wonderful new year on you kablog steph... :D

  10. Tama iyan, i-claim natin ang 2011. =)

  11. LOL. Since I am such a blessing, ako na nagsasabi sa iyo, hindi mo lang mamimeet si Orlando Bloom, mate-take home mo pa, ahihihihih.. :D

  12. so, u really wont give up on orlando bloom, dont you? HAHA.

    nga pala, im up for a new website and ur my inspiration for the theme. not the travel but the fitness thing. soon after i lose weight, (and im really working on it) i have to give u a tribute, seriously.

    merry christmas and a happy new year wherever you are pretty steph! like u did to me, be an inspiration to others :) GOD BLESS!

  13. Congratulations sa mga accomplishment mo this 2010. I know that this year there will be more surprises :) keep it up. :)

  14. wow naman sana nga po matupad ang orlando bloom moment mo sis..and congrats sa mga naachieved mo this year..^^

  15. Happy New Year Steph!!! You're part of what made my 2010 great. And knowing you're leaving soon makes all of us sad, but happy for you at the same time. Maraming coffee shops sa mundo, who's to say we won't bump into each other uli hahaha...

    I hope you still haven't forgotten about our project!!!

    And this one's for you! Keep in touch!

  16. Happy New Year to you Steph! XD

    i love the optimism reflected in this post! sana mahawa kaming lahat sa positive vibes mo. XD

    good luck sa orlando bloom project mo, hehe. XD

  17. HAPPY NEW YEAR traviliztera! and hopefully matupad na ang wish mo sa 2011. go orlando bloom! :) keep safe! :)

  18. Haha hindi kayo mag memeet ni orlando bloom dahil kasama ko s'ya
    *evil laugh*
    mga ambisyosa tayo eh no :) anyway ang ganda ng picture :) ayus ayus.

    happy new year travelistera!

  19. Happy New Year pretty girl! Mwah mwah mwah! :) Let's rock 2011!

  20. Happy new year Steph! i like what you did with the Orlando pics, kulang na lang paparazzi haha, love the positive vibe go girl!:-)

  21. I admire your positivity and spirit in life! Glad to get the chance to know you from blog world! I'm positive that 2011 will be even greater than the awesome 2010! Hahah.. that picture of you and Orlando just look too real!

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  22. hey hey hey perstaym ko yata dito and i'm lovin' it. will surely add you to my blog attack list.

    panalo ang magandang nararamdaman mo na kayo ni orlando bloom ay magkakatagpo sa 2011. i can feel it too! haha!

    happy new year!

  23. steph hinahanap ko yung chatbox hindi ko makita. feeling ko wala talaga. lol

    anyway nominated ko ikaw sa TABA 2010. visit mo si rainbow! :D

    happy new year!

  24. hapi new yr steph!!!
    im glad to be part of ur 2010. i mean na meet kta :)



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