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Saturday, November 27, 2010Traveliztera


Hi guys! I got interviewed by Domingo0022IWAY of Youtube (whose channel's goal is to let people know more about other Youtubers) and the video's embedded below. =) Check out the suggestions area... GUESS WHO'S INCLUDED IN THE THUMBNAILS!!! hahahaha! It's ANNA in the last vid thumbnail in the suggestions areaaaa! You guys will know what that is in a few months--unless you check it out now. HAHA! You can clearly see whose channel that is and yes, it's OLIVER's. HAHA!

Here's the video:

Click here to visit DOMINGO's channel.
Click here to visit my channel.

Check out Domingo's channel for more awesome interviews with other Youtubers and he also has other amazing videos that will definitely entertain you. =D THANK YOU DOMINGO! You're awesome! =)

By the way, thanks to everyone who sent their PIC and VID greetings!!! Totally grateful!!! :D You guys can still send your greetings... :) To those who don't know what's going on, click here.

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  1. now that is cool!
    you're gonna be famous someday~

  2. Singing is definitely your passion. ;) Good luck, Steph! wag mo kame kakalimutan pag sikat ka na ha?haha

    and I lol'ed at the "toxic" moment. =))

  3. Carizza - Props to Domingo hehe but I really don't want to be famous... =\ I'm okay with this hehe. How have you been? How's your cat? :(

    Em - We need to finish something. I want them to meet you too. :D And nooo I don't wanna be famous...really... hehe... Can I make a request? Can you make a full vid of u singing LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE? I really like Rihanna's version and u sounded awesome! Pls? :D hehe toxic lol

    Kiko - thank u po :D

  4. celebrity...May ineterview pang nagaganap.hahahaha!nice one

  5. naks naman...papasikat na sya...hahaha ilang hits na ba?
    Advance hapi bertday!!!

  6. Oo! Ikaw na ang sikat! Ikaw na ang nainterview! LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Straight english iyon, I barely followed. Hhahahahahah.. :D:D:D:D:D Kapag sumikat ka, wag mong kalimutan na may isang batang mareklamo tulad ko.. Ahahahahaha.. :D:D:D:D:D:D

  7. You actually deserve the fame! I think you are so good in it!

    Have an enjoyable day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  8. Mabuhay! I hope you do become a Youtube sensation! And if you do, don't forget our pet project ahahahahaha ipilit talaga???

  9. what the?!
    bakit nasama kami dito? hahaha


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