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Funny Cereals to Live Longer

Friday, October 30, 2009Traveliztera

What's your usual intention when you're buying cereals? Most people look forward to buying cereals for the sake of having something healthy for breakfast --right? I understand that some buy them for snacks but usually, parents buy them for their kids to have a nutritious breakfast. If it's not for kids, it's for the sake of health conscious adults.

I was browsing the EAT THIS NOT THAT website and upon viewing "The 24 Best and Worst Cereals" slide, this particular cereal made me L-O-L for real.

0 fiber!? LOL. The comment is so right. "Fiber is cereal's one true virtue." Whatever happened to cereal being oh-so-healthy?

Another cereal that made me laugh once again was this one:
Check out the fiber and the sugars values. WOW. Dessert, anyone? Sugar rush time!

So basically, all I'm saying is that not every food that has been claimed to be healthy is really what it seems to be. Take oatmeal for example. Oatmeals are considered healthy IF they are not loaded with all those flavorings. I used to only check THE CALORIE COUNT of the foods I eat but after studying Nutrition as part of my course, I learned to read everything because even though some are low in calories or low in fat, if you check the other components, there is a complete imbalance among them. If they lower the fat, the carbohydrates value becomes higher to compensate for the flavor lost. If it's low in calories, check the ingredients and you might just see some unknown and unnatural stuff enlisted. So you really have to watch out for those. Yes, a lot of foods right now are targeting the health conscious ones but are they really healthy at all? Sometimes, it's much better to eat the usual and normal food (I'm saying that it's sometimes because other low fat/low calories/low low low stuff do have benefits) because altering the components can be very unhealthy. I know that checking the nutritional values can be so "erky" but it really is good to at least be aware of what you're eating. I'm always guarding myself from new products that are targeting the health conscious people. Salad meals are popular nowadays. Salads are healthy if only you are to remove the mayo-based dressing and all those cheese, overloading meat, croutons, etc. So I really am alert when products claim they're 99% fat-free or whatsoever. I know that people may say "Just enjoy your food! Stop being too conscious". True enough (trust me, I still eat normally but with the right portions... I still eat litson and pastries so don't think I'm a super killjoy health freak) but when you enjoy yourself too much, you overlook the fact that you're already overeating and the effects this can give. I'm not only talking about being weight conscious--I'm talking about the overall health. Whenever I deal with patients and I get their history, there's this constant reminder for me to start being conscious with my lifestyle because I might just regret it in the end. I must admit that a lot of my patients had lived the lifestyle I used to live before turning into a more health conscious individual and seeing where their lifestyle brought them motivated me more to really change my ways. I don't like the idea of a person enjoying everything right now then she/he becomes bedridden or terminally ill at the age of 40 or younger than that.

You can enjoy (whether it's eating, drinking, smoking, or whatsoever) but everything has limitations... We need balance (everything has balance, right? ) and we have to start balancing ourselves now. Remember, if we enjoy too much of everything in just a short period of time, we're shortening the time of taking the chances of what could've been more to us. So take time and stay balanced. Proper distribution. LET'S DISTRIBUTE THAT LIFESTYLE THROUGHOUT OUR LIVING YEARS! No "isang bagsakan" allowed. LOL. WOOOT! hahaha! :) I know you all know everything I said here--just reminding because I care. ;) (Lol... pa-cute.)

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  1. oooh naku better stick to oatmeal na lang and milk and i won't buy na yung may flavors! haha naadik kasi ako dun sa flavored oatmeals ng quaker eh... thanks steph for the tips :)

  2. liiiiz! :D ako rin dati natutuwa dun sa flavors hahaha... pero upon checking the sugars--hwaw... d rin ako natuwa dati dun sa isang flavored oatmeal na pag-pour ko sa bowl, hwaw--puro sugar ata laman hahaha! no prob! :) good to know you're here pala!!! yay!

  3. Your entry is ironic actually.. haha. When my family and I were in Philippines, we were so surprised at the fact that 1. your cereal selection there is scarce. 2. Its so hard to find fresh milk! LOL
    We were so tired of having rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks! We actually ended up eating Cocopuffs or something along the sweet chocolate brand, because that's typically the most appealing from the ones that were sold in stores :(. Since coming back here, I'm back to my All-Bran cereal 12g of fiber per serving, now that is awesome!

  4. Ate Mary - I'm so shocked with what u said... Haha... We have a wide selection of cerealsss! lol... Where did u guys go for groceries? Because almost all of our supermarkets here are really loaded with a lot of cereals... one or two aisles are filled with different brands and most of them are actually healthy since weightloss products are "in" right now here... So I'm really shocked... Hahaha... I just got back from the grocery and here's a pic of half of the long aisle of cereals and there are loads of milk as well... (this is the pic: http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/8094/dsc00933w.jpg ... but I had to do it quick cos it's not allowed lol... the closer cereals are the ones that are sugary and the ones that are very far are the healthy stuff ... the ones behind me also were the healthy ones as well... :) ) Hmm... I wonder where u guys went?... SaveMore and Shopwise have a lot and also there's a store called Healthy Options here (and they have a lot of branches) wherein everything is organic and healthy... I should've brought u guys there =(...

  5. ok Steph (steph na talaga) I am learning so much. Ok, i wanna loose weight but I don't have time to exercise (Mmm the hard core one) But I wanna lose weight effortless... Pwede ba 'yun?! :-D

  6. jepitoo! hehehe onga bt ba ksi d mko tnatawag na steph. kaw tlg. lol. ahhh so pwede ka ung light exercise lang? e di kahit i-lakad mo nlng yn or jog hehehe... on ur way to work, ditch na ur car (pero sbi mo nga sa blog mo nagcocommute ka rin hahha so mjo lakarin mo nlng :P ) pero it really has to be sa diet... try mo alternate days, kain ka ng onti lang... pra dahan2x ka masanay

  7. i lurve cereals for breakfast! (kaso mahal, kaya pandesal na lang. hehe)

  8. manik - healthy pa e noh? hahaha nutribun nalang lollll... packed with the essential nutrients that your kids will enjoyyy... naka ang ad hahahhaa

  9. Hi there. I was referred by Russ since I am on a journey of loosing weight too. I liked this post. I loved cereals as always and now this made me more cautious to what kind of cereals I'll eat.

    Thanks for sharing the info! Will drop by for more.

  10. Hi Baby Boy! :)
    Wow... regards to Russ ... :)

    Thanks for dropping by and I'll see you around... :) I hope my posts will help you. :) I'm glad this entry made you more cautious. :)

  11. You are so right but I do love Rice Krispies! Haven't had any in awhile though. Sugar!!! I love Eat This, Not That too.

  12. Sandra - Hi :) Same here! I used to love rice krispies (especially those bars haha) but I kinda ditched the sugary stuff right now. Haha. My tastebuds are not used to sugary stuff anymore... =\ Although I sometimes crave for something sweet, I prefer those that are not too sweet...

  13. I try to look for lower sugar, higher fibre and something my kids will eat (I usually have leftovers or eggs - boiled - for breakfast).

    You are right about prominent claims on the labels being misleading. Low fat yoghurts up the sugar. The irony being that a rich yoghurt will satisfy more than a fat-free one. Greek style is my favourite (at around 10% fat). In Canada, many products come with the proud proclamation "cholesterol free" or "naturally cholesterol free" (to be honest, I didn't really expect cholesterol in my tomatoes). In Spain, the seem to be keen on advertising products as "gluten free" - especially when one wouldn't expect gluten in it (cue the tomatoes).

  14. Richard - Correct... Haha some of the ads are going extreme these days and the more you see those "low (insert nutritional component here) ", the more you should start thinking if those are really healthy at all. lol. Some are laughable. The tomatoes you mentioned are funny haha. Yeah I like the original form of yogurt... They're just right in taste. Lowering something else really creates the imbalance and makes the product less healthy.

  15. I ♥ EAT THIS. NOT THAT. They're on Twitter ha. I always browse through their books whenever I'm at Fully Booked or Powerbooks. I read and read and learn from them. I hope they come out with an edition for the Philippines. The Food in their books, most of them are not here in the Philippines or if ever we do have them, the serving portions don't apply.

    I never liked cereals. I feel deprived whenever I have cereals, it's almost the same feeling I get when I have Popcorn. I feel like I'm eating air. So I don't eat cereals & popcorn.Ü

  16. Russ! :) Haha yeah i enjoy browsing their books too hahaha (nakakainis nga lang minsan naka-plastic hahahhaha) paonti-onti hahaha :) ... Yeah ung tweat this ? Hahah oo awesome nga. :D Awww u feel deprived when u eat those airy foods? Sa bagay, parang empty ng feeling haha. :)

  17. awwww... favorite ko pa naman talaga ang rice crispies... (kaya pala lumalaki hita ko. hehehe) hehehehe. anyway, salamat sa very informative blog. :) mag o oatmeal na ako. simula bukas. makalawa. next week nalang. :) hehehe.

  18. i love Post Honey BUnches of Oats or Post Selects naman. PInapapak ko lang, never ate cereals with milk :D


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