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Me In The Lord Of The Rings Movie

Monday, September 20, 2010Traveliztera

I just noticed that Aragorn (below) and I seem to be catching some
flies with our mouth... =\ LOL.
Did you guys know that I have a scene in the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring movie? If you missed it, here is the clip from the awesome film. ;p

By the way, the address indicated in the vid is my other blog which is meant for my videos. =) Feel free to check it out. I'm just starting that one up. =)

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  1. waaahhh.. artistahin. kaw na..

    uso ba movie review? hmm.. makiuso na din nga ako!ingeters ako eh. lolz


  2. ngek blackforest man. ikaw talaga. haha!

    para ngang napansin ko rin uso mga movie reviews e ... hahaha! d ako makapagpost ng ganon kasi wala pa ako napapanood na recent films ulet haha!

  3. ahahaha, napanood ko na toh eh. natawa lang ako ulit.. ichecheck ko yan ^_^

  4. where's my video birthgreeting?! custo ko five minutes clip ha

  5. JEPOY - so dapat mag-rant ako for 5 mins. ? hahahahah!

  6. rant talaga?!

    Hindi dapat mag english ka ng five minutes because i love watching you talk english hihihi

  7. uhmmm jepoyyy ... GRRRR KA hahahahhaa!!!

  8. hahaha. tikom tikom po.. baka mapasukan ng langaw.. loljk. :)

    ikaw na artistahin.. goodmorning.. :P

  9. I FRIKKING LOVE YOU STEPH!! haha the vid is awesome ;)

  10. hahaha. natuwa naman ako don. and since you've been blogging on the theme--LOTR for a few times now---di na talaga obvious na LOTR fanatic ka.hahaha


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