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FRESKA : Nacho Fatcho

Thursday, July 23, 2009Traveliztera

This is the wrong time to do this as I am dieting but hey, I'll just blog about this. Good thing I'm sooo not craving.

I'm a huge fan of nachos and I discovered a different version which could be found in FRESKA. It has a branch at the Promenade (Greenhills) and also along Katipunan. I'm not paid to do this btw (so if any FRESKA staff is out there, ehem ehem... lol. Just kidding! You deserve to be promoted. lol). This appetizer is just like nachos but instead of using tortilla chips, they use molo wrappers. Over these fried molo wrappers, the usual salsa + ground beef could be found with melted cheese blanketing the former stuff which is then sprinkled with grated cheese. They are then placed on a lettuce bed to make that APPETITE go WOW for calories! This is something I'd recommend as this had been the STAR of our lunch mode. 5/5!

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  1. hay. sarap nga e... too bad i'm on a diet =\

  2. gimmmeeeeeee :D

    let's all eat, drink and be merry!!! for tomorrow we diet! dude, bukas pa! :D

  3. WOW. Those looked really YUM. It's good though that I am on a diet right now and it's just too bad that I live so far away from Greenhills & Katipunan.Ö Alabang is rather far. Hahaha.

    Question: Does the molo have that molo taste? Weird question, I know. Not sure if you can distinguish that molo taste.

  4. tariniel- lol... d ako pwedeeee :(

    russ - same here! i'm from alabang! :) yup i know that molo taste when it's actually used in a soup. it's kinda sour right? as a nacho chip, it tastes just like a flour-based chip :)
    where in alabang btw? :) baka mamaya pareho tyo ng tinitirhan lol


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