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6 LBS. LOST...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009Traveliztera

Okay... In 2 weeks, I already lost 6 lbs.

This week, my weight went into "maintenance mode" because I got addicted to eating less while working out too much. This is not the right thing to do. LOL. Your body will adjust to the decreased calorie intake and will not lose the weight as awesome as it used to and basically, the weight will just remain the same. Gah. Depressed. So basically, I told my trainer about this and I am aware that it's not the right thing to do. I just wasn't in the mood to eat anymore (which is what you guys should watch out for if you start getting used to eating less). So my trainer told me to go back to eating "normally". LOL. Agh... I get full right away even though I'd only eat 1/4 chicken. Hayayay. Honestly, from 1,200calories per day, I went down to 600 calories per day. DISASTER! Don't follow me. Lol. Bad role model. I promise to go back to 1,200 again. Seriously. It's hard but I have to. =] Hehehe... So guys, always watch out for the sudden loss of appetite once you get used to having a decreased food intake.

I lost 3 inches around my waist btw. :)

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  1. Congratulations!Ü
    But hey, 600 calories is way too low. Actually reading your entry, you already know what to do. Hehe. Goodluck!

    All those inches & pounds lost are so motivating right? Such a good feeling.

  2. Thanks so much! :)
    Yes, I'm kinda filling up the calories right now. I still lack 270 this day. Hehehe...

    Yes, it really is motivating... :) That's why I got addicted to working out too much that now I stayed on a plateau mode.

  3. We usually lose a lot of pounds in the first few weeks, it drops a bit after that. But we can actually avoid the weight plateau by varying our workouts and in that area your trainers know best.Ü

    It's true that working out can be addictus. Hehe.

  4. heyyy :) i'm back on track :) lost 4lbs... :D

    btw, what's your gym again?

  5. wow!! nice 6lbs and 3 inches... sana ako din maibalik ko na yung ABS ko...
    I'm also planning to go back to working out in the gym...

  6. hehe tara gym tyo! mas masaya pag may makulit akong kasama hahahhaa... kaso layo mo pala sakin... ngapala, ka-gym ko si maja. gusto mo?

  7. San ka ba nag-gym?? Hindi nga?? Ka-gym mo siya??

  8. haha sa gold's gym ako... haha nah d ko siya kasabay... pero puro kapamilya ung mga nakakasabay ko... malay mo, mapadpad bigla si maja hehehe. ;) kaya sama ka na sa'kin hahahaha. pero wag ka na, may picture na kayo e hahahhaa

  9. ahhh, yung malapit sa ATC ba yan??

    hindi sapat ang picture lang eh... hehehe...

  10. yep! un un! :D kaya sali ka na... at least masaya pag kunwari normal cardio days ko lang, may kasabay ako. hahaha malay mo--mpadaan siya haha

  11. Ahahaha, ang layo naman ata masyado... Tsaka mahal ang Golds Gym eh... Pero di ba pwede kang magsama ng guest dun?? *wink*

  12. hi axel... :) pwede ako magsama guest. sabihan kita kapag may balita ako haha para masama kita

  13. wow! 6 lbs, 3 inches? galing! mukhang kelangan ko yan. by the way, how do you monitor your calorie intake? may listahan ka ba ng food at equivaent calories nila?

  14. wow... kakainggit... :(

    gusto ko ring pumayat kaso mahal mag gym eh... at nakakatamad mag jogging... any other tips? :)

  15. hi eks :) yes... here's a very useful site: http://caloriecount.about.com/

    urbanprincess - mahilig ka ba sa mga exercise sa dvds? hehehe. i'd recommend turbo jam. :) mas trip ko siya kesa hip hop abs kasi mas fun? hahaha tsaka d ko napansing 30mins na... here's a site na may list ng pwede mong gawin to lose the calories u want


    pili ka jan :) hope this helps :)

  16. nice. thank you, traveliztera. i'll visit the forum you provided, by the way. i think i badly need tolose weight. hehehe. well, not sooooo badly. its just that dami ng di nagkakasyang damit sa akin. hehehe.

    hey, i'll add you up in my blog list, too. :-)

  17. eks - hi :) no prob :) hope everything helped u ! see u sa forums! thanks din nga pala! :)

  18. ahahaha, sige sabihan mo na lang ako... lolz


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