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Tuesday, October 12, 2010Traveliztera

10.10.10 SM Mall of Asia

Everyone's running for Pasig River (there was a running event that was meant for saving the said famous river), and though I want to, I had to pick up some of my cousins at the airport and from there, we went to MOA (Mall of Asia). 

I saw SOOOOO many of my friends, former classmates, and professors--LITERALLY LIKE MUSHROOMS (because they were popping out at places where I happened to have been passing by... Does that mean I can cause fungus to grow wherever I go? LOL. OK corny. Let me be. It's early in the morning and I'm blogging. =p) Actually, that's not surprising because there was a huge event taking place that time at that place (and everyone wanted to be part of it), but it's a huge thing for me since I live so far from the metro and it's rare for me to be able to hang out with my former classmates and friends after we moved to this faraway land last year. Yeah, I'm an elf princess and Legolas brought me here and I have the power to cause fungus growth because hobbits love mushrooms... andddd now I'm weird. Anywayyyy, since I'm blogging right now and most of my readers are bloggers as well, I'd looooooooove to share the fact that I was able to "meet and greet" (wow, celebrities! haha!) some of the most known bloggers in the BLOGOSPHERE! Woot woot! 

EM, I do wear glasses when I'm outside because I literally have a blurred vision. Then remember, we were still talking at around 4:30am that day? Yeahhhh... I woke up around 5:30am and tweeted you again. HAHA! And yay, double blurry vision for me!  :D LOL that you're really shocked that I wear glasses. Don't like contacts. Scurreh. (And oh yeah, I was teasing u to Jag. NYAHAHAHA! :P )

Hiya celebrities of the internet! Can I borrow the pics you took? Haha! THANKS!

with Jag & Jepoy Birthdayboi

with Jag Kaleidoscope, John Lloyd Xprosaic, Kumagcow John (sorry for blurting out "KUMAGCOW!" haha!), Rico  Buko, Glentot Wickedmouth, and Ollie Oliver

WITH MY BLOGGER OF THE MONTH JEPOY! hahaha! I wasn't able attend the "FREE DINNER BY JEPOY" event...  :( HAHA! SAYAAAANG! I even said that in my post about Jepoy. GRRR. Lagot tayo kay GASDUDE haha!

Yay group pic! :D Look for John Lloyd! Glen, what's your prob? 

with Anna

Once again, the bday boy who did not even treat me to a free something. :P Haha just kidding Jepoy. Meeting my blogger of the month is already enough. HAHA! IDOL! :P (Btw, I am a huge fan of coffee buns and it sucks that you didn't buy us some. MUHAHAHHAHAHAHA just kidding Jepoy!) HAPPY BDAY!!! :D

It's just sad that I wasn't able to see the other bloggers and I was also looking forward to seeing Anna (but she had work so she ran late.)

I wasn't able to stay with them since I was with my cousins, so I'm sad that I wasn't even able to celebrate Jepoy's bday with them :( (and to also get my prize for making him my FEATURE OF THE MONTH. muhahahhaha just kidding ;)  Well, what can I say? Read my FEATURE OF THE MONTH post about JEPOY. Highlight "FREE FOOD". HAHAHAHAHA! This guy is uber rich. Garrrr. Haha! ) But seriously, it's okay. Seeing you and the other bloggers was definitely the greatest prize for me. Treasuring that moment now. Yay! (Can you see I'm hyper? Haha!)

I think it was a sudden meet-up since Xprosaic (John Lloyd) just arrived from his shooting in Davao, so he wants to say sorry to everyone who wasn't able to come. There's always a next time--after shooting IMORTAL. Muhahaha!

Kumagcow John - I am sorry for saying "KUMAGCOW!" upon seeing you. I was just amazed that I finally had the chance to see you in person! You look like this certain celebrity and I'll try to remember his name. I'll let you know once I remember. Hehe! Hurray for Ilonggos! I didn't know you were one! :( Thanks Ate Leah for letting me know though. Haha!

Oliver - I didn't know that you were the owner of the blog I was able to visit a few weeks ago! I just realized that now so I'm glad to have really met you as well!  :D It's cool that you're actually someone who has authored a blog which I've already visited before.

Glen - Wow! It's Ouija dude!!! The biggest fan of the Ouija movie thing. Darnnn it. I heard you guys watched another horror movie that day. Being a fan of your movie reviews, it would have been epic to see you making fun of the movies live in person. :P Sayang!!! =( Oh well... At least I was able to read your review in your blog. Hahaha laughtrip. :P I bet you and Jepoy totally had fun making fun of a fun fun movie. Haha! :P

Rico - Upon seeing your blog yesterday, I saw that I made a comment on one of your posts a few days ago! So you're that dude pala! Hey, I'm wishing you all the best in your exams and your future plans. Like with Oliver, I'm happy to have met someone whose blog I was able to visit before. :)

Xprosaic - Mr. John Lloyd. Thanks for organizing this and how great can coincidences get because I happened to have been within the area as well! Yay! I was recently commenting on the pages of the bloggers who met up last month (YEAH, MR. JEPOY WAS THERE AS USUAL! HAHA BITTER!) and I was wishing to at least meet my followed bloggers in person as well-- then tadahhh! Instant wish gratification! Thank goodness you guys were there too! Too bad that not everyone was able to rob Jepoy  celebrate Jepoy's bday and have a "meet and greet John Lloyd" session with you. =p

Jag - I was surprised that you were already the one beside me! Seriously, I wanted to say this "blogger" joke: "Hanggang sa totoong buhay magpapaka-anonymous ka pa rin ba by wearing shades? (Even in real life, you're still gonna be anonymous by wearing shades?)" But I felt it was corny and I know you've already shown your face in your posts so I had to save my sane reputation. Haha! Sorry I had to punch you when I left... It's my way of saying hello or bye. Haha! That almost got me kicked out of an amusement park before because I playfully nudged a mascot to say "hello". Traumatized. Hahaha! Just kidding. Nice meeting you. :) Kamukha mo nga pala friend ko. :)

That's all. Those are the only bloggers I met.


HAHAHA just kidding Jepoy! :P
Jepoy - One word: "HONNNKULET!" Hahaha! Thanks for the warm welcome!!! :D You're 100000000000x to the infinity and beyond FUNNIER and LOUDER in person haha! I'm so glad I was able to meet MY BLOGGER OF THE MONTH. HAHA! Sorry I wasn't able to stay long enough to even get a free dinner celebrate your bday with you guys, but those few minutes = EPIC LAUGHTRIP. You're the new BOY ABUNDA na. Haha! Lagot ka kay GASDUDE! :P Oh man, I should have given you curry cubes as a gift pala noh? I have some here that are not yet opened. I should have brought that as a gift GRRRR! But it's cool because you were hyper like me and to think we only had a few hours of sleep (or minutes? hahaha!) Thank you. :) 

 Okay, Gasdude's gonna get mad. Haha! SHOUTOUT TO GASDUDE! :P We'll see each other soon oki? :) By the way, Gasdude is one of the first "BLOGSPOT" bloggers I've become friends with. I think it was in 2008? He was even the first one to have been able to talk to me via phone. Sadly, almost all of the bloggers that time have already met me (most of the time, they just see me accidentally at some malls) and it's sad that up to now, I haven't seen him in person--everrrr. Haha! So, I hope to accidentally see you somewhere like in Singapore? Haha! :P

Next time, I hope to see more of you guys outside the net world. If you see me somewhere (with my Legolas and making fungus grow everywhere), don't hesitate to call me out loud or suddenly jump out of nowhere (like what the former bloggers do whenever they see me.) Just say "MRS. BLOOM" and I'll definitely notice you. Muhahaha! Just kidding. 

It was nice meeting all of you. :)

I will blog hop a.s.a.p. :) My cousins are still here so I can't go online that much. Hugs!!! :D

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  1. Wow! astig eh naks naman ang pretty mo naman jan. Kaw lang pala ang girl. hehehe.. :) Ano ba yan? gawing habit na yang Bloggers gathering na yan. Sana makasama kami yay! :)

  2. EMOTERA, thank you... :) Dalawa kaming girls haha! Medyo na-late lang si Anna hehe! :D Onga e sana habit na hehe para super saya na! :D

  3. dapat anjan din ako eh, na-late lang talaga ako ng dating lolzz

    sana minsan makasama rin ako :)

  4. Hangsaya naman.... oppsss first time ko palang magcomment pero matagal na me nagbabasa!..

    thanks sa pagdalaw sa lungga ko miss traveliztera... aylabet! :D

    Enjoy na enjoy ang Grand bloggers' Meet up!! thanks for the share!

  5. natawa ako sa kwento mo na napasabi ka ng kumagcow ng makita mo owner ng blog na kumagcow. Sabagay, the name of the blog ay kadikit ng blogger. :D

  6. Weeehh.. natuloy din toh sa wakas.. sayang naman at akala ko ay hindi seryoso si rico ng banggitin nya sakin toh. haayayy.. btw, madami pa naman next time :)

  7. its no big deal to call me kumagcow madami naman tumatawag sakeng kumag eh hehe XD but it really was nice meeting you steph... let's do that again sometime soon... okies? =)

  8. Hahaha natawa naman ako dun sa paglimot joke mo kay Jepoy hahaha...Kumagcow looks John Regala i guess? hehehe...Baka yung kaibigan mo ang siyang nawawala kong kapatid? LOL. Maraming salamat Steph for spending ur little time with us...Nung dumating ka ay biglang nagkaroon ng talk show hahaha...ganyan din kasi ang close friends ko na girls mahilig din manapak sa akin hahaha kaya sanay na ako LOL...

    Thank you! thank you! thank you!

    @ Em - Dalawin mo kasi kami dito hehehe...

  9. Sounds like a great time!:D

    You looked really cute, thanks for sharing these pictures!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  10. haha I remembered you told me before that you've got no perfect eyesight, I guess I wasn't just expecting to see you wearing glasses that day. =))

    duurrrr haha pag wala din ako tulog 100000000000 times mas malabo mata ko =)) gaano kataas prescription mo? ako naman I prefer wearing contacts but since mas madalas ako puyat, glasses ako ngaun haha

    at my tukso factor?lol! punta ka d2 saken, EB tau haha

  11. I was there at MOA too. Yes, I ran the 10K :)

    It is real nice to meet and greet bloggers! Hope I could be part of it next time :D

  12. time will come. makaka attend din me ng bloggers gathering na yan.
    for the meantime visit visti at comment comment muna

  13. Astig! Wish I could see some people from the blogosphere. But, that said, I rather be "anonymously craved for". LOL, *ano iyon?* :D

  14. You're so lucky to be able to meet with so many ppl! I wish I had more bloggers closer to where I live lol

  15. Sayang I wasn't able to come. Ininvite ako ni Ate Anna. Sana nagkita tayo. :) Anyway, may next time pa naman. :)

  16. sabi ko na ikaw ung nakita ko sa FB wall ni jepoy at kumag eh. :D

  17. anong kaguluhan itooooooo!! waaaaaaahhhh!! inuulit ko anung kaguluhan ito... gusto ko rin magpapicture sayo. waaaaaaaahhh.. inggitan ba ito. hahahaha.

  18. Puro pampainggit yung post nyong lahat. Haha. Parang ansaya saya nyo. E di sige. Kayo na lang friend. Haha.

  19. wtf!!!! para akong mongoloaid sa isang pict! I heyreeeeet! Si lloydie ang nanlibre hindi ako sus!

    Bitin ang eb natin nag mamadali ka kasi hmp!

    ikaw kaya moyomon, sinu ba mag aaral sa oztraliaaaaaaaaa?! Hongyomon!!!!

    Wala man lang gift!!!

  20. Hoy Steph! Hindi ako papayag na hindi ka magpakita sa 'kin pag-uwi ko! Tapos kelangan mag-take tayo ng madaming-madaming pictures tapos magrecord tayo ng madaming-madaming kanta. LOL

    Tapos hindi kasama si Jepoy!!! (Joke lang. Ipagda-drive ako niyan papuntang South eh. Haha.)

  21. lalong lumitaw ang kagandahan ni traveliztera. :-)

  22. hello!
    it was nice meeting you too! totoo palang nakakastarstruck ka gaya ng kwento ni pareng jepoy, haha.
    maraming salamat pala sa pagspend ng time with us. sana sa susunod mas matagal para mas matagal kwentuhan. =p
    til next time!

  23. Sounds like a good time and you got some fabulous pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  24. saya! i hope makauwi ako sa christmas para sa engrandeng meet the bloggers =)

  25. I love meeting up with different bloggers. I do hope you and I could meet soon, too.

  26. It was great meeting you!!! And no i don't have a problem when that pic was taken hahahaha... Yeah we should all watch a stupid movie one time and we can all make fun of it and write raving reviews...

  27. Great post!

  28. Ahahahahahha adik! UU nga ang yoomoon yoomoon ni Jepoy! treat niya kami... sayang umalis ka kasi agad... saka instant talk show agad with Jepoy and you tapos kami ang audience at si jag ang segment

  29. wow.. meet up? nice naman..inggit ako..

  30. galing galing naman stephie. eh sana mameet din kita no. sa mall din? hahaha :P

  31. hello girl, sayang hindi tayo nagkita. =) may next time pa naman!

  32. Awhhh such a fun day! You look so pretty with those glasses!

    Have a super lovely one, darl (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  33. whhat... sayang di ako nakasama huhu.. bawi na lang ako next time :D

  34. 3 days nakong naiinggit! Hihihi.. That night palang ata, nagpost na si X ng pictures nyo.. Sumunod si Joh of Kumagcow, then Jepoy.. teh eto. Waaahhh!!! Inggit much me.

    Hopefully next year, makapunta nako ng Manila at makadalo nako sa EB (Eat Bulaga?) Hehehe...

    Ang ganda ni Steph. Hay nakow.. Nagiging lesb na yata me. Harharhar!! Joke.

  35. steph..nag aanounce naman yan kung nasaan siya ee..:D:P
    @axel.. oo iba talaga pag sikat...akalain mo pati si orlando broom..:D:P
    @gasdude..kaw n lang pala di ko nakikita..:D

  36. ang bongga! ng:

    unang-unang: ng buhok mo ateh! ailavet!ako din bata pa lang akong munti eh forever dream ko na magkaroon ng cute curls. i-print ko nga picture mo ateh at ipakita sa salon. hehe. joke, di na po ako pwede magpa-curl, t-e-r-a-t-o-g-e-n-i-c!

    2. may mga cute pa lang bloggers...had i known earlier, sa kanila na lang sana ako namili ng sperm donor. haha. joke, pero wagi kayo! malapit na ata akong mainlab kay GLENTOT! haha. shempre joke 'to ulet.

    3. ang iyong blog ateh! bonggadera! mapapadalas ang pagbisita ko dito. :)


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