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Thursday, November 18, 2010Traveliztera

Can I just say

I can't believe I've been away for so long!!! I've been pretty busy and I could only afford to bloghop and read but not comment. =( I hope you understand me. As much as possible, I still read through my Google Reader but I can't leave a mark in all your blogs. AHEM GLEN!(and I'm daring you to read everything =p ) UNDER WHAT CATEGORY IS TRAVELIZTERA IN? I would also like to thank everyone who still paid me a visit despite my hiatus mode and seriously, I totally appreciate all of your thoughts.

When I got back, I was so touched by the awards I've received so I'll put them all up here in this special comeback post. =)


Ate Leah, thank you for this wonderful award! I appreciate your blog a lot too! Actually, I appreciate everything about you. =) You're a great friend! We go beyond the blog world. I totally love you Ate Leah! =D You shall be rewarded with  more blessings for your kind heart.

Kaitee, I... am surprised and touched... I never considered myself one ="). I would have understood if it's from KIKILABOTZ since he wants some Skyflakes and he's trying to win all of us over (hahahhaha just kidding ! =p ) But really, thank you! =) This meant a lot because it came from the heart. =)
 The award's so pretty by the way!

JULY - Top 6
AUGUST - Top 1
I wasn't able to thank you in the past awards so here ya go. Thanks for making me the Top 2 Hottest Blogger this month, KILABOTERO. =p Seriously, do you need something from us? LOL. Go ask Kuya Jepoy for your reward: SKYFLAKES. =p But seriously Marvin, thank you. You've been one of the first people who had been so nice to me here. =) Thank you. You're a nice person. I hope your girlaloo sees that. =)

4) QUINTESSENCE by Cynthia

Cynthia, thank you for this awesome award. I am greatly touched because this one was totally unexpected. Thank you for appreciating my blog. You have one great blog too and just keep on blogging because I noticed that you are a deep person with great points and someone who makes sense. =) More power to you! =)
 * Be sure to thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
    * Share 7 things about yourself.
    * Pass the award to other bloggers who you think deserves it.
    * Be sure to let  the bloggers know you chose them to receive the award.

  7 things about myself:
1) I treasure memories. I'm "REMINISCE GIRL" You know how in some reunions, there will be that someone who will keep on saying "Hahaha remember the time...?" Yep, that's me. I can even remember stuff from my 2 year old days. Heck, I can remember what was going on inside my mother's womb. HAHA that was a joke. =p (I had to say that because a lot of you guys think I'm serious all the time. HELLLOOO? haha!) A lot of people don't remember some of the ancient stuff I'm saying so sometimes they don't know if what I'm saying is real. HAHAHAHA! Good thing I... ( off to number 2! :D)

2)  I TAKE PICTURES AND VIDEOS ALL THE TIME--MOST ARE CANDID AND MOST ARE OF OTHER PEOPLE. I have proof that this or that happened. Most of the files in my storage devices are so random... Most of them are the moments that people don't really remember, so I'm lucky that I have proof whenever I talk about their rare memories (and they can't believe they really happened upon seeing the videos haha!). And yes, I've bought 1 TB of EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE and it isn't enough, so I have to buy some more. =p I don't know... I really like capturing moments on film. One friend said:"If you need to remember something, approach her (me) and ask for the video." Haha!  I think I got this from my dad because he either takes a lot of photos or videos of me since I was a kid and felt like "Yeah, you gotta store these memories so that you can at least share what has been stored in your mind to other people." =) P.S. I've been doing this since I was 6 years old. LOL. Addict.

3) I love to sing. I wanna be a broadway singer. Despite my videos of me singing something POP-ish in my Youtube channel, I'm actually more into classical singing. I've tried all types of singing to know where I'm more into. I was in a choir, I've performed pop songs, and I even had a highschool rock band. Among them, I enjoyed performing with my rock band the most because I'm normally hyper when singing. If you've seen my videos, you now know why. Haha! But along the way of "my search for my singing path", my passion seems to be in expressing myself through musicals. I am a huge BROADWAY FAN. I love seeing musicals, especially those that were made by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I love Evita and The Phantom of the Opera. I'm sure most of you have heard about these two plays. =) Anyway, I know it's weird to hear a rocker girl who has turned into a broadway girl. Haha. Nonetheless, I'll post more videos of me doing musicals soon. :)

4) I like writing stuff. Recently, I saw some of my first written works, way back when I first learned how to write. Haha! Yes, I keep all my past notebooks. My first short story was written when I was 6 years old and it's about Felix the Cat. LOL. Of course, the grammar and spelling were bad and my head ached so bad while reading it. Nonetheless, I understood the 6 year old Traveliztera. Haha. My diary from my 6-yr old days is still here! I'll post some of the pages soon. =D And yes, you can see that when I blog, I write too much. =p 

5) I love simple and "personalized" stuff. When it comes to gifts or anything shared, I appreciate simple things. Take blog awards for example. I love simple and minor awards. Though having major awards is good,  the smallest ones are the closest to my heart because you know that you earned it because the person truly thought of you. When it comes to gifts, a simple bday card VS a bday pre-packaged gift = ME TREASURING THAT SIMPLE BDAY CARD. I like anything wherein thoughts had been poured out into. =) I understand that it's so hard to think of what to buy, but really, you don't have to. A simple greeting already makes my day because I know it's really sincere. =) But I still appreciate your gifts because I value the thought behind the effort of buying me one. =) But you don't have to. =)

6) I'm a HUGE LORD OF THE RINGS enthusiast. I did not love Lord of the Rings because of LEGOLAS (click to view my weird LORD OF THE RINGS craziness creation), okay? =p My dad influenced me on this. It was in December 2001when we were in Singapore and I was searching for some WESTLIFE memorabilia when there was this Lord of the Rings section and dad went there. He's a fan of Tolkien. Anyway, he called me and showed me one LORD OF THE RINGS companion book and he started talking about the characters. He even pointed Legolas out and I'm like "Psh. Ugly. Dad, let's not buy that. Let's buy this Westlife magazine instead. Muhahahha!" LOL. Mom's a WESTLIFE fan so we bought that. Then dad asked me to join him and mom in watching the movie and I SEE LORD OF THE RINGS EVERYWHERE! I was really annoyed because I WANT WESTLIFE! hahahaha! I didn't go with them when they watched. Then school started and everyone was talking about Lord of the Rings! EVEN THE TEACHERS! I've had enough and decided to watch and man, now I'm into it. Muhahaha! I'm in the movie yay! =p 

7) I value friendship. A LOT. I value you guys. =)

I'm passing on this award to these other random bloggers... I want to award more people but I'm saving you guys for later awards =D
1) wickedmouth - You'll never know if you're supposed to laugh because everything is worth laughing at. Sometimes, he talks about serious stuff and he really talks about anything. I still laugh. Sorry. =p Ouija- That's Glen's fave topic. Talk to him about it. =p

2) kumagcow - Another mixed blogger. He's a photographer so he sometimes mixes that with his posts that are full of sense. Seriously, he talks about deep stuff. But you get some humor in some of his posts too but I just couldn't help but say "Ironic because he's 'kumag' and there's a cute cow on his page." whenever I read some of his serious posts. HAHA!

3) leah -  She shows variety of emotions in her posts. You'll feel instantly connected to her. =) Sometimes she's cooking, sometimes she's talking to her plants...tralalalala! hehehe! =p

4) kikilabotz - Random stories. Random cockroaches. Random GIRLS. =p

5) Midnight Driver - Poet. Jokes. Funny moments between him and his co-workers/friends/co-bloggers. LOL. Despite him trying to be serious in some of his posts, he still ends up making one punchline at the end. Haha!

6) Kayedee's Journal - She posts videos. She makes cheezy posts. She creates thoughtful posts. Yay for Kayedee! :D

7) Kaitee - She basically talks about her personal life so it's easy to get connected to this sweet lady. Ayiiii. Hehe! So since she talks a lot about her life, you'll get everything.

8) Jepoy - Daming awards. Psh. LOL. This man... this man is totally... funny. He rants and it's funny. =p Once again, you heyreeet.Sorreh. =p Skyflakes, please? =p

9) Bucosalad - He creates literary stuff too and he talks about certain issues in the world--including his pa-cute moments at work. =p

10) Rainbow Box - Childhood crushes. Life abroad. Reality. Jokes. Advice. Yehey! Versatile! ;)

11) Emmaleigh - I still admire this blog. I was actually attracted to her blog because of her make-up rants and then she started talking about CHILDHOOD PINOY stuff and that was when I saw her other side. ;)

12) Nafacamot - Another poet. Hahaha! With punchlines at the end!!! :P He also speaks about his personal life, especially work. Wahoo! Overall, funny blog. =p

13) Android Enteng - Techie stuff + personal life... Hahahaha! =p

14) Axel - A deep person but also talks about his quest for the perfect burger and his winnings in some contests. MUHAHAHA! =p

15) Benh - He reviews random stuff and he posts awesome experiences he has encountered. Ayun o. VELIZ. =p

16) Unni - I first stumbled upon her blog and saw quotes, then saw posts about personal events, and then I saw deep and literary posts. She can really talk about anything ! And with sense too! :)

17) Jag - You get to see photos of himself enjoying life. He goes everywhere. Haha! But he also talks about the reality and... some funny stuff. LOL.

18) Olyabut - Ikaw na. Nosebleed for being really random. HAHAHA!

19) 2ngawzki- She really speaks what's in her mind. So since her mind's full of thoughts, you get the mix of everything. *insert evil laugh* =p

20) Michael - Hear all his complaints. I don't know if I should laugh or not at some of his posts but, you'll see. =p

21) Yow - MULTI-AWARDED. =p You really talk about random stuff haha! But they're very entertaining. :)

22) Sanny - She talks about her journey in her everyday life and you get to see really awesome photos of what's going on in her daily activities + FASHION. ;)

23) Xprosaic - Talks too much. Just like John Lloyd. LOL. He really talks about ANYTHING. From haircuts to his extreme experiences. =p

24) Sikoletlover - Her posts about the awesome stuff in Japan are totally entertaining and... make me crave. Hehe!

25) The Girlie Blog - She talks about beauty, fitness, food, and boys. Haha! I totally love this blog!

26) Mokong - FUNNY MAN. =p Makes fun of people and events. =p He also posts jokes. =p

27) Nimmy- The way he narrates his everyday life is really entertaining. He also posts interesting & intriguing photos. Haha! =p ANTM fan! =p

28) Yannah - I like the quotes and how she talks about her life. Lessons can be learned just by reading her posts. I admire this lady. :)

29) PusangKalye - Photos and reviews... One intelligent guy who talks about anything. May it be travels or blog events, yeaboi he's there! :P

30) Gasul - Since 2008, he had been talking about anything. His blog is literally an update of his life. I've seen him down... I've seen him excel... I've seen him IN PERSON. muhahaha! =p He's also creative. ;)

I want to add more but I'll save you guys for later awards. :D

REMINDER: Hahaha! Please send in your picture/video birthday greeting for me to ! I would love to see your faces/essence (lol) in my site for everyone to see haha! =D I'll be editing the video before I leave the country. To those who don't know what's going on and want to participate, please click this. =)

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46 Travelers with Comments. Click to comment!

  1. sa australia ka pala lilipad.

    Pero it doesnt mean na iiwan mo ang blogworld diba?

    sendan kita pic greeting:D

  2. Oo khantotantra :D hehehe!
    I won't leave the blog world... It's my happiness! :D
    Salamat sobra! :D

  3. ya know what's cool?we both made our "comeback" post just a few hours ago. same day. haha

    what' even cooler? is that I love you with all my heart. walang halong eklaboo. haha pag nagiging hyper ako ikaw naiisip ko haha

    and thank you for the blog award. :D d ko alam kung nahihilo lang ba ako o hinde ko makita kung alin yung award na na award mo samen?! haha

    alas 3 na!

  4. Weeehhh.. Thanks naman!... surprise surprise ang gagawin ko para sayo.. lolz...

  5. Oh boy you really love writing. And seriously you were able to say stuff to all these bloggers. Spell amazing. Okay napapa English me ng todo. LOL

    Nag send na ko ng picture greeting ha! yung video nalang, mag papaabs muna me bwahihihihi.

    Thanks for the award. Appreciate it!!!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Obkorz, Ms Ganda! You're one of the chosen few.. I appreciate you as a blogger, 'coz you really do write A LOT.. hehe.. and with sense ha, take note. And because..I know that everytime you visit my blog, you do some true reading. (Yung iba kasi, they'd just drop robot messages sa comment box.) And that's not you. You're a blogger AND a reader.. And that is why I've given you proper recognition. Naks! Hehe..

    Na-sad naman ako bigla nang malaman kong you're going to Australia na.. Still, with the progress of technology today, I know we'll be keeping in touch.. through Twitter and Blogger. 'Ayt?

    Hangkyut naman.. so you still have your diary when you were a kid? Ako, kahit notebook ko noong high school, wala na. Haha.. (Naguba tanan. Gin-anayan sa amon bodega.) And you were in a choir and a rock band pala. No wonder.. ang ganda ng boses mo, Stephy.. Good luck with the broadway dream.. =)

    Oh, it's good to know that you appreciate personalized gifts more.. With my award being "personalized" in a way, it makes me feel happy. We totally appreciate each other. Haha.. Yay!! Ang saya!

    Ang haba na nito. Thank you for being a friend, Steph. I'll be making a picture greeting for you.. Take care. ☺ ♥ ☺

  8. P.S.

    Salamat rin pala sa award na iyong naibigay.. "Sometimes she's cooking, sometimes she's talking to her plants..." As in.. Tumatak talaga yun ha. The act of talking to plants is effective naman eh. Hehe.. Kita mo yun, sinigawan ko lang yung rose plant, namukadkad na. Haha..

    Anyway, thanks ulit! =)

  9. Wait for my pic greet :) busy pa, probably weekend :)

    Ro anne

  10. ayan na.. weee... pangwelcome back ba to o panggoodbye speech..... wahehehe.. first time ko ba tong magcomment dito... weahahaha...

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Ayun o!My perz award eber!!!Hahaha...Thank you kahit prang adik at baliw lang ang description ko(reklamo pa?epal!).hahaha!But seriously, thank you...hehehe!:)

  13. daming awards naipon na.... hehehehe

  14. OMG--thanks a lot for the recognition. nabigla naman ako. hahaha. salamat salamat

    versatile pala

    about the picture message. kelan na uli deadline? busy busyhan much.D:

    happy birthday in advance!!! yung proposal ko ha. sana bago ka lumipad palabas ng bansa. para may remembrance naman....sked na natin dali. hehehe

  15. Salamat po Ate. :)

    Sa Australia ka na pala, saan dun?

  16. OMG--video greeting pala to? camera shy ako eh. pwede bang picture greeting na lang ako? hahaha

  17. Eh bakit nakikisali ako dito? Haha. Gusto kong kutyain ang sarili ko kaya lang magtutunog paghumble. Haha. Thank you sa award. May description bawat isa, at naisip mo lahat un? Umaygad. Mahilig ka nga. Haha. Magpapadala ako ng picture kahit walang ganto. Haha. Thank you very much Ate. :)

  18. I have this deluded thinking na arranged yung list at ako ang nasa top bwahahahaha joke!

    I read everything believe it or not! Kahit naka-squint na ako dahil sa maliliit na Times New Roman Fonts, at dahil flinood mo ang comments section pati ang wall ko sa Facebook humanda ka sa comment na mala-blog post ahahaha!

    First off your awards. I don't know the rest but Kikilabotz you should beware of because of this hidden agenda! Hahahaha JOKE Gaspar! Mahilig lang syang maka-appreciate ng mga talented female bloggers (yeah right).

    Next: 7 things about you (yes I have a comment for each one)

    1) Funny because I have never read anything about your past memories in your blog (or kailangan ko magback-read?) I always thought of your blog as a self-help and entertainment... So I never knew you were a sentimental person.

    2) This one I am sure is true. Remember Coffee Bean hahahaha that was so random and yet you whipped out your camera and before I knew it the picture was already posted.

    3) Ah I think we all know you love to sing and you CAN sing, but broadway? No wonder you describe yourself as hyper with all the hand gestures and facial expressions... must be from you exposure to musicals.

    4) All I can say is POST IT! We'd love to know what you did to Felix the Cat.

    5) Yeah you were asking us for Starbucks plastic cups with our name on it! I never imagined that could be a gift but now that i think about it, it's cute actually.

    6) I watched all three movies in one sitting. It ran for 9 hours...

    7) Awwwwww.

    And next para sa list of awardees, just one word or two for each blogger I know:

    1) wickedmouth: Top 1! Bwahahahaha

    2) kumagcow: Sensible

    4) kikilabotz: maloko!

    5) Midnight Driver: babaero (just a guess)

    7) Kaitee: Quiet

    8) Jepoy: Aheyreeet

    9) Bucosalad: emo

    11) Emmaleigh: sassy

    16) Unni: In love

    17) Jag: Lakwatsero

    18) Olyabut: Funny

    19) 2ngawzki: Hayuuuuuuuuuuuuup!

    20) Michael: Misunderstood(?)

    21) Yow: Lantuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud hahaha

    23) Xprosaic: Mahilig lumayas

    26) Mokong: Jokes

    27) Nimmy: Everyday life

    29) PusangKalye: Social Blogger

    30) Gasul: tama ka, update of his life

    And lastly, nagsend na ako ng picgreet ahahahaha yehey!

    Napagod ako sa challenge na ito.

  19. I'm not sure kung napost yung pagka-haba haba kong comment...

  20. doumo arigatou gozaimashita for the award ms. steph ^_^

  21. Naks naman...salamat sa award...natots naman ako sa description ko...hehehe

  22. kayo na maraming award! hehehehe congrats :D

  23. nice to see you back! XD

    a lot of interesting blogs in your list - thanks for sharing them. XD

  24. thanks thanks pretty steph...natats naman ako kala ko kasi walang sense yung mga posts ko,,yung iba wala talga pwamis hahha
    anyweiz yung pic greet gagawin ko sa weekend ang busy lng kunyare ng life ko heheh,,,
    God bless~mwah~

    nidelete ko yung luma kong comment may mali pala hahhaa,,sorry namen ahihi~~

  25. Well Steph in this world where everyone else is staying anonymous we chose to meet and become friends. Even if you are gonna be thousands of miles away, we'll still get keep the friendship... and that's what makes this more special. Thanks for everything steph! You know how much we love yah! =)

  26. steppy!!!!!!!!!!!!! salamat sa award lalagay ko na sa blog ko hehehe pngatlong award ko na to for 2 years bwahahaha

    angk onti pero slamat slmat mwah

  27. nakilala ko ang site mo dahil kay kikilabotz. in-add na din kita sa FB at seriously, 'pag gising ko sa umaga ang nagpapatawa sa akin 'yung mga usapan niyo nina glentot, jepoy at ate ayie. haha! gusto ko nga ding sumali e kaya lang 'di ko kayo kaoras mag-ol sa FB. hehe.

    aliw na aliw ako sa comment ni glenn. hehe. haba!

  28. ooh aalis ka na pala.. i gonna miss you traveliztera....
    inggat ka dun ha...
    kaso video shy ako eh.. pude pic greeting na lang :D

  29. wow! congrats sa lahat. .Sana ako din next time lol well god luck sayo and welcome to the place called the land down under

  30. T_T salamat ng madami ate steph... natouch nman ako ng subra subra... palagi ka pong mag iingat kahit nasan ka man... :D

  31. dear traveliztera,
    una sa lahat wag k magpapaniwala sa iba n may hidden agenda ako. hahaha. specially to glentot. (gagu k glen! bwahaha). maraming salamat sa award na binigay. sobrang appreciate ko kasi lahat yata kmi ng nasa blogroll mo binigyan mo. hahahaha. pinapahaba ko lang ang comment ko baka kasi akin lang ang maikli. hehehe. pasensiya na pala at wrog spelling ako palage sa name mo dati. pasensiya na dati kasi akong jejemon. hehe.

    nga pala natanggap mo n ba yng pic greetings na pinadala ko na 3 days kong pinaghirapan gawin? hmmmmmmm.? malamang hindi pa kasi hindi ko pa ginagawa. ahahaha.


  32. What a nicely written post! You are so witty, funny and entertaining! And just glad to learn a little more about you! I adore your personality and you are such an easy going person! My fav!

    Secondly, thanks for the Award! This little award thing from you especially make my night even better and I couldn't help but smile smile smile reading what you've written about me! Heheh! Thank you again!

    Have an endless fun weekend! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  33. well hello there! :)
    thanks for all the nice things you said about me. :)

    you deserved the award, kaya i passed it on to you. :)

    i am looking forward to more posts!

    gros bisous!

  34. ayieee.. shocks ako! tnx nman idol steph :))
    ang saya kc isa ako sa unang bnigyan mo ng award ahihihihi.
    tnx much!

    bsta ung pix grit mo pinaghhndaan q e. wantz it 2 b bongga 4 u. char! ahahha

  35. haba nang post...but in fairness i read all of 'em.. medyo nakarelate don sa card thing... akoh den i'd rather receive a simple card from someone than an expensive gift... sarap lang kc galing sa puso... tapos handwritten pah... hangcute lang... katuwa naman kaadikan moh sa pixs...from six... nd ung pagsusulat moh nang stories... oh yeah singin' baka u can share it w/ u sometimes.. nd uhm... sooper close ka sa daddy moh noh... sa pagkuwento moh lang... so yah..... ano pa ba... ahhh aalis kah?... hmmm... so sige... ingatz ms. pretty traveliztera.. oh yeah malufet kah monthly kasama kah sa hot chicks ni kikilabotz... ibang level.. lol... ingatz... Godbless!

  36. daming award. at ang tindi ng mga comments dito sa travelizteras immigration area. Hope ma enjoy mo ang bago mong magiging tahanan.

  37. Oww.. Napaluha ako sa award, ito ang kauna-unahan kong blog award na natanggap ... I would like to thank my mom & dad for making me *speech? LOL.* Para namang habambuhay magpasawalang-hanggan amen ka mawawala sa blogworld niyan!! :D:D:D:D

    Pwede mo ba akong isama papuntang Australia?? Kahit isabit mo lang ako sa luggage mo, parang keychain lang.. Hahahaha..

  38. stephie!!!!! thank you!!!! natouch naman ako! thank you thank you! ngayon ko lang nakita! sorry!

    i miss you so much!!!

    ingat ka ah! sana natanggap mo yung pic greeting na pinadala ko!

    power hugs!

  39. hi steph...nahuli ata ako magcomment...ahahhaa

    ei salamat sa blog award....sobrang naapreciate ko kahit na 19 kopong kopong pa yung huling update ko sa blog..lolx...malamang lam mo na din nangyari lately kaya ndi nakakapagupdate...ahehehe...ingats ingats lagi...and padalan kita bday pic mo...basta pasalubong pagbalik mo ha..nyahahah

  40. Woah! Naiyak ako sa award kasi nakatanggap uli ako ng ganitong award hehehe...ingat ka sa pupuntahan mo mamimiss k nmin...isusunod ko na lng ang request mo hehehe...tenchu!!! congrats sa awards! iba na talaga ang celebrity naks!

  41. Wow naman! salamuch! napaliha ako ng islayt at natats! mga isang bucket! ehehehehhehe

  42. Hello Veliz!! Haha! suri naman ako lang ba tumatawag sayo ng Veliz?

    Salamat po sa award and ingat ka kung sang planeta ka man pupunta! haha!

    Keep in touch! :)


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