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PINOY WEIGHTLOSS and 13 lbs. lost...

Sunday, August 23, 2009Traveliztera

Right now, my weight is fluctuating up and down. Last last week, I've lost 13 lbs. and after that I gained 1 lb. then lost it again. This is normal because my hormones are kinda hyper right now. Hahaha. My body's starting to retain water due to that monthly thing but hey, at least this weightloss journey's still on the go! I'm really happy. 2 more months 'til the bet ends. My friends and I had a bet. In 3 or 4 months, I must be able to get back to my ideal weight. If I'm unsuccessful, I must post a bikini pic in whatever shape I am in on my deadline. Boo. Hahaha. Oh well... Motivation and pressure... Wooot.


We made a forum for all those peeps out there who are trying to lose weight. This online community for Filipinos, I hope, would help all the weightloss fans to reach their goals.
This is the link to register: http://pinoyweightloss.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=register

Thank you so much and please do support this forum we made.

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  1. oh man... what I would give to lose 13 lbs!! What is your secret!!!! :( :(

  2. I only take 1,200 calories per day then I would have cardio exercises 1 hour everyday with weight training every other day of 1 hour and 30 minutes. It's a super sacrifice but it really is worth it... I have a really slow metabolism that's why. =\ Drinking green tea everyday boosts my metabolism a bit. :)

  3. I joined Pinoy Weightloss.Ü
    We have almost the same routine. It's really cardio that's gonna make you lose weight, but you cannot do away with weights. One still has to lift weight to avoid sagging arms, etc.

    I'm not sure if I have asked you this before, do you have a thyroid disorder?

  4. may malaki akong tayna, panu ko ba ito paliliitin upang magkaroon ng abs?

  5. russ - thank u so much! yeah... downside with weights is the maintenance part hahaha but it's okay :D pinapasok ko na siya sa routine ko everyday haha hanggang masanay na anjan na siya forever. hahahhaa

    i don't have a thyroid disorder... when we were studying that before, i thought i had hypothyroidism due to the slow metabolism plus cold intolerance but wala pala talaga. aun :)

    taympers - hahaha cardio lang masasagot namin ni russ jan... db russ ;) d kasi nadadaan sa crunches ung sa tyan kasi oo, pang-abs lang siya pero what's the point kung tago pa rin siya sa fats db? :) cardio will then come in sa point na toh to melt those fats away pero don't expect na agad-agad kasi last na nabeburn na fat e ung sa tyan. cardio burns the overall fat so d rin natin alam saan siya magbeburn pero just continue with the cardio routine and u'll lose those unwanted fats sa belly area :)

  6. Good luck to you... what is ur diet to loose weight?

  7. hi zha! basically, i change my diet now and then so that i can confuse my body. i've eliminated all refined carbs like those white rice, white bread--anything white. if ever i am to take carbs in, i only go for wheat stuff. i also eat more veggies and fruits cos they help in burning extra calories due to the fact that it is harder to digest them and whenever they are being digested, your body uses MORE calories compared to their own caloric value. :) i don't eat pork nor beef anymore. i only go for chicken breasts or tuna. i don't drink softdrinks and i don't put sugar to teas or my fruit shakes. :)

  8. i wish i have that motivation like yours

  9. yuri - Hi... I'm sure you're going to be motivated somehow... :) One thing I do to get me motivated is to find my smallest pants ever and pursue all the weightloss efforts for the sake of fitting in it once again... :D


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