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"Major Major" is Fashionably Acceptable, Ms. Raj!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010Traveliztera

$22.00 of some major major funkiness! (PHOTO CREDITS:  Stila)

After the Ms. Universe 2010 pageant last week, I searched for random beauty stuff and coincidentally, I stumbled upon this certain STILA product called "MAJOR MAJOR LASH MASCARA". Bonggang bonggang mascara!!! =D I just wanted to share this with you guys since I know that most of you can definitely relate. So, "MAJOR MAJOR" is definitely "in" and fashionably acceptable. ;)

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  1. wow! i want a major major lash mascara! that would be major major bongga! =D

  2. ahaha.. talAgang effort sa research ha. :-)

  3. ate rose - hahahaha yeah it is bonggang bongga!!! :D

    kate - hahaha onga e! :D

    m driver - hahaha i just stumbled upon it :)

  4. Major major agree! Still proud of Venus Raj :) She seem to somewhat makes some balance with the tragic hostage taking :(

  5. minnierunner - i actually posted something about her giving balance to the Philippines' issues right now... i think it got deleted when i edited =\ nonetheless, i agree!

  6. teh, call me dumb dumb. i can't seem to find the cbox sa blog mo.. wala ba talaga? hindi ako makapagdrop ng message sayo.


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