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Miss Universe 4th Runner-up: Miss Philippines

Tuesday, August 24, 2010Traveliztera

"I was surprised Philippines didn't go further. I wasn't surprised by the win."
- Donald Trump

Congratulations Ms. Venus Raj! Congratulations PHILIPPINES!

Ms. Venus Raj is the representative of the Philippines in the Miss Universe Pageant 2010. She was able to enter the Top 5 and became the 4th Runner-up in the pageant. She received a rating of 3.54 on the night of the coronation and she was included in the highest rated candidates in the Miss Universe Website.

Once again, congratulations! You just proved to the world that Philippines still shines. =)

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  1. Congrats to her at sa ating lahat na Pinoy!

    Kahit papaano ay may ngiti nading dadampi sa ating mga mukha pagkatapos ng naganap na bangungot kahapon.

  2. miss traveliztera, venus ba name mo? hmmm... kafigure eh... ikaw yan noh... astig pa din ang pinoy..

  3. yey! yey! galing nya :D next year miss universe na Phil! :D

  4. astig....super ganda talaga nya and syempre all the pinay dito sa atin..:D...

  5. sayang nga lang at hindi masyado maganda sagot nya...
    I think she could have grabbed the crown with a good answer...

  6. we needed this... :-D

    Stephy kung ikaw ang sasagot ng question sa kanya ano ang isasagot mo? Paki video please.. *wink*

  7. her body is soooooooo major major. ang ganda. the substannce of her answer is good as it is, but the way she delivered it, fail.

  8. Sayang nga at hindi siya nanalo. She deserves to be appreciated.

  9. hey traveliztera, it's my first time to visit your blog, so i hope to make my comment worth the opportunity ☺... the lady you featured in this post is totally amazing... not because we went to the same university and certainly not because she is a fellow bicolano -- but what she radiates as a human being is simply hard to ignore (her values, way of life and top that off with class and undeniable good looks)... many will definitely try to put her down, and those who will defend her might sound pathetic at some point... but right now, despite the controversies -- she is still, for me, (and i agree with you) a pride of this nation...

    check this news on youtube:

    News about MVR

    Show Me Your Look Today

  10. Midnight - that is true :) kahit medyo maraming disappointed sa sagot nia, at least we made it and medyo nabalance naman ung news this week :)

    Nafacamot - hahaha Mars ako. haha lalake!? LOL ! yup astig pa rin tlg pinoy :)

  11. myx - hahaha yeahh next year, sa'tin na ! hahaha!

    enteng - haha naaaaks !

  12. Jett - yes...double ata kasi pressure sa kanya due to the recent news but i'm sure if wala lang un, sobrang maganda rin masasabi nia and makukuha na niya ung crown... nonetheless, i'm glad she made it :)

    Eks - yeah kso super ang pressure e noh ... but at least may naging magandang balita after the monday incident :)

  13. Jepoy - yes, we definitely needed that :) kung ako ? ayoko ivideo. hahahahha! :P pero i'll relate the answer to her past na nagkaproblem sa citizenship nia and bsta ayusin ko nlng ung pagkadeliver haha!

    Biyaheng Pinoy - Yes, I do hope that those who are still saying negative things about her would see the positive side of this Filipino glory. :)

  14. Michael - hey :) I must agree with what you just said... People should start looking at the glory she has brought the Filipino people... Entering the top 5 is no joke... The pressure may have doubled itself due to the recent news and it takes this huge courage to go up there and maintain control. She may have disappointed the majority with her answer but I still admire her for giving pride to our country. :) I've seen that vid and I must agree that her question is really hard to answer when you're asked right on the spot. Nonetheless, I'm still happy for her. =)


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