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I Failed My Self-Control A LOT of Times--So What? I Still Made It and YOU'LL MAKE IT TOO!

Thursday, July 29, 2010Traveliztera

"You seem so disciplined and we admire your self-control but I must admit we feel so ashamed whenever we fail during our weightloss journey... Will we even have a chance to make it like you?" - A Fellow Blogger

It is because of this message that I'm making this post because I want to clear things out regarding the journey I went through to lose weight. I'm happy that I've been motivating a lot of you but some of my followers told me that they tend to feel bad whenever they fail because they believe that I never failed during the whole process. Well, this post's for you guys. This is to prove that I have failed many times but I still made it because I learned new things. I hope this one will motivate you more. :)

 I am proud to admit that I also fall down and give in to food temptations since a lot  of you think I'm too strict when it comes to food intake, making me look like a kill-joy FOODBUSTER (*starts singing* "When the sweets are there, and you're being tempted... Who ya gonna call? FOODBUSTER!). Guys, trust me, I still eat everything. I don't treat foods as if they're evil--only the yucky ones haha! However, I am ashamed to admit what I've been doing lately to compensate and remove all the guilt feelings I experience after eating more than my daily calorie intake goal-- I workout 4x the usual which is obviously too much (and yes my dear friends, I am aware of this problem). I'm not a perfect person and please don't even try to follow the things I do to cope up with my "fall downs".

 The last time I ate Keeblers Oatmeal Cookies was 3 years ago and my mom has some of these cookies left (since she bought this for our trip last May but she forgot to bring it haha!). Before I even started typing this, I ate one cookie and mom tried to stop me because she knows what I'm gonna do after eating a lot of those cookies. Yes, I'm gonna workout 2-3x just to burn them. I am aware that this isn't proper (and it's too much!!!) because I'm just torturing my body.We all know that our body needs rest (usually in-between workout days). This whole week, I've been eating  3-6 cookies  per day (making me have an additional 1,000 calories to my usual 1,200-calorie daily intake so I've been having 2,200 calories per day!) and the whole time, I've been working out as well. I've never done this back then, just now, and I'm telling you this not to make you guys follow my example but for you to learn something.

1. It's not evil to give in to food cravings. Nobody's perfect and sometimes you do have to give in (a small serving is enough to finish those cravings so you still get satisfied both in your weightloss journey and your cravings problem) because you're gonna crave more and once those suppressed cravings get the best of you, you tend to eat more and this will not make you feel good at all. You might even give up the whole weightloss process thing.

2. So you ate a lot, are you going to give up now? Don't. You  can still go on and eat normally after a "fall down" day. Don't eat less than 1,000 calories because that will just make your metabolism slower. Stay within your normal daily calorie intake goal and gradually compensate through your workouts but...

3. Never exhaust yourself by working out over your limits! Working out too much was my mistake because it was my way of removing the guilt feelings. I learned my lesson and I'm back on track by controlling myself again. We all know that working out is really healthy for you but if you do too much, you're just putting injuries to your body. You overwork your heart and muscles and nothing beneficial shall be gained--only pain, exhaustion, and possible injuries. We really need rest.

 So you see, I also fall down. I give in to cravings and eat over my daily calorie intake goal. I even had another fall down which was working out too much. That's totally unhealthy. The best thing is do the usual: eat within the daily calorie intake goal and workout between 30-60 minutes or if you want more, put rests in-between. It may take time because instead of burning the past calories, you're gradually burning those new unwanted calories and you might even get tempted to give up --but please DON'T. All of us fail but we learn and we have each other for support. My self-control became stronger because of the things that have happened and everything even became better. Never give up. You may have gone out of the track but you'll realize upon getting back that you're on a better road!  =) 

BTW! Thanks to everyone who liked my last Weightloss Post ! I'm glad that it has motivated you guys and this entry I made today is to prove to everyone that I also fail at certain times but I still made it in the end so DON'T GIVE UP! :)

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  1. great tips again :) Hay! I've started working out again but lately we've been eating a lot (birthday buffet, balikbayan relatives eat out and parties!!!) Grabe. I'm ashamed :P

  2. wow workout ng 4x! galing! clap clap clap! :)

  3. Menthol is said to counteract food cravings. :D And it works for me.

  4. Kate - Hello! Don't worry, I've been eating a lot lately (it's that time of the month again girls! hahaha!) as well but we can definitely get back on track! :D Don't be ashamed!!! I'm eating right now haha! I'm eating cookies--again!!! Hahahaha!

  5. Dyanie - Noooo hahaha! that's bad!!!

    Marlo - It worked for me before but well... should I say this? ahahaha! Let's just say it's not working right now cos of PMS? Hahahahhahaa! Lol at my lame excuse! Hahahaha! But thanks for posting that up for my other readers! It actually does work! :)

  6. Hmmm, actually I'm not into losing weight. I just wanted to trim my belly :) And yes, you are a great motivation :D

  7. hello ms travelistera lalagay kita sa blog ko ha? ^_^ salamat

  8. minnie - same here... i wanna trim my belly ... thank u so much :) u also inspire me cos u run a lot!!!!!!!

    kikilabotz - thank u :)

  9. Great tips and advices! Ill keep follow you...maybe find more great tips;)
    U deserve it, nice to know one is not alone in fighting with over kg!


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