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Classy and Worthy (Thursday Shopmode Entry #1)

Thursday, September 03, 2009Traveliztera

I've always thought of online shopping as something that undergoes a lot of complex processes just to be able to order. But now, my thoughts on online shopping changed. With the help of modern money transfer services + awesome website hosts, online shops had boomed and helped a lot of those who want to start simple businesses as well as those who just have no time for shopping to easily transact and order online. Ebay is very popular but in the Philippines, Multiply has been widely used for online shopping due to the networking features. It's much easier to promote and communication is faster (multiply chat and pms anyone?).

I've been online shopping since 2007. It's hard to order tops, skirts, and shoes due to the fact that it's hard to know if they'll fit or not. I've taken risks and I always end up ordering those that are just too big for me. What happened? I decided to just order accessories. For today's post, I am recommending two sellers who own amazing shops. I've ordered from them before and I just can't help but spread the word about them because their products are truly classy and unique.

1) http://bijouxdelou.multiply.com

Their products are simply enchanting. They have different themes accenting different personalities. Most of their products are actually from their travels.

They also post new items every week. Wow, this might just get addictive. ;)

2) http://fuddyduddy123.multiply.com
Their products are very sophisticated. Aside from jewelries, they also sell bags that can truly match such wonderful accents.

ALL of these products can be deceiving. They look expensive but they're not. They are just classy. Visit these sites now to browse more of their products. Ordering is very easy. Just check out their sites for more information.

GCASH is the most popular mode of paying. It's fast but please do be warned regarding bogus sellers. Check their background first before ordering from them. The shops that I will be posting here on my blog are definitely reliable.

Check my blog every Thursday for other shopping escapades. :D

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  1. I'm not a huge risk-taker when it comes to online shopping. Clothes -- I'm always hesitant because I have a small frame and I never had an easy time buying my clothes. I always have to fit them. My one and only purchase was a swimsuit from Swim Fix and the purchase was successful! Yey!

    How does G-Cash work?
    Actually accessories will be the safest purchases online though I'm always itching to buy shoes, bags, and tops -- just too scared.Ö

  2. hi russ :) true... sucks a lot whenever the fitting is soooo--bad. hahaha.
    hmmm... i'll visit that one after this comment. thanks for the url. :) i bought one from a certain site before. they ordered from the US so extra bucks for me. but it's cool. :) downside is the waiting time. :(

    about gcash... go to any globe centers and ask for a gcash form. u just fill out the details like the number u want to send the money to plus the amount needed and then pay to the cashier. that's it. :D

  3. naalala ko yung nagonline shop ako nung uso pa yung scarf. Davao-based yung retailer at thru gcash din yung pinambayad ko. ayos naman sya steph. pero di na naulit. wala nang magustuhang bilhin.


  4. wow sa davao pa galing? how much dagdag sa shipping? yiiii ikaw onlineshopper ka rin pala yiiiiiiiii... hahhahaha at anonymous pa ang account kuno hahahhahaha joke lng pops. :)

  5. bijouxdelou!!! OMG!!!! Sayang lang hindi ko afford masyado. It costs too much for an accessoryyy huhuhu pero maganda naman kasi talaga.

    I've been online shopping since last year lang ata. I have yet to buy huge pieces of clothing. Ngayon palang yata. Jacket. I hope it fits meeee *crosses fingers*

    btw I've added you na. :) thank you for always visiting!

  6. sorbetera! :) aww ganon ba... pero i think mas worth money mo ron compared sa ibang sites na ang mahal pero d siya eyecandy hahahahhahah but i'm hoping that the jacket would fit u perfectly :D i also buy jackets instead of tops kasi at least ok lng kung mas malaki sa'kin :D hehehehhehe but i do hope perfect ung syo :)

    thanks for the add btw! :)

  7. G-Cash sounds convenient, as if you're just depositing money in your bank or paying your credit card thru a bank teller. Will consider paying through G-Cash in my next online purchase.

  8. wow! these are cute stuffs! will be visiting their sites pag hindi gipit sa budget hehe..i dont want to salivate nang walang pera haha!

  9. russ- yep :D have fun on your next purchases :D

    probing shana - thanks for dropping by :D hahhahaa salivate talaga e noh haha


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