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Curly Hair Concerns

Wednesday, October 13, 2010Traveliztera


Curls, curls, curls! They're dangerous! Haha! When I was a child, I had a really perfect straight hair. I was even offered a Rejoice commercial while I was walking at the mall with my mom, but since my school doesn't allow such activities, we declined. I was 7 years old when that happened. I don't know what happened but probably my hair got mad for refusing its opportunity to shine because when I was 8, my hair started to become curly. HAHAHAHA! My mom has a really curly hair so it's not surprising (but why did it only come out after declining the offer? wahahhaha!) Anyway, when I entered highschool, I started rebonding my hair and for 8 years (yep, until college), I went on with the routine since you know how weird the look becomes after the original hair grows again and you have this perfect straight hair after the original part. I didn't want to do that anymore and decided to end the cycle by having my rebonded hair permed so that when the original part of my hair grows, everything's balanced already--I'm completely curly. And oh yeah, curls are no longer discriminated these days.

Wanna see photos of my hair evolution? Check out my post about my hair:

I just wanted to share that because someone messaged me something about hair concerns:

"hey steph! blog something about hair products. i'm finding it hard to tame my curly hair huhu.

i'm so envious of your hair, love the curls lalo na yung bagsak [especially the way it bounces (thanks Em for the term) ]

i need to find something na, it has been months, hindi pa rin ako nakakahanap ng pwede kong magamit [i need to find something, it has been months, but i still can't find anything that i can use ] (the problem is, tumutubo na yung dati kong buhok huhu[the problem is, my original hair is already growing huhu] ), kaya ba pangit yung sakin kasi pinakulot ko lang? :(( haha [is it ugly just because i only had it permed? :(( haha]

anyway, if i may ask, what do you use pala?

finesse kasi gamit ko, yung curl defining. [i used finesse]
do you also blow-dry it or something?

ayun, thanks steph. love your blog, also mshypersinger haha cute :)

Hiya apple! I love your curls by the way! I didn't know you were having problems with it... =\ I hope this post helps you out...

I was able to use FINESSE back then too! I also like VO5 Extreme Mousse Curvaceous Curls, so you might want to try that one out too if you're not satisfied with Finesse. 

What I usually do is after taking a bath, I comb my hair using my fingers so that they're not all tangly (I don't use brushes or combs). I towel dry it and add the mousse all throughout my hair right away. I just let my hair dry that way and tadahhhh, neat curls. Hehe. In your case, since your straight hair's growing already, I suggest that when you're putting the mousse, do scrunching motions.

I hope this helps! :D

*Pictures from Google

Here is a really helpful and recent post I made about CURLY HAIR PROBLEMS:

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  1. i agree girl,, ang ganda nga ng curls mo, i saw your pics sa bloggers meet up nio.
    i always wanted to have my hair permed,, kaso un din ang fear ko,, baka di ko ma-manage.. thanks for this info! hopefully next month mapaayos ko na hair ko.. :)

  2. deymmm! here again Imma give my comment a try darn this laptop lol!

    like you, my hair started out as straight and got curly and curlier as I grow older. =)) I had it chemically straightened twice and now I only use an iron (CHI) to straighten it.

    for "bagsak" how about bouncy? i'm so envious of your hair, love the curls lalo na yung bagsak I envy your bouncy curls? :D ?? maybe?! hehe

    and if I may add few suggestions: after taking a bath and I decide on just leaving it as it is, I, too don't brush or comb it, nor towel dry my hair. Why?my hair gets caught sometimes in the towel & I hear them break/snap. so what I do is I just wrap it around loosely for a bit just until the towel absorbed the wetness of my hair.

    I use sunsilk curls (I forgot what it's exactly called) or the Pantene mousse. :D

    but hey, having curls has its best part too. :D the "attitude" it screams on "pictorials". :D agree? haha

  3. That's my problem too. I have been rebonding my hair for years :( I am wearing my worse crowning glory whenever my hair grows. Will try to use those :) Thanks!

  4. this blog applies for girls but i want to comment kasi i wanted a curly hair kasi since childhood hangang ngayon may hair is straight sobrang bagsak. kung pwede nga lang mag pakulot.
    ang kulot gusto ng straight ang straight hair gusto ng kulot. solosyon. magpakalbo.

  5. i always wanted to have my hair curled. hindi daw bagay. hihi.

  6. I love this post :) my hair is naturally curly and I fought it for years to get it straight ha-ha I'm glad I've learnt to embrace it sometimes although I still straighten it quite a bit x

  7. OK. I will share this post sa friend ko na bebot din surely matutuwa yun hehehe...

    Ako din, I never comb my hair. Wala kang makikitang suklay sa kwarto ko hehehe...

  8. Do you hair any tips for uncontrollable thin hair? Mine is not straight, it's sort of wavy and it goes whenever it wants to LOL really cute post!

    Have a festive weekend, darl (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  9. wow i was shocked haha. parang nag-order lang ako ng burger sa mcdo. bilis. :)

    will definitely try that product!
    or idonate mo na lang kaya sakin buong buhok mo. :D

    anyway, still loving your curls. :)

    thanks!! :D

  10. ate steph i love your blog!! <3 pwede humingi ng advice? how about sa mga may frizzy hair? ano pwedeng treatment dun?ayoko kasi magpa gusto ko rin maglugay lang heheheh thank you :))

  11. mam/sir is this product are for men to? cause i want a curly hair ?

  12. i want my hair like this curly

  13. is this products are for men to???


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