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REV ABS Workout - My New Best Friend

Friday, October 08, 2010Traveliztera

My new workout buddy is MR. BRETT HOEBEL!

So far, I've worked out with Shaun T (Hip Hop Abs and INSANITY), Chalene Johnson (Turbo Jam), and Jillian Michaels (30-Day Shred).

The reason why I chose this is because I want to focus on toning my muscles more, especially my core. I know that people will tell me that I should try P90X,  but I'm saving that for later as I would like to try this one out first.

REV ABS aims to shed off fat while sculpting the whole body with extra attention to the core. It's much easier than SHAUN T's INSANITY, but you can feel the burn in this workout series. Actually, it's still up to you if you want to make it harder because you will be relying on dumbbells (and of course, you'll be choosing the weight which you can handle.) In the videos, I think they're using a pair of 15 lbs. Well, you can start off with a pair of 5 lbs. until you can handle the weight they're using. If you don't have dumbbells, they have a modified version of the workouts wherein the modifier's using resistance bands or none at all.

The whole program is longer compared to the other workouts I have tried. Usually, it only takes 1 month for one to finish a workout program, but this one will take you 90 days. Now, I might not be able to follow the whole program, but I'll try.

The package comes with a Nutrition Plan that will help in giving you optimal results. It has a 14-day Jump Start Menu and a 90-Day Menu. I tried following the 14-day Jump Start Plan, but due to certain events, I was only able to finish 1 week of it. The result? I lost 5 lbs. within 8 days, but of course I did the diet with the workouts and all. The jump start plan's actually focused on getting more protein into your body. In other words: low carbs-high protein! NO starvation involved so you'll be fine.

Just a quick overview regarding this program :
The Phase 1 workouts (first 45 days) are:
Abcentrics/ How to do Capoeira 
Fire Up Your Abs  
Power Intervals 
Total Strength 
Mercy Abs 
The Phase 2 workouts (last 45 days) are:
Fat-Burning Abs 
Strength and Endurance  
Power Intervals 2
Rev It Up Cardio
Merciless Abs 

REV ABS attacks the abs from all angles. People who have used this really felt sore in the core area, which means that everything has been targeted well. I am already doing week 2 of Phase 1 and let me tell you, the BODY PAIN during WEEK 1 was worth it! It makes me feel victorious now because this means I have been doing the workout well! And guess what? I took photos last week and awhile ago to compare and see my progress. My abs had been more prominent! I am extremely happy because I've never seen them that way before! How motivating is that??? Seriously, I was about to give up working out awhile ago, but then I saw the pics and I was like "Woah. The results are so fast!" I did get cuts and fast results in the 30-Day Shred, but I need to change my workout and I want to focus more on my abs this time, so I'm with Brett right now.

 You can order this via =)

There are no shortcuts, only serious dedication for long-term results. I'm totally excited! =D

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  1. gusto ko mang itry pero madali ako bumigay sa tukso ng katamaran at madaling akitin ng pagkain..i admire ur discipline and dedication.hahahaha!

  2. I'm jealous how you can buy these stuff and use it at home! you know that I live in an apartment so I can't really do any jump and down exercises except for sit ups. =)) I'm trying to do the exercise ball right now. :D it's good for the core as well, balance and posture.

  3. Awww... will this be another thing on my wish list? I still haven't found myself a copy of Jillian Michaels' video!

  4. Hmm..everybody seems to be so much into "insane"workouts. And all ppl i know had tried it says it really works. So its about time for me to ditch my t-meal and crosstrainer and buy some dvd:s? Maybe, but no way ill give up my yoga;)

  5. Oh wow, I want to try this! I need to work on my abs in a major way!

    I'm a new follower and I love your blog!



  6. I envy how dedicated you are with the whole workout schedule! I wish I could drag my lazy arse for at least twice a week or something but I fail terribly! Discipline and dedication are definitely playing the biggest part, I couldn't even stick to my food consumption schedule LOL shame on me!

    Have a fabulous one! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  7. i need this one, I just bought recently an abs cruncher. but i'm not really satisfied. I want something that really works and will give pain on the abs area
    by the way i adeed you in my link hope you add me too here for easy access . happy blogging

  8. astig tong RevAbs :) gusto ko ung sinabi nia na "don't think of the end results, just enjoy the process" dun ako namotivate :D paborito ko ung dumbbell jackknife! :D

  9. Hello there!

    I'm a new visitor to your blog and I'm so glad to have come across it. I've been on a losing battle with my weight for years now. Anyway, your blog is inspiring. You're right, good old proper and diet and exercise nga lang talaga.

    Good luck and God bless!

  10. RevAbs is a fantastic program! I worked out with Brett Hoebel (creator of RevAbs) as well 50+ other people at the Team Beachbody Coach Summit in 2010. I'm doing the program again now, and going Full Throttle with it. If you need help, send me a message. I'll help you for free.

    Team Beachbody Coach

  11. I like your blog post about RevAbs! I've used it, and I've worked out with Brett Hoebel and about 50 other people at the Team Beachbody Coach Summit in 2010. It's a great program, and I'm doing it again. If you need help, send me a message. I'll be happy to help.


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