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Tuesday, July 20, 2010Traveliztera

Jordan is such a wonderful and peaceful place which I totally enjoyed. In this entry, I shall highlight the places which you must not miss upon visiting this Biblical land.

Madaba is a town located southwest of Amman and is known as the "City of Mosaics". Because of such label, it is therefore not uncommon to see stores everywhere which sell mosaics that were created by the locals. In fact, there are schools which teach mosaic-making to help the residents in the area in creating a true masterpiece. Don't forget to visit the most famous mosaic in the Church of St. George which shows the map of the Holy Land.

Mt. Nebo is a place where Moses viewed the Promised Land after God told him that he was not allowed to enter and be with Joshua and the people he had helped to escape Egypt. This was where Moses stayed until he died and was thought to have been buried. A simple chapel has been built on this mountain and the mosaics from the past are currently on display in the buildings around the area.

One of the famous sights here is the Serpentine Cross which has been designed after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, as well as the serpent which was used by Moses during his travel in the desert.

Also visit the Memorial of Moses...

The location of the different places in the Holy Land from this certain point of view of Mt. Nebo.

This is how it looks like at 4:00 PM...

Visit the local shops to get authentic handmade Biblical crafts...

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  1. ayun nag update din :-D

    Hongyomon yomon panay travel. Thanks for sharing, indeed a nice place :-D

  2. Ikaw talaga o...

    You're welcome. :)


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