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Youtube Finds: The Annoying Orange

Saturday, September 04, 2010Traveliztera


I'm pretty much sure that THE ANNOYING ORANGE is so popular but his popularity is definitely not annoying. To those who have no idea who this little orange fella is, let me introduce you to him.

Screen Capture of "The Annoying Orange: Million Clones"

He's definitely ORANGE. 
He loves to deliver puns.
He loves to laugh.
He loves to talk.
He loves to annoy.

His overall package is definitely all about annoying every food that comes into his contact. When will he ever be sliced and eaten up?

The Annoying Orange has now leveled up by collaborating with food pop stars and movie stars to create music videos and short movies respectively. In addition to the fresh orange servings, Dane Boe now asks his fans for guesting suggestions and so far, many Youtube stars (like FrediJustineRayWilliamJohnsonJuliansmith87, and MysteryGuitarMan) had been turned into fruits and veggies in some of the show's episodes.

Check out this funny Dane Boe (of GagFilms) creation at!

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  1. Gosh,he's so annoying but funny!^_^

    Thanks for dropping by!Have a nice day!

  2. Everytime pinapanood ko to, naannoy talaga ako. Effective siya actually. :) napaka creative ng concept. :)

  3. hahaha.. dito ko lang toh nalaman. ang kulit. very annoying talaga!

  4. whoever invented the annoying orange was RETARDED!!!!!

    i can believe my friend's younger siblings are so addicted to it and so are my students...

    the millennium era is ruining our future!!!!! lol...

    what happened to strawberry shortcake, sailormoon, mojako, powerpuff girls, sara ang munting princessa and all those awesome 90's kiddie entertainment.

    p.s. Teletubbies was a mistake in the 90's

  5. I LOVE annoying orange! He totally rules. :D

    <3 <3


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