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Surprise me.
Surprise you.

How funny can sudden/unplanned meet-ups get? Honestly, I was surprised. It was just 1 week ago when I suddenly met some of you guys at MOA. Perfect timing all the time! I don't know why this keeps on happening to me. For the past few years of blogging, whenever I'm at a certain place, bloggers always seem to pop out of nowhere. Once again, they're like mushrooms!!! Haha!

This time, it's special. Ayiii tampurorot's gone (in English: kinda like "SULKING's gone"). 1 week ago, someone made tampurorot (someone was sulking) because Jepoy was trying to annoy him that he was able to meet me first and to think that Mr. Tampurorot was one of my first blogger friends and until now, we haven't really met and it's usually just the other bloggers who get to accidentally see me at certain places. How great can the consequences get? We were supposed to go to Serendra but it was raining hard so we decided to go to Greenbelt instead.

Look who I saw at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for the first time!! =p SURPRISE! YAY! (Thank goodness they were there because the barista was so slow in processing my order! I was able to hang out with them for some time and they distracted me from the dissatisfaction I was feeling towards the poor service. Haha!)


YAYYY with GasDude (Jepoy's on the phone)

Finally!!! 1 week ago, Jepoy was annoying you because we were able to meet (and to think that Jepoy and I have only known each other for almost a year compared to you who knew me longer.) Now's your turn! Gasdude just came from Singapore. We were friends even before he left the Philippines and we didn't even see each other before his departure. After 2 years, YAY! He was here for a short vacation. I think he's in Singapore now. Hurray for the unplanned meeting!!! THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME!

Oh yeah... He called JEPOY up to tease him. Muhahaha!  Get well soon Jepoy! You sounded sick (and you really were or still are...)

You  know the funny part? While I was lining up, I saw someone familiar ONCE AGAIN. It's GLENTOT! YOU AGAIN!?

I was like "WHY ARE YOU HERE!?" Hahaha! I was really confused because I know that he knows GASDUDE but the company that GASDUDE was with wasn't the same as the group that Glen's usually with and well, I didn't know that he didn't know that Gasdude was there! Seriously, I was confused and I'm sure CHIE (who was also lining up with me and was part of Gasdude's "company of the day") got MORE CONFUSED when I asked Glen the question. Chie was like "Why? Is he not supposed to be here?" Confusing. I know. I thought they knew each other! To make this simple: Glen didn't know that Gasdude was there. Glen was there to hang out with his own set of friends. When I visited the Greenies at their table, there was an extra seat and I even asked them "Is Glen gonna sit here?" I was confused that Glen was sitting somewhere else. OKAY. It turned out that Chie and Glen didn't know each other and I really thought that Glen was with the other present bloggers. OKAY CONFUSING. Haha!

Anyway, I literally just dropped by and was glad to surprise Gasdude. Haha! YAYYYY!!! JEPOY, ENVAYYY! :P  Bonus for me that Glen was there too and he accidentally saw me as well! He said he was supposed to be at SM Megamall but they ended up at that place as well. Yay for accidental meetings!!! :D This is really getting funnier! =))

GREENIES, I totally missed you guys. I'm so glad I saw you all once again after a very loooong time! Too bad Greenpinoy was not yet around when I dropped by. See you guys next time!!! Sudden sighting once again! Haha! I totally didn't see this coming. I'm surprised. YAY!

CHIE, be kind to your liver. =p Yay for the FAST JUICE! Thanks! *wink, wink* You're still tall. When are you gonna get short? Thanks for keeping it from Gasdude.
SHERWIN, LOLOOOO!!! *imaginary jump jump!* Thanks too! *wink, wink too* You're also tall. And you're still wearing your cap. Thank you as well for keeping it from Gasdude. :P
AYZ, the new "Steph"... Hahaha! What did your father say? Hahaha! When's our movie date??? :( Thanks to you and GREENPINOY btw for the info! 
ARHEY, gahhh YAYYYY! First time to meet you! :D Nice one! Funny because we were able to talk recently and then pooffff!!!  Yay!!!

Sherwin, Chie, and Arhey
Gasdude, Ayz, and Aaron haha!
CHIE! Stop drinking!
Lolo Sherwin and Lola! Sher, stop drinking!
"Baby Aaron"
I love you Ayz!!! :D
Woohoo! Hello Arhey! Hey, hey Arhey!
with Lolo Sherwin's awesome goatee!

 Axel, you're absent. Psh. Busy with your Marlboro stuff. Psh. Then you'll see me again via my friend. Haha!

ONCE AGAIN, if you guys see me somewhere, call my name outloud!!! :P Or tweet me!!! :)

Another awesome lady saw me at Greenbelt that same day too, but she didn't call my attention. =( Don't be afraid to pop out! I love surprises! Hihi!

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  1. Si glentot at ikaw MEANT TO BE jowk hehehe =)

  2. Jepoy - May sakit kasi e. hahaha! :P Okay lang yan Jeps... Nauna ka sa knya di ba? Haha!

    Kumagcow (haha un na tlaga ittwag ko syo :P ) - hahahahaha wag ka, may babaeng kasama yan nung nandun ako haha!

  3. walkout. bwhahahaha. nakas naman. dai mo nn blogger friends. sikat k n talga ^_^

  4. marv- peace tyo! makikita kita accidentally tulad din nilang lahat! lageng ganon nangyayari sa case ko e haha!!! the greenies are one of my first blogger friends :D

  5. JAG - feeling ko makikita rin kita biglaan parang si glen na literal NAGULAT AKO E hahaha! napa "BA'T ANDITO KA!?" ako e haha

  6. haha thats so cool !!

    all the bloggers that i follow are mainly from cali or overseas.. none from va..... boooo. looks like you had fun !!

  7. Saya naman...EB!!! Kelan kaya ako makakaattend ng ganyan... gusto rin kita mameet...

  8. oh nagkita kami ni glentot the same night and iba pang blogger hehe sayang medyo ginabi kase ako di tuloy kita nakita : )

  9. ano kaya kong makita kita dito sa abu dhabi.

    You're so famous.

  10. parang loveteam lang kayo ni glentot. choz! ahihihi :)

  11. bwahahaha. panget pang tsambahan lng. hahaha. aabutin yun ng million years. ^_^


  12. hahaha too funny for words! sobrang concidence and malamang wet na wet si Jepoy sa inggit kasi nagkasakit sya ahahaha.

    see you around!

  13. How cool, thanks for sharing the pictures!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  14. asteg naman mga meet ups na natityempuhan mo. :-) makakasalubong din kita one time. sana di ako mpasigaw ng, "uy, si travileztera!" or pwede rin. :-)

  15. Ahahahhahaha nice! puro na lang EB... lol... it's a miracle absent si Jepoy sa ganung pagtitipon... lol... at talagang pagtitipon ang ginamit... pwede namang

  16. wag ka pupunta dito ah, baka magkita din tayo! :D

  17. It'll be awesome if one day I'll just happen to be waiting in line in a coffee shop and you started walking in. That meant only one thing:

    hinde na ako purita at my pamasahe na ako pauwe!! haha

  18. Hahaha nakita ko din si Glentot! Hangkyotkyot! Gusto ko sanang itanong kung si KhiKhi 'yung ka-date niya. LOL!

  19. i love mark's face. panalo! ahahah

    aaron na aaron. miss you teppie :P

  20. looks like you had real fun! XD i'm really amazed how you (and most of the bloggers i follow) are able to make friends with so many bloggers online. hindi mo ako kilala, pero malamang makilala kita pag nakita kita in person, mag hi na lang ako, hehe. XD

  21. SIWING - Yeah it was fun even though I only had to drop by because I was with my family that night... Awww well I hope you get to meet bloggers from your area soon!!!

    Mokong - Onga e... Never pa ata ako naka-EB na nakapagstay talaga ako nang matagal... Once pa lang. Haha! Lage kasing coincidental na andun din ako sa mga oras na nag-eeb pala sila haha! Hope to meet you soon! :D

  22. Ahmer - Onga raw e...Sinabi sakin ni glen ...Nabasa ko rin twitter mo pagkauwi ko.Sayang naman...Next time... :)

    Diamond R - Malay mo magkakitaan tayo db hahaha! Ibang klase kasi e... Minsan nga may nakakakita rin sakin pag nasa airport ako e. Haha! O dba? Nakakatawa mga nangyayari sakin e... Laging accidental haha! Uy hnd ako sikat... :) Si Gas Dude ang sikat! Siya ang pinuntahan ng mga tao pagkauwi niya rito haahhaha!

  23. Nimmy - Chosss!!! May kasamang girl yan nung mga oras na yan hahahha!

    Kikilabotz - Tignan mo nga o, wala pang 1 week si GLEN NNAMAN NAKITA KO HAHAHHAHAHA!!!

  24. Glen - oo grabeng spontaneity ! katawa tlaga! Sayang wala si Jepoy! Bday pa naman niya. Palibre sana tayo nung kape. HAHA!

    Marie - Aww thank you! :)

  25. Eks - I'm sure magkakasalubong talaga tyo one of these days! Tgnan mo si Glen, wala pang 1 week since first time kong makilala, ayan na naman siya! sulpot! haha! Sigaw ka ng "Traveliztera" hahhaa! Ako nga kay kumagcow, "UY KUMAGCOW!" agad nasabi ko e hahahhahaha!

    Lord CM - Pupunta ako dyan! hahahha!

  26. EM - It's my dream to meet you! ;) AYUN O!!!!!!!!! hahahha! Suuuus alam ko naman andami mo nang naipon pero sinesave mo para sa en grandeng party mo for us! HAHAHAHA!!! Andami mong ililibre samin pag uwi mo hahaha!

    GASUL - oo nga raw e hahhaa! hindi nia alam na andun ka ! hahahhaha! sna tinanong mo wahhaha

  27. MIDNIGHT DRAYBER - kayo na dapat next na makita ko! Kayo ung isa sa mga madalas dito e hahahha!

    Ayz - panalo talaga si aaron!!! hahahhaa! ung isang pic ni mark parang aaron tlaga hahhaA! namiss kita ayzzz :(

  28. Yffar - aww thanks... we really had fun kahit sandali lang ako nappadpad ... parang anlakas ng bonding e... ung kelan lang nagkakakitaan pero parang close na agad. antindi talaga ng blogworld haha! now i know u na hahaha. I hope makita kita one of these days! :)

  29. naku girl, kelan naman kaya tayo magkakasalubong dito sa alabang?? =)

  30. buti pa ako lagi kitang nakikita! in my dreams! LOL....

    nakakatuwa naman.. Unexpected EB nice nice.... artista! pa-autograph naman.. heheh...

    have a nice day..

  31. Hahahaha! Ang cute. Parang serendipity. Naks! Hahaha :) In fairness, prepared ka, lage kang may dalang camera! Haha, pareho tayo! LOL!

  32. damid ami bloggers ah!! ay sana ako rin magkatime ng bongga para EB kasi nung first bloggers EB ko nabitin ako at sobrang nakakahiya naman yun hahaha....^^ enjoy

  33. ipon?haha ano yun?lol! wahaha pero sana manalo ako sa lotto para engrandeng EB talaga 'to! haha

  34. parang kabute lang na pakalat kalat ang mga bloggers - minsan sumusulpot ako sa trinoma or alabang town center hehehe - wala pa rin ako na me meet na bloggers sana soon, that would be fun!

  35. sayang, may lakad ako that day kaya di nakasama.nakita ko na rin sana ang mga pamosong bloggers ng pinas. :D

  36. Super fun pics! It looks like a crazy good day for all of you! And you definitely look gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful one, darl (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  37. haha, parang lahat ng bloggers laging asa MOA pag weekend a.

  38. GLENTOT, walang kakupas kupas! Heheh!

    Sino diyan sa GreenPinoy yung nakasalamin sa mga videos nila?

  39. wahhaha... inggit mode ako. huhuhuhu... sana sana na ko next time hehehe :D

  40. buti nakita ka ni gasul. napag-usapan ka namin nung saturdey. :P

  41. envy much..puro blogger meet ups ang lahat ng nasa blog list ko naku naman =((

  42. maganda rin and di planado minsan. alam ko na---text nalang kita bigla minsan. malay mo. magkalapit lang tayo ng area-i-stalk

  43. wawness...kita kita pala kayo..sana makasama ko rin kayo minsan..basta libre nyo ko..joke.^_^

  44. and i was there, too!

    napatumbling at umisplit dito kaya di na ako nakaalis at ni-follow na kita. :)

  45. Ahahaha.. eto pala yung special mention mo sakin.. lolz..

    Asan nga ba ko nung araw na yun.. Hmmm, I was with my family tapos nakatulog na ko sa bahay eh.. hehehe.. =P


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