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Heading To The Airport

Tuesday, November 17, 2009Traveliztera

I won't be able to blog/bloghop around for 2 weeks. I'll be absent in the blog world because of our trip so I'm sorry if I won't be able to visit you guys. I'll be leaving in 4 hours so I might as well say goodbye for now...

See you soon! I promise to review the places as to start with my travel posts (giving justice to that banner up there : "more on travelling". lol).

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  1. Stay safe and Enjoy your trip Steph :-D

  2. Have a safe trip Steph :)
    I'll surely miss you. Take care!

  3. Have a good trip. Remember to take lots of photos.

  4. Looking forward to your travel posts :D

  5. wait ko na lang pasalubong namin ha, since matagal kang mawawala kaya dapat bongga ang pasalubong mo samin... hehehe

  6. Hope your trip is going well. I sounds as if it may be a life changing one indeed. Keep your eyes very wide open the whole time....except for sleeps! :)


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