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Wednesday, September 08, 2010Traveliztera

I have this certain friend. There's something in this dude wherein anybody who comes into contact with him suddenly turns into a randomly weird person. HAHA just kidding Mr. Aldrey Pilgrim. Here is our random YM conversation. Enjoy. 

Me= Traveliztera ... =)

Yeah. His influence got so strong, I ended up talking that way. HAHA.

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  1. Haha natawa namn ako sa conversation 'nyo hehe..

  2. too seldom na may makausap kang ganyan ang trip sa buhay and would actually influence you to be one hehe.. the conversation is cute though (hindi ordinary) :)

  3. JAG - haha that's mild pa sa lagay na yan hehehe!

    JEI-KU - that is true... that's why i'm so lucky to have a friend like Mr. Pilgrim. hahahaha! Thanks for droppin by ! :D

  4. ahahaha atleast you entertained yourselves :)

  5. lol! omigosh! drawing skills right there! haha seriously, whachu gonna do if you don't have crazy friends like Mr. Aldrey Pilgrim? Life would be dull!

  6. i also chat with someone that way, even in facebook. fun! :)

  7. lol! i usually am weird on ym too! pero hindi ko naisip na pwede gawan ng body ang smiley! hahaha!
    cute!!!! :-*

  8. ang adik lang ahahha! magawa nga yan minsan...

  9. emmaleigh - LOL at the drawing skills! hahahaha!!! yes, so glad to have an awesome friend! :D

    karen - hahahaha yeah... super chillax na fun haha!

  10. ate rose - hahahaha onga ate e! naku sige gawin mo na rin yan ate hahaha!

    sikoletlover - awww thanks ":D

  11. kringles - hehehe yeah it is haha!

    jepoy - haha sige gawin mo now na sa twitter wahahhaa tgnan natin kung magawa mo! :P


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