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Vomit Trail

Sunday, July 05, 2009Traveliztera

I have been riding on airplanes since I was a baby. The reason for this is because my mom used to live somewhere in Visayas and we usually visit her province 2x/year. Despite the early exposure to airplane rides, I still grew up to be a nauseatic plane passenger. There were a lot of times that I failed to control my nausea which was followed by a successful expelling of my stomach filling. The most annoying thing during such process is when I could not expel it properly.

1999: Our flight to Macau was still at 11AM so I was confident that I wasn't going to vomit this time. You see, I have noticed that I only get nauseous when the flight's really early wherein the sun is still hiding and psychologically, it's making me sad and nauseous. Anyway, I ate my breakfast at 7AM which was composed of LONGGANISA and GARLIC RICE. I made sure to feed my stomach because I knew it was one of the reasons why I get the "byahilo" thing. Back to the story! I was waiting for the check-in counter to open when I suddenly felt nauseous. I tried to disregard it because I was confident that a vomiting performance was not scheduled for a show today. I tried to be optimistic but I continued to feel the warm, acidic, and longganisic fluid fluctuating up and down my esophagus. Due to this, I told my dad that I needed to release the rebellious vomitus. We ran to the nearest CR and it was a bad decision. I was able to see the sign of the usual "MEN's/WOMEN's CR" on the wal

I entered the room. 


I thought THAT was already the room. Instead of the expected vomit-saver kingdom, there was this long hallway and I really mean LONG LONG LONG hallway. It was as long as the hall you need to go through before reaching the plane itself from the airport. The MEN's room was straight ahead and the WOMEN's room could be reached with a turn and it was still a long way. Due to the long travel, Dad and I ran while vomitus was already coming out of my mouth.
'Anyone who was trying to stalk me that time could simply follow my "vomit trail"... At the end of the trail, I'll say "Tadaaaahhhh!*Barfbarfbarf*" '
As we were running, I looked back and saw how long my vomit trail was. I could see the janitor trying to trace his mop along the trail to help in cleaning the evidence of my --presence? I continued to feel the need to vomit more and when I finally reached the WOMEN's room, there was only one cubicle free and a woman was entering it. Good thing she saw me. Everyone in the room was looking at me (probably smelled the acidic longganisa) and despite the staring eyes, they still helped me out. They made me enter the available cubicle and there, I bade goodbye to my wasted breakfast. I did not want to go out yet because I knew they'll be looking at me so I waited for the women who were able to see me to leave. When they were gone, I went out and rinsed my mouth followed by a simple washing of my vomit-stained jacket. When dad and I went back to go to the check-in counter, my vomit trail was gone.I have a lot of other vomit stories but I'll probably share it next time. Now that I'm older, I don't get nauseous during trips anymore (except for last year's trip wherein I listened to WOMANIZER. Read my "BTW" below). If I do and vomitus gets successfully expelled, I'll be proud to share it right away with you.

BTW! Do not try to listen to Britney's WOMANIZER while you're on a trip with zigzag roads. It'll make you vomit--seriously. I did. There are various  sounds going on in that song that when you listen to it while you're nauseous, you end up getting more nauseous.

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  1. seryosoooo!! LOL!!!!

    A blog about vomits. XD LOL

    By the way~ you know when i went to Maccau i was nauscious as well :/ but i was in "turbojet" .. its fast.. ish. but you dont feel it moving forward... you just feel it.... shaking :/

    *remembers feeling puke-ee*

  2. at least sa plane ka hahahaha

    talagang may nauseatic exp. pag pupuntang macau e noh hahaha

  3. why dont you drink bonamine before every trip. haha obviously you are nauseous by nature. imagine zigzag roads. lol!


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