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I LOVE PINOY FILMS. This fact is a shock to those who don't know me. Yes, I've been watching them since I was a kid. May it be horror, action (go CESAR MONTANO!), comedy, drama, or romance, I'LL DEFINITELY WATCH IT. I still remember CINEMA ONE used to be "PINOY BLOCKBUSTER CHANNEL". I actually prefer the old Filipino films. Some think it's "baduy" to watch FILIPINO FILMS, especially the 90s selection, but for me, THEY'RE SOOOOO EPIC & ENTERTAINING!  (That's the reason why I chose Jeremiah's "NANGHIHINAYANG" as the song in my music video. It's the song in MARVIN & JOLINA's movie called "LABS KITA... OKEY KA LANG?")

So far, I've been unconsciously making entries regarding this topic through my random cinema one rants in all the social networking sites I've joined and I think they deserve to be compiled in an organized manner--THROUGH MY BLOG! 

When my friends see me, I always get this: "You were watching CINEMA ONE the whole day again, weren't you?" and I'm like "Why?" and they're like "You've been flooding us with your PINOY FILM lines!" ... Yeah. Time to flood the BLOGGER WORLD!

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  1. I love watching old school pinoy comedy flicks like those in the 80's. Nothing beats slapstick and corny humour in old school flicks. :P

  2. May naalala ako sa kantang yan... "Nanghihinayang"


  3. HAhaha tagal na nyan movie na yan ah, Jolina-Marvin team up movie. Hehehe masarap din kasi manood ng lumang pinoy movies, yan nag kapanahunan ko. Buhay pa yata ang Ang TV nyan. hehe

  4. weeeeee!!!! i LURVE pinoy movies too!!! hahaha! mapa-old or new! mas mauunang panoorin ko pa yun sa cinema before ang iba! kaya walang gustong sumama saken manood ng sine! hehe..

    may memory gap ako sa titles pero pag nakita ko na yung movie, marerealize ko nalang napanood ko na pala yon! lol!

    apir sa cinema one!!!!! =D

    word verif: matetiz (lol)

  5. whaha.. iba talaga ang 90's movie na drama at horror at fantasy heheh :D

  6. "one more chance"! :-) i and my college buddies sometimes rent a place just to watch FPJ films. :-) marathon!

  7. I actually love watching Pinoy films as well, I'm just not ballsy enuf to admit coz I don't want to get teased for being so jologs. =))

    but I never liked Jolina-Marvin or was never a fan of loveteams in general. Pinoy movies are great, but sadly, these days, it feels like the talent for writing is gone. Remakes. it's becoming repetitive, just changing the character's names, but storyline wise?blaah, we've seen it all.

    Since we're talking about classic Pinoy films, I'd say "Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang" was a masterpiece. Def my favourite classic film! We need more Lino Brocka these days.

    and oh, who'll ever forget the era where singing & dancing was part of the movie? haha an action movie, yet there will be a beach scene with the bida's singing & dancing. haha

  8. hindi ka nag iisa, i even watch those sampaguita pictures. Promise! and I never get tired watching them wag lang whole day ha. Pero I do watch Pinoy films.

    Cheers to us! Minsan nood tayo megamall tumakas ka na bilis!!!! I'll treat you popcorn and coke hihihi

  9. PAMMY - hahahha I agree!!! :D

    MARCOPAOLO - awww

  10. watch Do-Re-Mi and kadenang bulaklak. :)

  11. 90's Pinoy films?? Spare me please. I wasn't even born yet..

  12. basta marvin talga mga pogi. bwahahahahaha..

    minsan lang ako manood ng pinoy movies. pero nageenjoy pa rin nmn ako. ^_^


  13. mga pinoy action movies ang gusto kong panoodin. Cesar Montano, Robin, Victor Neri. Basta mga badboys. Maangas din kasi ako tulad nila e. =P

  14. MOKONG - hahahha ANG TV PANALO!!! :D masarap nga talaga pang-chillax mga old filipino movies :D

    ATE ROSE - apiiiiiiiiiir!!! kahit sabihin nilang baduy, sa loob-loob nila GUSTO PA RIN NILA YUN!HAHAHA! ako rin e... mnsan tlg d ko alam title pero alam ko ung movie na un! haha! nahahalo ko kasi lalo na ung mga SONGS ung title haha!

  15. axl - love ko okay ka fairy ko! hahhaa!

    eks - walang kamatayang lloydie! hahahhaa

  16. EM - actually, that's the reason why i'm making a category for pinoy films... hahaha! i remember creating a thread in one forum back then to enumerate the things that distinguish a pinoy film from foreign films which include the song & dance numbers and the like ! hahahahhaa ! panalo lage e!!! i like classic films too and sometimes, nakakalungkot na yung remakes, medyo, hay. iba talaga classics! :)

    jepoy - natawa ako sa comment mo! hahaha! payag ako bsta protein bar kakainin mo :P

  17. Wala kaming cinema one. Yun lang. Haha.

  18. I'm a sucker for Pinoy films as well, specially those slapstick comedies. Nakakamiss dati sa ABS-CBN meron laging pinapalabas around 2 or 3PM nabili na kaagad ako ng chips at coke. LOL

  19. I agree with Do-Re-Mi and Kadenang bulaklak :D I also loved those and action movies from Victor Neri :D weeh one of my showbz crushes.

    the singing & dancing scenes haha FTW! do a blog about it! I know it'll be funny remembering those era haha

    - the movie with Vic yung my labandera?did you see that movie?Vic & Dina ata yun e haha

    - yung movie nila Ogie Alcasid haha

    - Vina Morales

  20. Ahhh hindi tayo pwede magsabay mabnood ng Tagalog movies, baka awayin mo ako sa dami ng comments ko ahahahaha... well to each his own, kanya kanyang trip lang yan...

    Pangarap kong maging movie director para mabago ang perception ng tao sa Philippine cinema.

  21. Refreshing to know that a "thotyal" like you would be so jologs at the same time, lol. I am now an even bigger fan of yours.

    Cheesiest Pinoy movie I watched was "Love to Love" starring Romnick Sarmenta and Sheryl Cruz. College GF forced me to it. Haha. She had this biggest crush on Romnick. Good thing I kinda look like Romnick, if you squint your eyes real hard -- enough that it blurs your vision.

    Funniest movie is "Si Tarzan at si Tansan" starring Dolphy and Vic Vargas, with Chichay and Panchito. I saw this movie again on ABC5 (before if became TV5), it was already missing some sequences, I think is ruined. I hope they were able to save one master-copy. This one is a classic.

  22. the problem with pinoy movies is that they're too formulaic. they don't let their audiences think and they stick with tried-and-tested cliches. i believe we, pinoys, are smart to be just holed up in such stereotyped box.

    don't get me wrong though. there are a lot of pinoy movies out there which are just darn good albeit commercially unsuccessful. unfortunately, these minority tend to be the exemption, rather than the rule.

    but hey, to each his own and definitely, there is no accounting for taste. so here's some cheers to pinoy movies! :D

  23. lately naaaliw ako sa pinoy films sa studio 23 pati sa abs tuwing hapon. Nakakaaliw pagmasdan ang may kalumaang pelikula. :D

  24. Gusto ko din mga Pinoy films. Movies ni Sharon at Regine ang paborito ko. Hehe. :D

  25. Hey there!

    Ewan ko, pero andaming movies ngayon na lumalabas na puro cliche lang, walang originality. Parang alam mo na yung kung anong magiging ending, ganon. Yun nga lang, entertaining. Pero yun lang.

    Hahaha napanuod ko yan. Ang ultimate Rom-com ko ay Got To Believe at Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita, both starring Rico and Claudine! Kaloka.

    Kulit ng tandem nyan ni Marvin at Jolina. Favorite ko 'Hey,Babe!' :)

  26. @MarcoPaolo i loved that song... hehe "Nanghihinayang...

    Me naman i love Korean movies... hehehe... just saying...


    Paki-Follow and Add me na lang sa Blog List nyo... ill follow back... :)

  27. dito sa UAE yan lagi cinema 1 ang laging nakasalang. mga vilma, maricel soriano, nora aunor. paulit ulit lang.

    ngayon ko lang sila napapanood.
    mas magagaling sila compare sa ngayon. classic ang mga movie malalim ang mga kwento.

  28. I love watching movies din, pero mas like ko mag watch ng old tagalog movies--yung mga panahon pa ni Dolphy at Nida Blanca.

    Pero isang tagalog movie lang ang sobrang memorable para sa akin--yung "Magnifico'.

    Tulo ang luha at uhog ko, feeling nakipaglibing ako, super drama talaga.


  29. We have many great, classic Filipino films; Lino Brocka's, for example. But sad to say, most of the movies (not films, mind. I think they're different in level of quality) being produced nowadays are purely schlock, have many loopholes and perpetrates idiocy.

    Hooray still to the Filipino Industry! XD Let's hope new breeds of real-talented film and visual artists appear soon and save the declining local film industry.

  30. nanonood din ako ng pinoy movies lalo na yung comedy tapos si eugene domigo pa ang bida, ohlala. isali mo pa ang mga indie films... at sa totoo lang ewan ko pero enjoy na enjoy ako sa mga movie na pinagbibidahan ni vic at joey!

  31. I'm also fond of watching tagalog films...lalo na yung 90's na may sayaw sayaw pa sa lively sing a song with matching two piece at kung anik anik na suot sa

  32. hate ko dati ang tagalog Movies--panu naman nakaka-umay---sa hometown ko na walang cablen kasi mabundok---puro mga sinaunang pelikuala sa free tv ang kinalakihan ko---until dumating ang STAR CINEMA sa buhay ko---and I looooveee star cinema. buti nalang. kundi nawala na nang tuluyan faith ko sa Pinoy films....

  33. waaahhh.. I really love tagalog movies..
    ay, yung GF ko pala ang mahilig.. pero nahilig na din ako.. hahaha, excited na ko sa mga ipopost mo.. for sure madami ang makakarelate dito. :)

  34. ahahha, i love watching pinoy movies too! and those movie lines na kakakilig

  35. ang cute naman ng site mo.. :-)

  36. i remembr d song nanghihinayang.kc it my first song sa 1rst bf ko! nyahahha

  37. one more chance..... tsk hahaha
    marami namang magandang pinoy movies e. ewan ko lang kung anong nangyayari ngaun sa mga movies natin haha.

  38. naaalala ko pa, halos masaulo ko ang buong movie na to, haha!
    pinapanood ko pa rin kapag naabutan sa cinema one.

    i love Pinoy movies!

  39. i'm also fond of wtching old filipno/tgalog films...pero dpnde sa story.pti Nora Aunor na from rags to riches lagi story pinapanood ko.hahaha!aliw e


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