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UGLY BUT YUMMY: Grilled Cheemus

Sunday, August 29, 2010Traveliztera

It's time to bring a new category to my blog and it's called: "Ugly But Yummy" !

This new section shall be showcasing some of the ugliest foods I may have created/cooked, bought, or encountered, but are still considered edible and delicious--like uber delicious!

UGLY BUT YUMMY FOOD OF THE DAY: Grilled Cheemus (Grilled Cheese & Hummus Sandwich)



I did not wipe off the hummus bits so forgive me for the messy presentation but that was my purpose since I was making an UGLY BUT YUMMY item here, remember? ;)

This is a very yummy diet food but of course, it depends with the brand of your ingredients.

2 slices of wheat bread
1 tbsp of hummus
1 slice of low-calorie cheese
Low-calorie butter spray

1. Spray the outer side of the bread slices with the low-calorie butter spray.
2. Place the cheese on top of a bread slice.
3. Put the hummus on top of the cheese.
4. Cover with another slice of bread.
5. Put in an electric griller or place on a pan and press the sandwich. Flip it to the other side and press again.

ESTIMATED CALORIE COUNT: 260 calories (Thanks Mr. Pulumbarit for reminding me!!! )
Yummyyy for hummus lovers! =)

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  1. WOW... mukhang yummy naman talaga.. patikim mo naman yan! :_)

  2. Hummus with cheese? I have to try that sometime :D

  3. Midnight D - hahaha hilain mo from the screen haha!

    Kate - it's a weird combo but it worked hahaha! i think it really depends on the brand :D

  4. minsan, kung ano ung akala mong di masarap.. un pa ang masarap.. pwede rin namang vice versa... :)

  5. sadiemie - that is true :) that's why we should never judge haha!

  6. omg, you're sooo sexy na! woot woot!


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