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Sadako Comes Out Of Toilet Bowls Now

Friday, August 13, 2010Traveliztera

While I was fixing my make-up in the mirror of a public restroom, I saw a disturbing image behind me among the cubicles. The first thing that came to my mind was: "So Sadako comes out of toilet bowls now?" because of the scene that I saw. I don't wanna go into details but I'll just let my quick doodle do the talking.

She was like that for 5 minutes. Haha. And she's doin' #1 by the way.

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  1. Ha ha ha! Nice doodle! Seems like she's in pain :P

  2. scary shit! But, your doodle makes your experience albeit fun :-D

  3. Wow! Was impressed with your art! :D Hahaha

  4. Minnie - haha thanks! the funny thing was she's doin' #1

    Jepoy - hahaha thank you :P wow, nosebleed mode! :P

    Marlo - Hahaha is that sarcasm? hahahahhahaha just kidding... thanks :)

    Chyng - hahaha!!!

  5. LOL thats.. really ackward LOL O_o

    for 'sadako' lol

  6. lolz. sa drawing pa lang, naexpress mo na lahat :-)

  7. krish - haha it really is!

    midnight driver - hahaha salamat :P

  8. ang galing mo naman mag drawing...future artist..lolz...:D

  9. ahaha! nice one!

    ei, may bago ka na palang YM? hindi ko alam na ikaw yung naginvite sakin nun kaya dineny ko. add mo ako ulit! =D

  10. haha! ano nga kaya trip nung sadako na yun? hak hak hak!

    nice doddle!

  11. wow. you can do that? i mean, stay in front of a mirror for 5 minutes? hehehe. peace! :-)

  12. arhey - aryt :)

    indecent mind - haha thanks dude :) ewan ko rin sa knya haha

    eks - i'm a normal girl e hahaha! :P at least d tulad ng iba na 15-20 mins sa harapan ng mirror hahahaha

  13. hahaha. Laugh riot.

  14. hehehe. ako kasi, 5 seconds sa harap ng salamin e abuso na. well, boys will be boys. and girls will be girls. hehehe.

  15. exactly ! funny reality! hahahahahah! @ eks


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