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FUNNY ADS: Lose Weight Fast + Look Younger !

Monday, September 06, 2010Traveliztera

Lose weight easily! Look 7 to 8 years younger!

Seriously? Will people fall for this if they see this ad I just posted?

I saw this in my laptop just now. Back then, I used to save funny pictures, specifically those interesting ads that I see on the internet.

I was really wondering if the ad (right photo) had been successful in luring people over to their website. Maybe yes, in the sense that they are curious who's behind this service? Haha!

Again, seriously? These are two different women! Unless of course, she underwent a major cosmetic surgery--but I doubt it! To be honest, I doubt that the women in the pictures are even aware that their photos were used for this ad. I feel bad for them. =(

Nonetheless, just an interesting find.  =)

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  1. baka gusto mo sumama sometime sa meetup po =) bait po kami hehe

  2. funny ad, strategy na rin para may maloko, kung meron man mapofall sa ganun ad,

    madaling magpapayat, yung mga iskwater pipol nga wala nang diet diet! haha

  3. hahahha.. natawa naman ako sa ad. sana pumayat din ako!

  4. Ano ka ba...totoo yan pero yung right yun yung before nung tinake nya yung kung anuman yun yung naging after yung asa left ha ha

  5. eh natawa ako. hahahaha. malay mo naaksidente siya at kinalangan ng surgery db? ahahaha. bhala sila

  6. midnight driver - hahahaha ! oy ampayat mo kya!

    chubbymommy - hahaha natawa naman po ako sa sinabi nio hahahaha!!!

  7. Akala nila ganon lang yun maniniwala na tayo..hindi ganun yon diba? Free sample muna! ahahahahah!


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