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L-Carnitine CRAZE!

Monday, September 21, 2009Traveliztera

After my gym session, I would always go to the grocery to buy some apples. As I was strolling around, I was able to pass by the beverages section. Woah... A lot of drinks have L-carnitine in them already! Different brands, different L-carnitine dosages. Try going to the coffee section and notice how a certain brand of coffee's already making use of L-carnitine as well. Oh yeah, why not try the breads section too? There's a certain KNOWN bread there that has L-carnitine in it as well! Everything's starting to have L-carnitine in its ingredients. People who are totally not informed about L-carnitine will start buying all these stuff just because it is known TO BURN FAT. I tried reading about L-carnitine back then because I just wanted to know how it totally works and how it is different from all those other diet pills out there. Here's the basic idea: YOU ARE REQUIRED TO EXERCISE WHEN YOU GET L-CARNITINE IN YOUR BODY.

I've encountered a lot of people who eat a lot and then compensate by drinking a certain brand of juice with L-carnitine in it to make it up for the fats they've taken in. SUPER WRONG MOVE. Have you tried checking out the calories, especially the amount of sugar in it? Some products claim they've reduced the calorie amount but hey, CALORIES are still in there buddy so I guess you may want to burn those extra calories you've put in. I don't really want to burst anyone's bubble but if you want to LOSE WEIGHT, you must have 1000-4000mg of L-carnitine a day. If you check out the amount of L-carnitine in the products available today, they only have 50-300mg of the "natural miracle weightloss supplement". While it is true that you can burn fat just by having L-carnitine, the proper dosage and usage are needed. I've already mentioned the dosage needed. How about the usage? When you take in L-carnitine, you must exercise. L-carnitine's basic mode of action is to convert your fats into energy. So when you feel energized, you move more. That basic action is the KEY to the usual way of weightloss--TO MOVE AROUND. L-carnitine helps if you exercise and you BURN MORE than the usual process whenever L-carnitine's not around (good for weight plateau modes).

Honestly, the research regarding L-carnitine is still going on so all of the info you guys are reading are not yet 100% proven. If you really want to make use of L-carnitine, go get the capsule form not the one mixed with drinks/foods because you're just taking in additional calories. I tried the capsules form and it made me lose my weight faster when I went on a plateau mode.

BOTTOMLINE: L-carnitine is not like those other diet pills out there. IT won't make you palpitate, burn fat aggressively, and lessen your appetite. L-carnitine just converts fat into energy and this energy needs to be used up so you can burn more fat.

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  1. hi! thanks for sharing this. i do believe and agree with what you said that the key to losing weight is to move around. i myself could attest to that statement coz since i quit my job and concentrated on being a "whag" (work-at-home-geek, lol, i just made it up coz i'm not a 'mom'), i didn't lose weight at all even if i only eat less coz now i seldom move around and just sit infront of the computer for most of the day. :) besides, losing weight without the added exercise still won't give one a great body coz exercise is the one that would give you a toned and firmed skin and figure despite all firming creams out there ;)

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  3. veronica - heyyy :) thanks for dropping by ... :) btw, i love your site. :D hay yeah my weight had been unstable due to my inconsistent exercise routines. i only stick to the diet thing which is a total no-no 'cos it definitely is not shaping my body at all. true, u may want the exercise instead of all those firming creams out in the market lol. u lose weight pa e o dba? hahahhaa ! :D

    agie goddess - wow u also sell lcarnitine? how much? :P mura dapat yan a :P hahahahha ... thanks for reading my entry btw. :D

    blogsnypinoy - ayt thanks! :)

  4. hi! korek! and not only does exercise make us look good on the outside but on the inside as well! because it helps with the blood circulation, which plays a very important role in our body :) with exercise, you can get rid of different types illnesses, from skin to bones! pati nga bukol ma-eliminate dahil sa exericise. charoot! hehehehe :)

  5. veronica - hahahaha natawa ako ron a! oo naman matatanggal ang mga bukol--ng fats hahaha

  6. my parents are so obsessed with L-carnatiine. sabi ko, mag-exercise na lang kayo!

  7. badong-- so basically, they don't exercise when drinking l-carnitine? hahaha onga tama ka... makinig naman sa anak ngayon hahaha

  8. Well-written, Steph! When all these drinks and supplements came into the picture, I also made some research about L-Carnitine. Latter's amount in these are just not enough, almost negligible to even take effect in losing weight.

  9. hey steph! thats pretty scary stuff, that alot of the drinks have that kind of stuff in it, when its not even 100% proven. i think that just shows how desperate the society is to lose weight there in philippines. only if people would do it the old fashion way, and just go back to the roots.. eating from the 4 major food groups, limiting your portion sizes and regular exercise.
    i'm almost obsessive about what I put into my body, and its scary that people are drinking this stuff not thinking what consequences it could have on their bodies later on in life.

  10. Blame it on the ads! Being an advertising major, I feel bad because I know that, most of the time, advertisements deceive people :(

    I wanted you to check this one. It's the FAT TAX. Looks like it's going to be implemented soon in the US.

  11. i totally agree.. thanks for sharing this.. :)

    a lot of people at work think that they're doing their bodies a favor by drinking l-carni drinks.. i was like "it's a major NO if you're not working out".. I would tell them to just drink water instead if they really want to cut down on the calories..

    i will share this with them.. haha

    thanks dear.. following u now.. :)

  12. Kill me now! kala ko pwede na ang L-Carnetine lang :-D

    'Yung picture message ko for my burtdey ha :-D

  13. We're currently addicted to Fit and Right's Watermelon flavor. Pero tama ka, dapat talaga samahan ng exercise.
    Exercise also helps firm up the muscles. Otherwise it will sag.

  14. hi, traveliztera. tagal kong nawala sa blogosphere. buti na-share mo ito. for a while e guilty ako sa pag-inom nung juice na yun ng hindi naman nageexercise. pointless na, nakakasama pa. hehehe.

    madalas ako mag-bike ngayon. libangan kong bago, biking. :-)

  15. Hindi pumasok ang una kong comment! Or hindi lang inapprove? may thin line pala dun :-D

    Anyways, Gusto ko ng L carnetine pero ayoko mag work out. Gudlak!

  16. thanks steph. kahit medyo sumakit ang ulo ko kakaintindi, at least nagets ko. hehehe. wala na kasing time magrere-research (pero magbasa ng blogs meron). buti na lang merong masipag magresearch na may blog. :D kung minsan kasi'y kung ano na lang ang gustong isaksak ng mga companies sa mga commercial nila eh tanggap naman tayo ng tanggap.

  17. Gasdude - Gasul! So happy to see u here! :D naramdaman mo bang pinag-uusapan namin ni axel si maja rito? hahaha jk pero totoo, may certain entry rito si maja ang topic hahha. :) Mejo nakakadugo ang sinabi mo hahaha but that is true. I've checked out the different drinks and supplements out in the market today and here are the things i've noticed:
    P2000 supplement shakes - 50-75mg L-carnitine.

    P21.00 drinks - 300mg

    P75.00 3-day supplement - 150mg

    Woah diba. Not efficient enough for weightloss. 1000mg na nga minimum e--hwaw ilan iinumin mo. haha

  18. Ate Mary - People have forgotten that the only EFFECTIVE LONG-TERM WEIGHTLOSS SOLUTION is DIET AND EXERCISE. Supplements are welcomed but people forget that they are supplements, not REPLACEMENTS. Shortcuts are sooo in and it's hard to warn them that they'll only end up with a short-term experience of slimness.oh well. i no longer diet for the sake of my appearance-- i started to realize that I'm already an adult and more prone to a lot of diseases, making me more conscious with my food intake. Learning from the initial physical test I underwent during my 1st gym session that I can reach the heartrate of 190 just for jogging on the treadmill for like 5 minutes motivated me a lot in making myself healthy.

  19. RUSS! Sorry for just commenting now because I just arrived from the province. =\ Aw... Oh well, a lot of people still know that advertisements have uncovered facts regarding a product and it is really up to them if they would like to know more about it. =\ Hey! Thanks so much for the link! :)

    KAY - Hi! Thanks for dropping by. :) True... My cousin told me it's okay that she's eating junkfoods because she's drinking l-carnitine to burn whatever she just ate. =\ I tried explaining but to no avail--it's still up to her. =( Thanks for following! Just followed u too. :)

    JEPOY - Yoko nga patayin ka. D mo makikita bday greeting ko hahaha. Bukas kukuha na ako ng greeting. Mejo kagagaling ko lang airport. Hahaha at pasenxa naman ngayon ko lang na-approve at nareplyan kayo... Di nagwowork net sa province. =\ Gusto mo mag-lcarnitine pero ayaw mo magworkout--AUS! hehehehe!

  20. RICO - Same here! Supppppeeeer addicted din ako jan before. LEsser calories pa both watermelon and grapefruit kesa sa ibang flavors. Todo rin ung effort ko before kasi di ba extra calories. True, people who just rely on dieting should really think about adding exercise to their routine no matter how lazy they are (10-15 mins. of exercise is awesome na). Iba ung satisfaction when there's exercise e dba... You really feel toned and tight. :D

  21. EKSTRANGHERO - onga =\ tagal mo nawala... aun... guilty rin ako sa pag-inom non before. kaso imagine mo nga naman na kelangan mong doblehin ang effort mo kasi sa extra calories. and wow oh wow, 3x a day ang requirement ng juice na un. lol. can u imagine? tapos 300mg per juice lang so hindi ka pa umabot sa minimum requirement na 1000mg to have a successful weightloss. Ilang calories pa un so u end up drinking extra 250calories ... sana kinain mo nalang... good thing you're busy with biking. gusto ko mag-bike kaso d ko talaga kaya hahaha!

  22. KUYA RJ - pasenxa sa pagpapasakit ng ulo mo hahaha. onga good thing nagets mo. hahaha ... onga e... napag-aralan din natin sa economics toh nung highschool e. ung mga consumer rights. looool. hahahaha. pero aside ron, dapat marunong din tayong mag-decide at alamin kung ano nga ba talaga ang tinatanggap natin. (tunog nido commercial na ako hahahaha...napanood mo ba commercial non? check mo utube... kamusta naman may 5 minutes na commercial ata un or 3 minutes na naglelecture lang ng nutrition facts hahaha pero that was awesome because na-inform talaga tayo nang husto.)

    SORRY sa paputol-putol na comments. nagloloko ang firefox.grrr...sayang tuloy ung past comments ko hahahaha!

  23. I can't believe I've never heard of L-carnitine! Oh well, I watch my weight too. I guess we all do these days. I am off sugar and white flour. It's pretty easy for me. I am going to add a cup of green tea each day as my next move...and exercise too.
    What do you do at home as a whag?

  24. Hi Sandra! :)
    I've also banned all the refined stuff from my life (not completely but I choose wisely) like I only go for wheat bread instead of the white one. I drink 3 cups of green tea a day. I do go to the gym 2-3x a week but when I'm at home, I go for a 30-minute cardio workout because when I do too much, I no longer lose fat (my body uses muscles instead so my weight doesn't go down well). 30-45 minutes of cardio is enough. I'd recommend Turbo Jam if you're not into running but jogging is awesome as well. :D I eat every 2-3 hours to keep my metabolism up but I make sure I only get 1200 calories per day for my weight to go down. :)


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