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Sunday, September 26, 2010Traveliztera

I received a wonderful award from a very awesome lady named Morna ( Her blog has a personal and friendly touch, making you smile upon reading her posts. Her entries make you reflect on life and I love doing that. Hehe! =) 

Thank you so much for choosing me! :)

THE RULES for this award are:

1. Save the image above and post it on your own blog.

2. Pass the award on to 12 fellow bloggers.

3. Link the nominees.

4. Let the nominees know they have won this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to the person you received this award from. 

IN RANDOM ORDER, I'm giving this award to the following people (because you guys always make me HAPPPPPYYYY!!! ) :
1. Emmaleigh - 
2. Kikilabotz - 
3. Ibyang - 
4. Jepoy -
5. Nafacamot -
6. Midnight Drayber -
7. Android Enteng -
8. Miss Innocent -
9. Ate Rose -
10. Jag -
11. Kate -
12. Leah -

I wish I can go beyond 12 as I've seen a lot of awesome blogs as well, but it's okay since I'm saving you guys for the upcoming awards. ;) 

I <3 you all and thank you for making me happy with your blogs! :D

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  1. awww... =) thank you steph!! na touch naman ako ng marami! thank you thank you!


  2. syempre ate! i love reading your blog! :D

  3. you're always welcome nga pala ate ! :D <3

  4. Ohhh that was really sweet! Thx
    Many many hugs!
    And you know you deserve it, right?;)

  5. Salamat, ganda.. It really made me smile. REALLY. I appreciate it, steph, so much.. Thanks again. =)

  6. Morna - No problem!!! Thank you as well!!! :D Aww, I'm totally touched. :) Hugs!

    Ate Leah - Hi rin ate ganda! You're always welcome! I'm glad it made you smile. :D Hugs!

  7. Nice. Congratulations! :)
    Steph pala ang pangalan mo ateng maganda. Haha. Blog on sa lahat.

  8. hmp number for lang ako! gusto ko number one...

    Thanks stephy ano gusto mo pasalubong? Kiss nalang pwede? hihihi

  9. Wow! thank you! I'll pass the award soon :D

  10. nice selections.

    Binabasa ko din ung iba na nasa top 12 mo. Try ko bisitahin ung iba para dumami mga blogs na mababasa ko.

  11. Yow - Uy musta? Haha! Ewan ko san nila napulot ung steph hahah! Joke lang... Hi Yow, I'm Steph. (sabog e noh haha!)

    Jepoy - sapak gusto mo ? =D haha! RANDOM NGA E RANDOMMM :P

  12. EM- no prob bday girl!!! ;D

    KHANTO - hahaha talaga? sige, read on! :D

  13. weeehh.. thanks for the award steph (naki steph nadin ako) hahaha..

    really appreciated ko yung mga awrd na galing sa puso. Thanks much! :)

  14. nice, may blog awad dito. parang rock awards lang. lol

  15. Midnight Drayber - Hehe syempre... Memorable ka e o! hehe! :) No prblem! :) Okay lang Steph na itawag sakin haha! Naaalangan nga ako kapag ung username ko gamit e hahaha!

    Super Balentong - Hahaha ! Natawa nga ako sa title ng entry ko e haha!!!

  16. ei traveliztera maraming salamat sa pagsali sakin sa blog awatd mo..^_^...yung mga burger ko ha?...nyahahaha

  17. woooooooooohh!! number 2 ako...whooooo.. ahahaha.. ay in random order pala toh.. hahaha.sayang.. ^_^ traveliztera maraming maraming tnx sa award

    malalate lng ng kaunti ang post ko about that. hehe

  18. AdroidEnteng - no problem ;) oo ung mga burgers sige hahahaha!

    Kikilabotz - you're welcome!!! :D Okay lang un noh. ;) salamat din sa lahat!

    Yow ulet - nakalimutan ko mag thank u! hehe! thanks!

  19. Wow!I feel ecstatic now after knowing this award wooohooo!!!

    Enkyu Stephie! Appreciate it! ( :

  20. Hi! Thank you for following me at The Girlie Blog (!

    I am your follower too. Very cute blog. And good job on the award.

    The Girlie Blog

  21. wowwww thanks!! an award!! nako... will catch up soon din! uwi na ate ko at pamankin eh... settle down na ulit sa blog haha

  22. Gave you an award too, Steph.. Actually, it's the same.. uhmm.. basta. hehe.. Check out my Awards page. Thanks.. and you're welcome, Ms ganda. =)

  23. Yay! thanks for the award :) Nugget and I are very happy =^.^=

  24. jag - yayyyy! u deserve it! :D

    The Girlie Blog - Thank u so much! :D

  25. Nimmy - Hehe you're next! ;)

    Miss Innocent - No prob!!! :D u dserve it!!! :D

  26. Leah - awww thanks !!!!!!!!!!!

    Kate - No prob!!! U and nugget deserve it!!! :D


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