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Behind the glass, it stared at me, wanting me to remember our good old days when it was still part of my source of happiness.

He's so sad.

I'm sorry... I have to let you go.
I looked back, smiled, and then suddenly, I looked away, because I knew I had to forget about Mr. Choco Rhumble. We used to have a wonderful relationship but I had to let go.

When I was still a child, mom used to bring me home plenty of choco rhumbles.

Receiving the most awesome treats from my past...

Choco Rhumbles made me really happy because of their unique taste and texture. I have tried other rum balls and they did not satisfy me the way Goldilocks' Choco Rhumbles did. Throughout my growing years, I still paid Goldilocks stores a visit to get some choco rhumbles because they were my chocolate fix. They were part of my so-called "Happiness Team". Time came when I finally reached 150 lbs. due to my loss of control in my eating habits and I had to let go of certain things to lose weight. I decided to break up with Mr. Choco Rhumble.

The weightloss process was not that easy. I used to be thin until I started to gain weight upon reaching my 10th year of existence. For 11 years, I was overweight. I had to change.

I was so disciplined. I worked out 2-3x/week. Also, I only ate lean meat, vegetables, fruits, wheat bread, and all the usual healthy stuff. In 4 months, I was able to lose around 25 lbs. I was happy but I was not that satisfied.

One day, I was at the mall when I passed by a Goldilocks stall. I didn't really look but I suddenly saw something from the corner of my eye. It was choco rhumble  bunch of choco rhumbles.  Flashbacks of scenes from my childhood and choco rhumbles satisfying my sweet tooth suddenly came to me. The next thing I knew, I was already paying for some choco rhumbles. I took them home.
These rhumbles are calling me!!!

Scared to open the bag.
Fear. I suddenly felt that upon opening the plastic that cradled Mr. Choco Rhumble and his friends. There was this war of emotions inside me. I was also hearing myself say "You'll just feel bad afterwards." What was once a positive feeling radiating from Mr. Choco Rhumble & co. is now a source of negativity. This was a challenge for me. I was in a weightloss process and I have considered sweets as sin. It was my first time to break my rules.

I took one small succulent goodness and smelled its rich aroma. It drove me to finally take a bite through the top chocolatey ganache coating down to the moist core. Flashes of my childhood came again. I felt nothing that was of fear--more of happiness. Nostalgia. Happiness. Good feelings came.

It was due to that moment that I realized I haven't really been satisfied during my weightloss process and that it will definitely fail if I wasn't being fair to myself. Thanks to Goldilocks' Mr. Choco Rhumble, I started to put joy in my weightloss journey. I  revised my rules. If I were to stay long in this process, I would have to enjoy once in awhile. Indulging in sweets is alright as long as it is controlled. I did not have to remove all my favorite desserts from my life. I just had to be moderate and fair.

You're always welcome, Mr. Choco Rhumble!
Now, I am happy with the major change my body has encountered. 11 years of struggling with weight was no joke. This was a huge achievement and it was because of my huge determination, as well as my right choices and actions. This definitely changed me for the better and I know it's for the long-run. I am healthier (my blood pressure has finally gone down from 150/90 mmHg to 120/80 mmHg and my laboratory values are now within the normal range unlike before), more confident, and happier. I now weigh 103 lbs. Finally! After 11 years, I was able to turn my health around, towards the positive side, in just 6 months. Indeed, my weightloss journey was a happy and a long-term one because I ate my favorite Choco Rhumbles once in awhile throughout the whole time. I was able to enjoy but still maintained control in my figure.

Thanks to that one Choco Rhumble moment, I realized that I can have a huge change without giving up the things that keep me happy and great. Like me, Goldilocks is going to have a big change but it will still keep all the things that make it great such as the unique Pinoy taste that everyone had known since they came to being.
New look but the important qualities still remain.

I would also like to commend Goldilocks for making healthier versions of their treats (like their brownies and breads) for health-conscious people. What impressed me the most was the fact that they have decided to put a Nutrition Facts label on the wrappers of some of their well-loved products which is what most of us look for in our local bakeshops' treats these days.

You're the 1, Goldilocks!
Thank you Goldilocks and Nuffnang!

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  1. lol. i used to eat a lot of choco rumble in between classes back in college. hahaha.

  2. omg you are so thin! nainggit ako bigla! hahaha! i have always wanted a slim figure kaso lang kulang talaga sa exercise.

    well as they say! you don't have to totally give up the sweets! remember the three bite rule! stay sexy! =)

  3. yameeeh ng picture, nakakagigil (parang manyak lang ahahha) Favorite ko rin yan haist.... Waaa gusto ko na pumayat now na!!!!

  4. Wow… This entry is filled with choco and happiness soooo I hope you win gurl! :D BTW, natuwa ako at ngayon ko lang nakita to... uulitin ko ulit… This is my new name blog… I’m a friend of lethalverses, gp, chie, axel,lyzius,pam, gasdude, and arhey… d ko na kailangan sabihin pa sino ako before coz you already know, but to see you somewhere else is quit interesting? haha!

  5. Bonggang bonggang change din! It's really hard to think of a major change that Goldilocks did. Pero kung iisipin talaga ng mabuti, there are lots. :)

    Yay for you ate! I'm so inggit. I'm 140lbs and want to do what you've done. Love your blog na! :))

  6. rosemarie (can i call you rose? :D) - naku wag ka maingget hehe ! i don't think u need to lose weight and i find your body sexy actually! i don't like an uber slim body rin e... gusto ko may laman pa nga e haha! yes, don't give up those sweets!!! :D

    jepoy - ansarap ng choco rhumbles nohhh hahaha! pwede naman e... makinig ka lang kay justin bieber. say wut? hahaha!

  7. molestedtwineggs - wow inulet hahaha! good luck to us ! :D

    Keiyt - good luck to us ! :D oo, anhirap mag-isip pero naging part na talaga ng buhay natin si Goldilocks. haha! thank you :) i know u can do it too :)

  8. they already have goldilocks here in the states i was surprised... and my relatives love them :)

  9. love it. the entry's cute.

    im a follower from now on.
    i wanted that change as well.


  10. Hi,

    Nice blog! like it! But, did the Goldilocks or Nuffnang email you for the event Award Winning Contest this coming friday? Thanks!


  11. Hi,

    Nic blog! like it!But, did the Goldilocks or Nuffnang email you for the event Award Winning Contest this coming friday? Thanks!



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