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TRUSTED TECHIE (Thursday Shopmode Entry # 2)

Thursday, September 10, 2009Traveliztera

If there is one online gadget shop that is worth your trust, what would it be?


Ordering from online shops are indeed risky especially when it comes to expensive stuff like gadgets. Back then, I would browse online gadget shops and there will always be something that would catch my eye but I know I shouldn't buy it because the risk is too high. I'd rather buy that certain gadget outside the online world where it is more expensive but risk-free than buying it cheaper online with all the mixed emotions of unsureness and fear attached to it. I've heard a lot of the different stories of online scam victims and they were enough for me to forget about buying gadgets online.

I then stumbled upon KIMSTORE! then saw a lot of pics from Kim's "CUSTOMERS' GALLERY" album and she even got featured in the Sunday Inquirer last November 16, 2008. She does meet-ups and she can also ship the products wherever you are (I'm not sure if she ships internationally though... Pls. correct me Kim... :) ). She is very accommodating and I know this because my dad and I have bought 3 gadgets from her already plus a laptop table. Her products are very updated and whenever there's something new in the "Gadget World", she has it right away. She really surprised me because she really is updated.

She sells celphones, cameras, gaming consoles, laptops, mp3 players, tvs, and even IT accessories. I assure you that they are all of high quality. Take it from me who has been a loyal customer since last year. She assists whenever you need her for something with regards to the product you have and she even has a lot of articles posted on her site like gadget news and product guides. She's one of those business peeps who truly have a heart because the transaction doesn't end at the paying and receiving of your ordered product. It goes beyond that. She would ask you how has the product been and if ever there are problems encountered, she can help you right away. Trust me, she really is worth your trust.


Couldn't find the gadget you want? Email her and she might just be able to get it for you. :)

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  1. I checked the site, I'll have to go back and the rest of her pages + see what she has. I might just get my next mobile phone from her. The meantime phone that I'm using since our house was robbed looks like it will retire soon :(

  2. I forgot to ask, since she's selling gadgets, does she offer warranty shites?

  3. Hey russ! :)
    Really? Aww...

    Yep, she does. :) Just tell her that you want that. :)

  4. This is a great site, thanks for sharing!


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