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Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred: Day 1

Tuesday, December 29, 2009Traveliztera




I've stopped heading to the gym since last November because I had to be gone for a month and then when I came back, ta dahhh Christmas eating wonders welcomed me. But wait, what's this? There's another thing that welcomed me. It's Jillian Michaels herself!!! In DVD FORM. Before I left the gym, I ordered her dvd called 30-DAY SHRED. It's supposed to make you lose UP TO 20lbs in 30 days if your body allows you to. Take note "UP TO" because obviously, everything depends on your body's adaptation and metabolism. Right now, I only need to lose 4lbs. to finally reach my ideal weight of 110 lbs. so for those who tried guessing my original weight, here's the result: 150lbs. In fairness, 2 of you got it right. So despite the fact that JM's claim of losing 20lbs in 30 days may not be exact, I'm still up for the challenge and see how much I can lose within 30 days.

I started the shred this December but I haven't been doing it everyday since my body got shocked by her routine. Yes my dear friends, despite me being in intermediate-advanced level, I still got kicked right out of it by Jillian in LEVEL 1--for only 20minutes. Apparently, I've read somewhere that you're supposed to do it everyday. So far, with the every other day routine, I only lost 1lb. in 2 weeks. Don't conclude that it's not effective because it is... I noticed I was more toned than before so maybe I've been gaining pounds from the muscles and have been losing some fat and when you total everything it only comes out as a 1pound loss. Plus, I'm down to the stubborn last-few-pounds-to-lose and I'm basically on a plateau so if you probably do the shred during the first week of your weightloss process, I bet you're gonna lose a lot like the others who lost up to 4lbs. in just 1 week.

I'm going to start the everyday routine today but I'm supplementing it with another total body workout and I decided to use Hip Hop Abs Total Body Burn Level 2 and Turbo Jam Fat Blaster. The supplements are only going to be used every other day but JM's shred is staying with me everyday. I have to do this because I'm on a plateau and I really need to double the stress because my body got used to my routine already. I'm currently following DVDs because I tend to get bored whenever I'm doing my strength and cardio training on my own. Lol. Just a quick info regarding the shred. It has 3 levels and basically the workouts are jampacked in 20minutes so it really is high in intensity. She's using circuit training wherein there are 3 circuits composed of: 3minutes of strength training, 2minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs.

She definitely killed me there. She said that she wants you to feel like you're gonna die and she really made me feel that way. IT was HARD. I had to follow the modified steps for 1 workout. Boom. I'm drenched with sweat. I'm not trying to discourage you because with Jillian Michaels, even though it's hard, you're definitely going to be motivated and not want to disappoint this tough trainer. You'll be challenged, not discouraged. I'm definitely motivated to get that 1 workout done in the advanced level and I hope I can follow after 2 days. =\

Current weight: 114lbs.
Original weight: 150lbs. (last July 2009)
Goal weight: 110lbs.
JM Shred Level: 2 (20mins)

Supplements: Turbo Jam Fat Blaster (30mins)
Materials: 1 yoga mat, pair of 5lbs of weights (but she recommends 2-3lbs)

I would still like to say sorry to those who had been expecting the travel photos to be up by now but I've been really busy plus I took a lot of photos and choosing the best among them is a tough job. Shoutout to my friend Russ who already saw some of the photos. Lol.

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  1. Yeah, Isa ko sa na-excite, kala ko travel entry na. Hihi

    114 ka lang pala eh, bakit super fan ka ng dieting? HEalth reasons?

  2. 114? You are already tiny. For you 2 pound loss is pretty good. I need to get back to the gym after my little surgery too. Two more weeks...

  3. Si Bob Harper ba merong DVD din?

    I need to lose weight before May, so might be needing one of those DVDs. LOL

  4. chyng - aww sorry... =( i started off as 150lbs... and mjo ideal weight for my height is 110lbs so mjo gusto ko talaga ma-reach un ...super happy na ako pag nagreach ko un parang feeling ko achievement tlg :) health reasons din because before talaga i get chest pains so i really want to make my heart healthy :) feeling ko puno na ako ng cholesterol sa dati kong lifestyle lol

    sandra - hi :) it's more of a goal for me since last July because i was 150lbs back then so i really want to reach my goal although a lot had been telling me that my current weight's already okay... i just want to get there to feel that i've been really successful :D aww really? get well soon btw ... i know you'll get back on track in no time :D

    gasdude - meron :D biggest loser dvd... silang dalawa ni jillian michaels ung andun :D hehehe feeling ko bagay sayo ung p90x ... un gamit ni kidlat hehe

  5. Do you think it's still gonna work on me? I'm thinking of asking D to get me the video in the States :)

    Do you watch The Biggest Loser? Mejo exagge naman talaga magpa-workout si Jillian Michaels. Hehe.

  6. Wow! Yan ang matagal ko nang pangarap! pumayat! 200lbs ako ngayon hehehehehe!!!

    Happy 2010!

  7. I usually either swim a mile a day or run 3-5. This workout is just as hard as either of those. It thoroughly kicked my butt, I have tried all sorts of workouts and this one is one o the most intense workouts I have ever used.

  8. Hello! Bloghopping from Republic of A.

    So, where can I buy that Jillian Michaels DVD? I want to lose some weight just in time for the Century Tuna Superbods Run. Hehehe!

    Btw, please help me win a race kit for the said event. Kindly leave a comment on the link below if you're free. I really need your support. Thanks!


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