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Of Award and Pilgrimages

Saturday, November 14, 2009Traveliztera

First of all, I would love to take this opportunity to thank my fellow blogger, Sandra, for giving me an award due to my previous post regarding life. Thank you for appreciating that post. It really is an honor to get an award from you because it's something that came from your heart. I'll be doing the same thing after I arrive back from my vacation. :) Again, thank you.

On the other hand, I just got back from our orientation for our tour next week. Yeah yeah I have some scheduled concerts with Charice Pempengco--JOKE. (Hahahahahahaha. Yeah, laugh laugh). Seriously speaking, after 7 years, I'm excited to go back to Egypt and be more appreciative this time because I was just a child back then and although I appreciated everything those days, I was more focused on getting a lot of pics and FOOD. The lamb chops are super cheap. They only cost $7.00 and THEY'RE UNLIMITED!!! Now you know why I gained a lot of weight during those years. Listening to the orientation literally made me wide-eyed and excited because I really love to travel and my interest in traveling is much greater this time. I'm really thankful that I'll be able to finally go to Holy Land and follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ. That thought just gives me shivers because I've never been THIS excited in my whole life. It's something special to me because I'm a religious person plus this is a gift from my parents for passing the boards. This tour is a very spiritual one. The essence of spiritual growth is what ticked me. I'm more into tours that are of spiritual purposes. I'm more of a "pilgrimage person".

... in good hands...
All of the tours we've had for the past years under Adam's Travel had been more of a pilgrimage. We visit churches and have masses and then go sightseeing both for historical and spiritual purposes. What I love about Adam's Travel is that they're very organized and you feel you're like in a huge family. When you opt to travel with this agency, you're in good hands. We've never had problems ever since we chose that agency. Usually, our pilgrimage tour group's around 20-30 members with one priest and one team leader. We always have orientations at awesome restaurants and we're given a travel kit with all the necessary things inside. For our tour next week, there are 30 of us Filipinos that will be together for 2 weeks. I met some new friends earlier this day and I'm excited because finally, I'm not the only young person. Back then, I'm the only one below 25 years old and the rest of the group was mostly composed of adults but I still got along with everyone of them because they're really sociable and approachable with cool personalities.

...of Philippines
Despite these, of course I still love to travel Philippines. We have a lot of awesome tourist spots here and I'm collaborating with one of the best Philippine travel promoters here to show everyone that we DO have great wonders as well. :)

PINOY pride! :)

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  1. you're goin' to egypt? im so inggit to the nth power!!! lol

    i want to see the pyramids too!

    don't forget the photos :) ingat! :)

  2. Enjoy your vacation and I'm glad you like the award. You deserve it. I am still trying to get my blog straightened back out since I changed my URL. I am finding it is easier for people to just follow again, on the new blog, so it will come up on their Reader/blog list. Thanks for your visits.

  3. roanne - thanks roanne :) will take care for u. ahaha cheesy !? i'll remember u when i get there... promise to have some pyramid photos dedicated to u :)

    sandra - thanks so much :) i really was surprised ... thanks again :) yes, your blog seemed to be absent when i checked my list back then ... :(

  4. wow! lucky you, take lots of photos and stories pagbalik mo.

    can I request for a magnet? ;D

  5. chyng- i promise i will :)
    i'll try to find one :)


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