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Youtube Finds: Funny PANDA CHEESE AD Video

Saturday, September 25, 2010Traveliztera

You think he's cute? Think again, buddy! This video is definitely dangerous. Haha!

 Panda Cheese Ad screencap 

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  1. i lol-ed at the hospital scene!
    (but that was mean) hehe..

  2. Panda with sucha diva attitude =)) hmm do I hear a bitchphluease?! haha

    well that panda cheese better taste good or I'll frikkin throw a bitchphulease attitude on it =))

  3. Cheesy... lol. But hey, whatever that marsupial is selling, I'm buying. He looks mean.

  4. hehe.. humalakhak (to the max) ako sa una, yung sa office. hehe.. ang babaw ko. LOL...

  5. lol! Adik yata yung Panda ang kulit! hahaha!

  6. this video had been on my facebook newsfeed few days ago XD
    all my friends seems love it! Funny Video! noo im not from philipines :)
    i come from Indonesia hehe
    nice to meet you ^__^


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