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30-DAY SHRED RESULTS ROUND 1-Weightloss Results

Thursday, February 18, 2010Traveliztera

UPDATE: I DID ANOTHER ROUND THIS JUNE-JULY 2010, here's the link to my final results with pictures! :


My original weight last July 2009 was 150lbs. For 3 months, I relied on my gym training and lost 25lbs. I left the gym and did my own weight training program for 1 month and a half and lost 8lbs. When I went off for a 2-week vacation, my only exercise was walking and climbing mountains. I lost 2lbs. My weight fluctuated during the holiday season but then I started the 30-Day Shred with the baseline weight of 114lbs.

AFTER 30 DAYS of relying on THE 30-DAY SHRED by Jillian Michaels without any supplementary workouts except on the 1st day (I used Turbo Jam with the shred), here are the measurements:

  1. Left Arm : -1 inch
  2. Right arm: -1 inch
  3. Waist: -2 inches
  4. Hips: -1.5 inches
  5. Left Thigh: -0.5 inch
  6. Right Thigh: -0.5 inch
  7. Chest: -0.5 inch
  8. WEIGHT: -7lbs. SO my weight's officially 107 lbs. :)

Basically, don't expect that the 30-day shred will really make you lose 20lbs. in 30days. It just says that you can lose UP TO 20LBS. not exactly 20lbs. plus you don't really know how much fat weight you've lost because you would've also gained muscle weight. So basically, you might have lost a lot of fat but you also gained a lot of muscle mass making you heavier or only lose some pounds because muscles are heavier than fat. :) I am really impressed with Jillian Michaels because she really delivers. I'm more toned now and to think I just did her workouts for 30 days straight. :D


I went on vacation last February 12 and gained 5lbs. and now I'm trying to lose them through another workout vid by Jillian Michaels called NO MORE TROUBLE ZONES. I'm very much impressed because guess what? I've already lost 3lbs. Like--woah. Haha. I've also lost inches around my body and I'll post them tomorrow. :)

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  1. Coolness!Ü
    What I like about the video of Jillian Michaels, it's not boring. I've tried other vids, but I get this inip vibe. I'll ask D to get me No More Trouble Zones.
    30-Day Shred, I'm super loving my arms right now. I'm sure you have those cuts too. Hehe.

  2. Yep you'll love the NO MORE TROUBLE ZONES vid because it's super hardcore. Haha. My triceps HURT the next day. I'm trying to see how it'll affect me if I do it 4 days straight. Haha


    Are you finished na with the 30day shred? :D Balitaan mo ko a! Yes!!! Super i looove the cuts!!! :D

  3. Tama na sabi pagpapayat di ba... tsk tsk

  4. Kaya nga ginagamit ko na ngayon is ung NO MORE TROUBLE ZONES para more on developing the cuts. ;P

  5. congrashuleyshuns!

    parang naiinggit ako, gusto ko na din ng No More Trouble Zones

  6. It's International Women's Month! Heads up girl! :)

  7. i tried stuffs to lose weight months ago for my wedding. And now that the event is over, im looking for something to do to maintain my weight.

    im glad i passed by your blog. i'll check that NO MORE TROUBLE ZONES.

    (from Chyng's page... blog hopping :))

  8. Great Results! Keep up the good work! We love JM and think that everybody should try the 30 Day Shred.

    When you get a chance, check out our results at 30dayshredresultsblog.blogspot.com

  9. i'm on day 7 level 2 with The Shred! It's so hard but somehow I surprise myself by actually finishing each session! No weight lost yet but I feel more energized and clothes fit better :D

  10. I'm glad I've visited GT today and saw your link! I need an inspiration like this! ;)

  11. Thanks for this post.

    I want to try this. Where can I purchase this aside from Amazon? Sana may local seller lang. Sana makaya ko. I really want to lose weight!


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