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MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Craze

Tuesday, September 28, 2010Traveliztera

I know this is late but I've been wanting to blog about the latest line of MAC which is "Pro Longwear Lipcreme". According to MAC, it's

" Lightweight texture, creamy finish and comfortable longwear combine in this has-it-all pro-class lip colour. Slick in use, applies without need of a top coat- and still lasts up to 12 hours. Won't feather or transfer, and the colour stays true. Helps lips stay soft and hydrated."

 I've seen plenty of good reviews regarding this line and they made me go to the nearest MAC store (Alabang Town Center, please have a MAC store soon! =(  ) which was at Shangri-La Plaza (not actually the nearest here haha!). Total FAIL. They still don't have the line yet. If any of you girls have gone to Shangri-La recently and found these babies already being sold, please let me know!  Thanks! ;D

I'm totally in love with the following shades: Overtime, Love Forever!, and Perpetual Flame. I've seen the OVERTIME shade worn by some of the awesome beauty bloggers out there and I think I'll go for that one, depending on its availability of course. ***  I forgot to mention that I recently saw UNLIMITED via and I'm also considering that one. The shade looks so pretty!!!

PRICE: US $16.00

If you own this product, what shade are you using? I'm just curious. =D

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  1. I haven't been to MAC lately or Sephora haha I'm broke! lol! I'll just feel sorry for myself for walking into a makeup store and not being able to afford for now haha

    I have that red shade already (not from MAC) I'm looking for pale colours right now :D

  2. I wanna try that! Love the colors. :)

  3. Awww it sucks that this line isn't being sold yet where you live :/ I hate when that happens!

    Thanks so much for the shout out babe! ^^

  4. hi girlie, thanks for commenting and follwering :) how are you finding this pro long wear lippie? I was gonna get one but i wasn't too sure if i want to pay £ 14.50 for them lol. thanks. new follower! :D

  5. thank for following and commenting sis..anyway..did you know how much this lippie would cost?

  6. EM - Awww... I think I'll feel that way too once I leave my parents behind. Haha! I have red shades too but mom said it doesn't look good on me haha! The pink ones are much better on me haha!

    EMY - Yeah, the colors are really awesome, aren't they? :D

  7. Tammy - I know ... :( I'm not sure if they have it now since I haven't checked so I'm kinda hoping it's already available. :( I'll check again next week! :D No prob bout the shoutout! ;) I was really trying to find which blog had the shade I forgot to mention and yay! Found u again! haha!

  8. Kirsty - Sadly, I haven't bought one yet since it's not yet available here... :( But based on the reviews, this one is a keeper... :D

    Kikilabotz - magandang ideya! haha!

  9. Superjaid - hi sis! :) No prob! :) It might cost around P600-800.00 ... :)

  10. Tnx 4 the lovely comments D:U have wonderful space here!

  11. SANGI - thank u :D

    IPEHISHERE - yes it is :D

  12. I've been hearing so much about these lipsticks from MAC. I have yet to try them out. BTW thanks for leaving such a kind comment on my blog. It means alot to me. :)

  13. Hi sis! thanks for posting this. I'm also looking for a good lipstick, I'll inform you if it's being sold here already :)


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