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Monday, October 04, 2010Traveliztera

Yahooo for you boy! :P 

I must admit, you have been lined up for this feature thing for a long time now, JEPOY. You're actually included in my TOP 5 wherein each had already been assigned to his/her respective month. When you were joking about you hoping to become my featured blogger last time, I was like "OOOOH, if only you knew. Hmmm... Maybe I should forget about giving this dude an award then." HAHAHA just kidding! :P You totally deserve this! :)


I have been around the blog world for a long time now and have undergone different blog hosts (so? haha! I just wanted to say that 'cos I'm weird like Jepoy who inserts whatsoevers in his entries haha! This is a nice intro then, right? =p ). I was about to give up blogging (exagggg!!!!!!!!!!! haha!) when I stumbled upon this dude's blog last year. He was just starting back then, but I felt he was going to have many readers in due time. His style was definitely humorous and interesting that it got me going to keep up with blogging (once again: exagggggggggg! hahaha joke lang Jepoy! ;) ). Well, I went on a hiatus for a few months, and when I came back and checked his page--WOAHHHHHHHH! My prediction was right! He was definitely a successful blogger!!! I was sooooo proud of him because I can still remember his first few rants wherein he was saying that he wants to be just like his idols in the blogosphere. Jepoy, look at yourself! LOOK AT YOURSELF!!! You can't? Go get a mirror! NOW NA! Hehe! You're very successful and you're one of the IDOLS now! I'm proud of you. :)

 Jepoy, who just has this natural and infectious energy which inspires and keeps people going, actually makes me go "Okay, I'm definitely feeling awesome now!" upon reading his blog (especially when I'm low in energy or just... weird? LOL! )

Anyway, I'm sure his nose is bleeding right now as his entries are usually in Filipino. Once he starts blogging in English, ohhh for sure, that entry's gonna be SERIOUS--not! Haha! He's one of the funniest people in the blog world and despite his weird and crazy rants, this dude has a pure heart (ayiii!). He also loves to treat people at food places. So if you're hungry, go find Jepoy! Hahhahaha just kiddin'! 

You guys should check his blog out! If you're down, you'll definitely feel better once you're done reading his entries. His craziness is infectious!!! Resident EVIIIILLL! Okay, see? I'm goin' crazy right  now. I'm not my usual formal blogger self. HAHA! THIS IS JEPOY WE'RE TALKING ABOUT! COME ON! Formality is not invited! WOOHOO!

CONGRATULATIONS! Keep making us laugh, Jepoy! :D


No, I didn't choose him because it's his birthday...No! For real, no... !!!
Hahaha! Defensive!

Just kiddin' Jepoy! No, seriously, I chose him because he deserves to be recognized. :)

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  1. OMG!!!! *hugs*..*Smack*..*Speechless*..*teary eyed*..

    Thanks Stephy! im so touched immana kiss you hihihihi

  2. congrats.

    deserving talaga at dapat i-clap-clap.

    mahusay sa pagbibigay aliw sa readers. :D

  3. Em - Yeah congrats to Jepito! :D

    Jepoy - hahahaa u deserve it ;D you're welcome!

    khantotantra - clap clap!!! :D

  4. He deserves this award hehehe...Congee to him...hehehe...

  5. @Traveliztera: Nice one, may award award ka na rin.

    @Jepoy: wow! congrats jepoy!

  6. Ikaw na... Ikaw na... paulit ulet heheh

    Si Jepoy serious kaya yan...joke! hehe

  7. Hehehe funny post.:)

    Thank you so much for following me :D

  8. Wohoo! way to go Jepoy! heheheheheehehe

    word verification: catorpi ('catorpi' naman ni Jepoy kung di ka niya kidding! yeah it's

  9. LOL LOL LOL I don't know what to say. Very entertaining writing.

    Have a lovely one, darl (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  10. ay kilala ko siya nameet ko na siya in lang...^^

  11. ay kilala ko siya nameet ko na siya in lang...^^

  12. Aba aba aba! I can smell something fishy is that you Jepoy ahahahaha. Tinakot ka ba nya para gawin syang blogger of the month?

    Kilala ko yan si Jepoy masama ugali nyan kaya ko sya kasundo that's all thanks!!!!!!!


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