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Crazy Dog T-Shirts Are Funny And Awesome

Tuesday, November 09, 2010Traveliztera

I received a package from Crazy Dog T-Shirts last week and I was totally happy with them!

I am a huge fan of GIZMO (from THE GREMLINS) and THE BIG BANG THEORY, so check out the items I received!

"Bazinga!" - Sheldon loves to say that whenever he's "telling jokes".

Gizmo the gremlin!
"Crazy Dog T-Shirts" has a lot to offer. They have funny, inexpensive, cool, graphic, vintage, 80s, and custom t-shirts  which you will totally love. They have a line-up for both men and women of all sizes and personalities, giving everyone an opportunity to own one of their amusing creations.

In addition to shirts, they also sell costumes! (Too bad I missed out on Halloween!!!) 

Check now to start choosing the shirt that fits your style and personality! 

PRICE RANGE OF SHIRTS: $6.00 - $20.00

I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO ADD my answer to EMMALEIGH'S question since this could help the others who are also curious...

- The shirts are thick, so I don't think you'll be able to get rid of these right away. =p

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  1. Waw. Talagang todo-posing para mapromote ah! LOLOLOLOL.

    Try mo din iyong kung Kpopper ka din tulad ko. :D:D:D

  2. Hi Michael! Hahaha syempreeeeee! Kelangan todo posing ! hahaha!

    Wow tignan ko nga ung yesstyle! D ako kpopper pero minsan nakikinig ako haha! halos lahat ng friends ko maka-KPOP e! hahaha!

  3. I never heard of this site so I had to check 'em out. haha tolly reminds me of a shop here called "bluenotes" they have the same "statement" shirts.. just wondering tho, how was the "thickness" of the shirt? kasi yung sa bluenotes mejo manipis?like pag isang laba mo punit na?=)))))))))

    tell me more about the tela ha?kasi kung makapal xa dun na lang ako sa site bili. :D

  4. Hi Em! :D

    Onga e, nauso na mga statement shirts... Makapal siya actually. :) May prob nga lang ako sa neck hole kasi medyo di siya ganon ka-stretchable since cotton nga sia so nahirapan ako ipasok ang malaki kong ulo hahahhaa! pero okay naman... :) if ever bibili ka,try ka muna ng isa... baka mahirapan ka rin sa neck hole hehe

  5. weeehhh..ang cute nung damit at nung may suot.. wahahahaha..

  6. ayun o...model na model... ganda ng shirt na red...bagay na bagay syo...

  7. MD - hahaha nakikita ba mukha ko ? HAHAHA pilosopo e noh haha!

    THEGIRLIEBLOG - awww thanks! :D

    MOKS - haha salamat! gusto ko rin ung red :D

  8. ang cute naman ng shirts.

    pano ba bumili kapag dollars ang price. heheheh. sorry, ignoramus lang

  9. Naks! For sure bibenta yan kasi ikaw ang endorser hehehe...

    Waddup yo! :)

  10. Take-it-off!! Take-it-off!! Hehehe joke!!!

    Pangarap kong magdesign ng t-shirt ng wickedmouth!!! Pero instead of Bazinga mine is Bazonga... huge bazonga....

  11. kaw na ang model! hehehe. nice shirts ah :)

  12. aahh e nakakaasar pa naman yung parang feeling mo masikip pati sa leeg?haha cge try muna ako ng isang shirt.. dun ako sa sale titingin wahaha

  13. Awhhh.. you are back! Those t-shirts are so cute! I so adore the prints!

    Have a delicious day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  14. whohoho. aba. papapayat muna ako bago mag shopping jan.

    nice poses mo ah!! hihi.

  15. love love love them, love sheldon of big bang theory, want those shirts! i bet hubby wants one too...

  16. Aww.. the shirts are so cute. At todo-posing talaga ha.. Hehe.. Nice!

    Anyway, Steph.. before you leave, check out my page.. meron kang award from me.. =)

  17. Ang arms, ang ganda-ganda :)
    I'll ask D nga to get me a shirt. I like the Bazinga shirt. Hehe. Nice to see you blogggging. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  18. Those are really nice shirts :)

  19. i traveled a long way just to post a comment :)
    thanks for following my blog :)
    I hope you're ok and hopefully I can make a picture greetings to you :)

  20. Those look great! I'm not much of a T shirt wearer, but I like the prints!

  21. i'll check 'em out. I love tees esp graphic designed shirts.

  22. ganda ung shirt pero mas maganda ung nagsusuot... naks... d shirt is pretty cute though... from six bucks.. not bad ang price... nd haha... natawa akoh sa komentz ni glentot... lolz... so yeah napadalaw sau ms. pretty traveliztera... ingatz.. Godbless!

  23. AWW! It's Gizmo! I miss that movie. :) It sort of verges on passing as a vintage shirt too! GANDA! :)

  24. shaks parang gusto ko rin bumili ng ganyang t-shirt..hang kyut,,bagay na bgay sau ahihi~~~

  25. Veliz! sayo ako naktingin hindi sa t-shirt.. todo post eh.. haha!

  26. oh, and i forgot to ask. you bought them?



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